frontier fashions of the 1860s
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Frontier Fashions of the 1860s

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Frontier Fashions of the 1860s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Frontier Fashions of the 1860s. By: Emily Covert a nd Jasmine Sinclair. Design of their clothes. They made their clothes with the simplest designs possible Made the cheapest clothes possible Used the cheapest materials that they could.

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frontier fashions of the 1860s

Frontier Fashions of the 1860s

By: Emily Covert


Jasmine Sinclair

design of their clothes
Design of their clothes
  • They made their clothes with the simplest designs possible
  • Made the cheapest clothes possible
  • Used the cheapest materials that they could
the effects of jobs on clothing
The Effects of Jobs on clothing
  • Depending on what kind of jobs the woman had effected the clothes they wore.

Ex: School teacher- Long dress

Ex: Stay at home mom- Long able to get dirty dress

Ex: Church woman- Long nice dress/keep clean dress

western clothes
Western Clothes
  • Always a dress made from gingham, calico, cotton, or linsey-woolsey also called druget (coarse fabric but cheep)
  • Silk/wool stockings that came above the knee
  • No pants ever it was against the customs
  • They also wore aprons to keep their clothes clean
materials that they used
Materials that they used

The fabrics Cotton , Linsey -Woolsey, Calico, and Gingham are all very inexpensive fabrics





the elements of a dress
The elements of a dress
  • “V” shaped bodice
  • corset
  • chemise
  • drawers
  • undersleeve
  • apron
  • petticoat
  • bonnet
dress elements from the frontier
Dress elements from the Frontier
  • Bodice-the part of a woman\'s dress or undergarment that covers the upper body; a close-fitting, often laced-up top worn over a blouse in the past or as part of some national costumes
  • Corset- a stiffened garment worn by women to shape the waist and breasts; a stiff undergarment with laces to fasten it tightly, formerly worn to shape and support the body
elements of the dress cont
Elements of the dress cont.
  • Chemise-a long loose dress, sometimes loosely belted at the waist or hip; a long loose undergarment shaped like a dress
  • Petticoat- a woman\'s undergarment that is sometimes decorated and consists of an underskirt with or without a bodice; U.S. something that resembles a petticoat, e.g. ruffles sewn on a skirt or a skirt-shaped covering for something; an offensive term for a woman or girl, or women in general
elements of the dress cont1
Elements of the dress cont.
  • Drawers- large old-fashioned underpants with short legs, worn by men or women
  • Bonnet-a hat framing the face and usually tied under the chin, worn by a woman or girl
elements of the dress cont2
Elements of the dress cont.
  • Apron-a garment worn over the front of clothes to keep them clean during working, especially cooking
the adaptation to environment
The Adaptation to Environment

When they came up with the design of the clothes they took into consideration that they have to work still.