math sequencing and resources at the middle school level
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Math Sequencing and Resources at the Middle School Level

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Math Sequencing and Resources at the Middle School Level - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Math Sequencing and Resources at the Middle School Level. Regression.

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  • The National Summer Learning Association maintains that students lose two months of their mathematical knowledge base in the summer months. There was no difference in digression rates between regular education students and students with disabilities.
  • They recommend programs like Summer Bridge Activities and Summer Quest! They come in workbook formats for less than $10.00.
  • They recommend free online websites like and funbrain.comthat allows students to practice (i.e. develop fluency) their academic skills in short, daily activities that are fun.

what can you do at home
What can you do at home?
  • Technology at home during the school year…
  • LCPS Website– tutorials for parents and students with games, examples, practice, etc.
  • Blue Ridge Middle School website – homework calendars, online educational activities, etc.
  • Web sites that are specific to each elementary school and can be used at school and home. Check your schools website. (Reflex Math, IXL Math, Study Island).
what can you do at home1
What can you do at home?
  • Keep it basic: flash cards, matching games, computer/phone apps, i.e.
  • Keep it about the vocabulary and thinking.
  • Keep it about developing fluency: like real estate’s mantra location, location, location; education’s mantra is practice, practice, practice.
  • Studying for math is practicing math.
bridging the gap with early back

Bridging the gap with Early Back

  • Grant driven
  • Lower level students with math fluency concerns
  • Focus is on reasoning and middle school thinking
  • No cost
  • Transportation provided
  • SOL test score based

What is the difference between Math 6 and Accelerated Math 6/7?

  • Math 6
  • 20 standards
  • Students take Math 6 SOL
  • Students progress into Math 7 (Math 7 is a pre-Algebra type course)
  • Students on this track are prepared for Algebra in 8th grade
  • Math Lab resource is available for struggling students
  • Accelerated Math 6/7
  • 36 standards
  • Much faster pace than Math 6
  • Requires more independent work on the part of the student
  • Course covers both Math 6 and Math 7 curriculum
  • Math 7 is a pre-Algebra type course
  • Students take Math 7 SOL
  • Students progress into their first high school level course as 7th graders
    • Algebra- 7th grade
    • Geometry- 8th grade

What is my student’s math personality?

  • Does he or she genuinely enjoy math?
  • Is your child generally self-motivated about math?- i.e. independent workers, enjoys being challenged
  • Is your child able to explain how they got an answer relating to math?
    • Explain their thinking in multiple ways
    • Be able to answer WHY questions
  • What kind of productive disposition does your child have?

What resource are available at the

Middle School level to support mathematics?

  • Math 6 Lab during resource (45 minute course)
  • Math 7 Lab during resource (45 minute course)
  • Algebra Lab (45 minute course)
  • Math teachers available for remediation during resource
  • After school extra help
  • Before school extra help
  • Students Taking Academic Responsibility Program (S. T. A. R.)
  • Homework Clubs (both during activity period and after school)
  • Recovery School
  • Early Back