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หลักการใช้โปรแกรม E-Views. Wasin Siwasarit Faculty of Economic, Thammasat University January 2009. บทนำ : Introduction. Title Bar. พื้นที่ในหน้าต่างหลัก :The EViews Window. Main Manu. Command Window. Work Area. การสร้างแฟ้มงาน และการนำเข้าข้อมูล :Creating a Workfile and Importing Data.

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หลักการใช้โปรแกรม E-Views

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E views


Wasin Siwasarit

Faculty of Economic, Thammasat University

January 2009


: Introduction

Title Bar

  • :The EViews Window

Main Manu

Command Window

Work Area

Creating a workfile and importing data

:Creating a Workfile and Importing Data

  • File/New/Workfile

Dialog box cross section time series pooled data

dialog box / ( Cross-section/Time series/Pooled data)

How to determine the range

:How to determine the range

  • :Annual>example 1990-2003

  • :Quarterly>example1990:1-1990:4

  • :Monthly>example1990:01-1990:12

  • :Semi-Annual>example1990:01-1997:02

  • :Weekly and Daily>01:01:1990-12:31:1990

E views

Remark: workfile range range

Import data into the workfile

:Import data into the workfile

  • Procs/Import/Read Text-Lotus-Excel

E views

  • Windows file dialog box drive&folder

  • Double-click file

E views

  • Excel spreadsheet import dialog

E views

  • Data order: Excel file

  • Excel5+sheet name: Sheet name

  • Upper-left data cell: Excel file Series ( cell )

  • Name for seriesor Number if named in file :Excel file ( 2 series x y 2 ) Excel file Series Series Series Ok Eviews Excel file series workfile window:

E views

  • icons workfile window:

E views

  • copy-and-paste the data Excel spreadsheet EViews

Series creating a series

series:Creating a series

  • Series 2

  • Object/New Object menu Series

E views

Click Edit to assign

Values for the series

E views

  • Quick/Empty Group(Edit Series)

E views

  • series by using mathematical expressionsQuick/Generate Series

Verifying the data

:Verifying the Data

  • X workfile window CTRLX1,YY1

E views

Click Mouse .

  • Open/as group

E views

  • Excel file work file workfile workfile save the workfile window A save dialog box Drive&folder workfile name

  • workfile workfile File/Open/Workfile the main menu

Examining the data

:Examining the Data

  • EViews X workfile window CTRLX1,YY1

  • Mouse View/Multiple Graph/Line

E views

  • View/Descriptive state/Individual Sample EViews

E views

  • View/Correlations/Common the correlation matrix of the four series

Estimating a regression model

:Estimating a Regression Model

  • (OLS)

  • (U.S coffee consumption-Y)(average real retail price-X) 1970-1980

E views

  • SRL

  • 1./ (-independent variable/s -dependent variable)

  • 2. mouse Open/as group/View/Graph/Scatter/Scatter with Regression

E views

  • 1 Quick the main menu Estimate Equation the estimate dialog. Equation specification C intercept ( intercept C) 1

For model (1)

Ols 1



P-value (t-Statistic)

t-Statistic is calculated from this formula

(coefficient/Std. Error)

P-value (F-statistic)

E views

  • 2


Ols 2


E views

  • Viewrepresentations

Model1 workfile name ok

(model1) Workfile Name OK..

E views

view/Actual,Fitted,Residual/Actual,Fitted,Residual Table

E views

1 icon resid 1 (! icon )

Resid is the Residual from the newest version of model ( It is changing every time you estimate the new model). Therefore, Be careful when use it!

E views

  • 1. Procs/ Make residual series

  • 2. residual name residual_model1

  • 3. Save

Interest and bond rates

: Interest and Bond Rates

  • The AAA bond rate is defied as an average over long-term bonds of firms with AAA rating

  • The data on the Treasury bill rate are taken form the Federal Reserve Board of governors and data on AAA bonds from Moodys Investors Services

  • Data run from January 1950 to December 1999

  • Let Xi denote the monthly change in the Treasury Bill rate

  • Let Yi be the monthly change in the AAA bond rate

E views

E views

The variance over the first half of the considered time period is smaller than that over the second half.


-The uncertainty of AAA bonds has increased over the time

E views


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