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Surprisingly Simple Media Process. “Effectively Share the Good News of Jesus Christ and World Missions”. To Use Media Effectively You need a Strategy!. How Can You Use Research? Connect to Ministry Goals? Next Steps for Planning? Simple Process? Useful for Evangelism and Advocacy?

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Surprisingly Simple

Media Process

“Effectively Share the Good News of Jesus Christ and World Missions”

To use media effectively you need a strategy
To Use Media Effectively You need a Strategy!

  • How Can You Use Research?

  • Connect to Ministry Goals?

  • Next Steps for Planning?

  • Simple Process?

  • Useful for Evangelism and Advocacy?

  • For Any Level of Ministry?

  • Get Results?

A Simple Process for Planning the Effective Use of Media!


Know the People

Learn their Needs

Link the Message to a Solution

Match the Medium to the People

Share the Good News

Close the Loop

People Group Segment


Develop the Message

  • Research

  • Church Growth &

  • Missiological Research

  • Worldview

  • People Profile


Deliver the Message

Multi-Year Plan

Action Plans


Media process seminar
Media Process Seminar

  • Use and Limitations of Media

  • Filtering for the Responsive

  • Media Process

What is Media?

  • Telephones to Television

  • Even the Bible is in a medium:

Media are: “All the Means of Communication”

Most of us have Grown up Using Media:

Trust me I know what I am doing!

Danger: We are Tempted to think we are Media Savvy!

Whoa! Marketing? What can I learn from marketing that applies to Ministry?

Much of what you need to know for the effective use of media can be learned from studying what other communication experts already know!

  • Media Producers

  • Advertisers

  • Marketers

Marketing? applies to Ministry?

Marketers persuade people about who, what, where, when and why to…

To Buy Things

Missionaries persuade people

about who, what, where,

when and why to…

To Believe!

Social marketing
Social Marketing applies to Ministry?

  • Behavior Oriented not Product Oriented

  • Life Changing Decisions

    • Health Decisions

    • Political Action

    • Environment

  • Even Matters of Faith!

Marketing is Communication Strategy

You Can’t Market God! applies to Ministry?

Marketing is Beneath the Dignity of the Message, my Son!

We Are Only Persuading Men

as Paul Did, Master!

You Can’t Market God! applies to Ministry?

Ahh..the Student has become the Master!

Tonight. I walk the rice paper without tearing it!

God’s Role applies to Ministry?

Man’s Role

Where is God in All of This?

  • Draws People

  • Reveals Himself

  • Convicts

  • Converts

  • Proclaim Good News

  • Persuade

  • Follow-up

  • Fellowship

We “Persuade” Behaviors!

How Big is the Vision God has Given You? applies to Ministry?

When Do You Need the Media Process?

Don’t Need

  • Just for Personal Evangelism

Do Need

  • Reach Larger Audience than You can Reach Alone

Wide Spread Sowing!

Basic communication
Basic Communication applies to Ministry?





Media Planning Helps

Maximize Effective Communication

Media impact attitudes
Media Impact Attitudes applies to Ministry?

  • Do I like this?

  • Do I Understand this?

  • Do I need this?

  • Is this a good thing?

  • Do I believe this?

  • What is the risk?

  • Does anybody else do this?

Media impact knowledge
Media Impact Knowledge applies to Ministry?

  • Great tool for increasing knowledge.

  • Can contain huge amounts of information

  • Ideal for education


    • Must be needed

    • Must be “on time”

    • Must not be “too much”

10 applies to Ministry?






Christian Media in Action

10. Ready to Teach applies to Ministry?

9. Adapting to Being a Member

8. Joining

7. Forming Relationships

6. Limited Participation

5. Willingness to Consider Joining

4. Beginning to Learn

3. Surfing Information

2. Initial Contact and Impressions

1. Initial Awareness

Specific Media

Emotional Attachment, Commitment, Need for Information, Loyalty


General Media

What happens when people respond

People Pay a price of some kind. applies to Ministry?

Emotional Attachment increases

Need for information increases

Growing Sense of loyalty

Need Personalization

What Happens when People Respond?

Stages of the exchange relationship
Stages of the Exchange-Relationship applies to Ministry?

  • Getting Attention

  • Inviting Response

  • Building Fellowship


Getting attention
Getting Attention applies to Ministry?

Understand reach and frequency
Understand applies to Ministry?“Reach” and “Frequency”

  • Reach= The Number of People in the Target Audience you reach with your message.

  • Frequency= The number to times you reach them

Tip:Generally, you will need to reach your target audience

more than once to communicate effectively with them.

Spread your media budget out to reach them with frequency.

Media saturation
Media Saturation applies to Ministry?

  • 2500-3500 Advertising Attempts per day.

  • Human mind has a filtering Reflex to block out “unwanted” communication

  • “Wanted” communication is only allowed to break through the communication.

  • “Wants” (Needs) Drive the Communication Process!

Invite response
Invite Response applies to Ministry?

Filtering for the responsive

Filtering For the Responsive applies to Ministry?

Filtering Mechanisms

Abundant Sowing

Precision Harvesting

A filtering model
A Filtering Model applies to Ministry?

  • The Goal of Filtering is to identify the most promising prospects for your message.

  • The Message is “Sown Widely”

  • As People Respond

  • Your team positions the ministry to respond to the responsive with “precision harvesting”

  • Process of filtering also Works in Advocacy

Less applies to Ministry?




Creating Interest


Response Filter



Response Filter



Adaptive strategy
Adaptive Strategy! applies to Ministry?

Paul’s Strategy in Acts 17:16-34

  • Seek to Knowthe Needs of the People

  • Research as Much as You Can

  • Find the Unique opportunities within the context of the people you serve

  • Adopt the position that will give the best hearing.

New applies to Ministry?

Okay, what would be the best way to communicate the message here?




New applies to Ministry?

I Proclaim a New Unknown Idea!



“Take a Number Buddy!”


New applies to Ministry?

“Yawn...Been there Done that!”



I Proclaim a Known Old Idea!


New applies to Ministry?

I Proclaim What you are

Now Talking about!

The Newest Ideas!



“You? The ‘Babbler’… Yeah, Right!”


New applies to Ministry?

“Hmmm? You are Bringing Strange things to Our Ears, and We Want to Know What They Mean…”



What You Worship as

Something Unknown

I am Going to Proclaim to You


Develop applies to Ministry?




The Message


Media Processing Tool

Learn applies to Ministry?



Learn applies to Ministry?




Learn applies to Ministry?







Develop applies to Ministry?




The Message


Know the People applies to Ministry?

Mission Media planning can be like golf… applies to Ministry?

That means you will have to take into account your team’s particular situation.

You have to “play it where it lays”

Questions to ask for knowing the people
Questions to Ask for Knowing the People applies to Ministry?

  • Who are these people really?

  • Where and how do they live?

  • What do they read, listen to, and watch?

  • How can they be reached effectively?

The value of research
The Value of Research applies to Ministry?

  • Not “Unspiritual”

  • Mosessent out spies (Numbers 13:1-2, 17-20)

  • Jesuswith Samaritan Woman (John 4)

  • Paul(Acts 17, Col. 4:5)

The bottom line is your team will need to get know the people you want to reach through some means…

Whatever you call it, it’s still Research

How do you get good research
How do you Get Good Research? applies to Ministry?

  • Define the Problem you want to understand.

  • Plan the Research Limits

  • Select a sample

  • Collect Data

  • Analyze the information

  • Draw Conclusions and report findings

  • Follow-up (Use the information in your planning)

Ways to do research
Ways to Do Research applies to Ministry?

  • Site Visits

  • Existing Research

  • Important Information

  • Surveys

  • Focus Groups

Learn Their Needs applies to Ministry?

Needs are what motivate people to act

Negative Motives applies to Ministry?

Remove a Problem

Avoid a Problem

Mixture of Both



Positive Motives

Gratify Senses

Intellectual Stimulation

Social Approval

Needs are what motivate people to act!

It’s hard to imagine anyone acting apart from some need.

What do people want
What do People Want? applies to Ministry?

  • What Clearly benefits them Most

  • What Doesn’t Clash with Who they See themselves to be

  • What is easy to Understand, or takes the least effort to learn

  • What they Can try with the least Amount of Risk

  • What Others Want!

Phil. 2:13

Strong needs
Strong Needs applies to Ministry?

  • Spiritual Survival

  • Personal Orientation

    • As a Individual

    • In Reference to Place

    • In Reference to Time

    • Personal Circumstance

    • Social Adaptation

  • Play

  • Physical Needs

Emotions are strongly tied to needs and decision making
Emotions are Strongly tied to applies to Ministry?Needs and Decision-Making

The part of the Brain that controls Emotions is “hot-wired” to your body! Causing you to react to emotional Stimulation thousands of times faster than to rational stimulation.


You can find all these feelings in the Bible! applies to Ministry?


Feelings most used by marketers
Feelings Most Used by Marketers applies to Ministry?

Feelings most used in evangelism

BOO! applies to Ministry?

Feelings Most Used in Evangelism


I Bring You applies to Ministry?Good News of Great Joy for today a Savior is Born the prince of Peace


Most people need to be influenced by others to change
Most People Need to be Influenced By Others to Change applies to Ministry?

Number of People


Adapted from “Creating Demand” by Rick Ott

Direction of influence
Direction of Influence! applies to Ministry?

People don t want

People Don’t Want applies to Ministry?

  • Facts Don’t Excite People

  • Unless they are the Facts they Want

  • People Connect More Emotionally

    • Stories

    • Relationships

    • Feelings

    • Art & Music

    • News that relates to them

“More Information!”

So Why Do We Load Down People with the Facts about Missions?

And give the Facts of the Gospel?

Link Your Message to the Solution applies to Ministry?

Evaluate the people s needs
Evaluate the People’s Needs applies to Ministry?

  • What are the People’s Strongest Needs?

  • How can your team help give them what they “want” without compromising the message?

  • Can the message be conveyed with emotion?

  • Who among the people could help influence others?

Factors in Linking to Needs applies to Ministry?





The Message


  • Product

  • Price

  • Place

  • Promotion

Assess the viability of the message

Media Process applies to Ministry?

Assess the Viability of the Message

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Opportunities

  • Threats


Match the Media to the People applies to Ministry?

Gus Slugger applies to Ministry?

Big League

Gus Slugger

Big League

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


RBI 222

PDQ 421

NPR 7890

Salary 4.5 M

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

Missions Communication is a little like collecting Baseball Cards…

Some Like to keep The stats!

Some Like the Pictures

Some are just into it for the Gum!

Profile the Audience applies to Ministry?

Do you want to target a segment

of the people?

Decide on when

and how often to reach


Time of day, month or year?

Which will deliver

the message to the people?

Select Appropriate


Budget issues to be resolved?

Calculate Cost

Train and Organize

Ensure Systems

are in Place for Follow-up

Types of media
Types of Media applies to Ministry?

Types of Media applies to Ministry?

Orality and Media applies to Ministry?

Make a media map
Make a applies to Ministry?Media Map:

Media Mapping

Helps you identify

some of the key elements of your UPG’s media context, the products available to you, how they might be used, and what your overall media strategy looks like in relation to the decision-making process

  • Compile a simple audience profile

  • Conduct a media preferences survey

  • Conduct a product survey

  • Evaluate media

  • Map the media

  • Continuously monitor and revise

Take an inventory

of the available media

for your people!

Create Interest applies to Ministry?

Participation applies to Ministry?

Involvement applies to Ministry?

Issues applies to Ministry?

  • Appropriateness

  • Reproducibility

  • Subsidy

  • Contextualization

  • Access

Share the Good News applies to Ministry?

General applies to Ministry?






  • What do you hope to achieve with your media?

  • Whom do you want to reach?

  • How often will you need to reach the people to get the message across?







Classics in promotion strategy
Classics in applies to Ministry? Promotion Strategy

  • Pull

  • Push

  • Constant

  • Blitz

  • Momentum

  • EKG

  • Pike’s Peak

  • Cycles

Push and pull
Push and Pull applies to Ministry?

Response using “Their” Channels

Paul in Athens

Response through “Your” Channels

“Come and Hear”

Constant applies to Ministry?

Blitz applies to Ministry?

Momentum applies to Ministry?

EKG applies to Ministry?

Pike s peak
Pike’s Peak applies to Ministry?

Cycles applies to Ministry?

Close the Loop applies to Ministry?

Develop the message applies to Ministry?

  • Follow-up

  • Feedback

  • Evaluation

Deliver the Message

Close the Loop

Learn applies to Ministry?