ncaa division ii academic success rate
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NCAA Division II Academic Success Rate

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NCAA Division II Academic Success Rate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NCAA Division II Academic Success Rate. Eric Hartung & Stephanie Quigg. Academic Success Rate (ASR). 2005 NCAA Convention Proposal No. 10 Supplemental graduation rate.

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ncaa division ii academic success rate

NCAA Division II Academic Success Rate

Eric Hartung & Stephanie Quigg

academic success rate asr
Academic Success Rate (ASR)
  • 2005 NCAA Convention Proposal No. 10
    • Supplemental graduation rate.
    • Accounts for all student-athletes who were on an official squad list and participating as of the first date of competition in the championship segment in any sport.
      • Scholarship and nonscholarship (i.e., walk-ons).
      • Transfers.
      • January enrollees.
  • Effective Date: August 1, 2005.
  • Reporting required on an annual basis.
  • Results will be released in conjunction with the current graduation rates report.
incentive program
Incentive Program
  • Approved by the NCAA Division II Management Council July 2005.
    • $50,000 annual line item for institutions that report data on the ASR from spring 2006 through spring 2010.
      • Funds NOT available for the spring 2006 reporting year.
    • Funds distributed equally amongst the institutions that submit accurate and complete ASR data for all sports in a timely manner each year.
      • Example: If all 282 active Division II institutions submit data, the amount received each year per institution would be $177.
  • Proposal No. 10 adopted at convention January 10, 2005.
  • Division II Management Council approved an incentive program for institutions that submit data for the ASR in spring 2006 through spring 2010 at its July 2005 meeting.
  • NCAA Division II Graduation Rates Data Collection System and Academic Tracking System (ATS) unveiled at the 2006 NCAA Convention.
timeline cont
Timeline (cont.)
  • Education initiative by the NCAA Division II Academic Requirements Committee and NCAA staff early spring 2006.
  • Institutions required to begin reporting beginning spring 2006 (i.e., 1999-2000 cohort).
  • Delayed effective date of the penalty until spring 2011.
the acronyms
The Acronyms
  • IPEDS-GRS: Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System – Graduation Rates Survey (Federal Graduation Rates).
  • ASR: Academic Success Rate (NCAA).
  • ATS: Academic Tracking System (NCAA).
two cohorts
Two Cohorts
  • IPEDS-GRS: Students who enrolled full time for the first time in the first term of the requested academic year and received an athletics grant-in-aid.
  • ASR: All students listed on an official squad list on the first day of the championship season who enrolled full time for the first time during the requested academic year.
    • Includes scholarship, nonscholarship, transfers and January enrollees.
cohort placement of transfers
Cohort Placement of Transfers
  • Enter the number of students transferring INTO your institution who are listed on the squad list for the selected sport and were placed into the entering freshman class based on the number of credits accepted by your institution and your institution’s standards for class placement. These student-athletes can enter your institution at any time during the academic year.
cohort placement of multisport athletes
Cohort Placement of Multisport Athletes
  • Federal hierarchy maintained for five Federal sport groups: football, basketball, baseball, cross country/track and other.
  • With no established hierarchy in place for the remaining sport groups collected in the ASR, the institution will choose ONE SPORT GROUP ONLY for each multisport student-athlete.
  • Division II allows for grant-in-aid awards in multiple sports. (NCAA Division II Bylaw
Comparison of Division I Graduation Success Rate (GSR) & Federal Graduation Rate Cohorts (based on 2006 reporting)
Estimates of Average Federal Rates and GSRs for Division I Students in 1995-1998 Entering Classes (based on 2006 reporting)
two systems
Two Systems
  • Graduation Rates Data Collection System.
    • Mechanism to meet the legislated requirement to submit IPEDS-GRS and ASR data to the NCAA.
  • Division II ATS.
    • Provides the ability to track graduation rates cohorts (IPEDS-GRS and ASR).
what does the ats do
What does the ATS DO?
  • Allows for the tracking of outcomes for graduation rates cohorts.
  • 2004-05 entering student-athletes comprise the first cohort that can be tracked by the ATS.
  • Importation of relevant data from CAi.
  • Exporting of data to the Graduation Rates Data Collection System to meet the 2011 reporting requirements.
what does the ats not do
What does the ATS NOT DO?
  • Cannot be used to submit graduation rates data to the NCAA – no “submit” button.
  • Cannot track past cohorts (1999-2000 to 2003-04).
    • These cohorts must still be reported via the Graduation Rates Data Collection System.
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