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Avail a luxury day spa package, where you step in to feel the incredibly high international standards which always tend to make you feel rested and recharged for days together. The healthy and Natural weight loss you have always dreamt of is a breeze at Mudra.

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Mudra The Spa

Mudra Dincharaya

Mudra Dincharaya

General yoga sessions -7:30am - 8:30amRejuvenating & Detoxifying Experiences- 9:00am - 9:00pmGeneral meditation sessions- 5:00pm-6:pm

"Special Yoga & Meditation session for individual illness"


Oriental and Indian Touch Therapies

Herbal Touch (Swedish Massage)

An invigorative Swedish massage with therapeutic herbal oil, to promote deep relaxation & ease fatigue.

Duration - 60/90min   Amount - 3500/4500

Sushakti (Deep Tissue Massage)

An exotic therapy with special oils, that ensure elimination of toxins.

Duration: 60/90min   Amount - 3500/4500


A relaxing tradition, balinese kneading of deep tissue that helps blood flow to your lymphatic system.

Duration: 60/90min   Amount - 3500/4500

Executive Puranta Bhoga (Medicated Massage) Suite

A special treat for the skin, ensuring healthy glow, particularly recommended as an anti aging therapy.

Duration: 60min   Amount - 4000

Couple Santosha Massage

Synchronized time schedule for massage therapy & bodyworks for couples.

Duration: 60min/90min   Amount - 6000/8000


A softening massage with the goodness of ayurvedic oil.

Duration: 60/90min   Amount - 4000/5000

Thai Massage

A massage & assisted stretching developed in Thailand & influenced by the traditional system of India.

Duration: 60min   Amount - 4000

Detox Bliss Massage

A rejuvenating therapy with special oils, that ensures elimination of toxins.

Duration: 60/90min   Amount - 3500/4500

Natural warm hip bath

Helps to relieve constipation, indigestion, obesity & helps the eliminative organs to function properly.

Duration: 20min   Amount - 800


Relaxing massage that target all the places you hold tension in with focus on head & Shoulders.

Duration: 45min    Amount - 1800

Body therapies

Full Body Detox Therapies

Your body is prepared with special oils and wrapped to generate warmth. As this occurs, toxins which have been eliminated through the skin are removed using our version of the Roman technique. Afterwards, you’ll receive a brush and soap wash, followed by an application of soothing lotion. Amazing – the difference you will feel from the inside outDuration: 60min    Amount - 4000

Skin Therapy

Anti ageing facial - 45minLuminous C & Sea facial - 45minComplex D.N.A facial - 45minComplex Collagen Skin - 45minO2ptimal C complex - 45minDiscovery facial - 45min

Madira snan

An immensely relaxing experience, this bath uses alcohol for its quality as a vasodilator rich in vitamins to improve the circulations of skin. .

Duration: 45min   Amount - 2000

Anand snan (Milk Bath)

Makes skin feel softer & more resilient.

Duration: 45min   Amount - 2000


Feel the stress washed out with the pouring of herbal oil on your ajna chakra.

Duration - 60min   Amount - 3500


A practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to release some benefits or as an end in itself.

Duration: 45min    Amount - 200/Day

Spa Packages

Indulgence Package

Couple Romantic Get way

Radiance-Spa Retreat Single

For couple (Facial, massage, Wrap, Hydrotherapy)Duration - 4HR   Amount - 16,000

(Massage, Wrap, Hydrotherapy)Duration - 3HR   Amount - 15,000

(Massage, Wrap, Hydrotherapy)Duration - 3HR   Amount - 10,000

For more
For More

Ananta Spa & Resort

Village-Leela Sevri, 4 Km Before Pushkar

Ajmer Pushkar Road, Pushkar,

Rajasthan, India

Phone: +91 145-3054000  

Fax: +91 145-3054040

Reservation: +91 145-3054051