Learning a new language html
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Learning a New Language: HTML PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning a New Language: HTML. Fall 2012 ITD Workshop. Workshop Instructors. Steven Smidl Experience with (X)HTML/CSS. Took LIS590LW and LIS490TE Nick Tippie Experience in Computer Science (HTML/CSS, Java, C++, PHP). Why have this workshop?. Basic concepts in coding Terms Useful tips

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Learning a New Language: HTML

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Learning a new language html

Learning a New Language: HTML

Fall 2012 ITD Workshop

Workshop instructors

Workshop Instructors

  • Steven Smidl

    • Experience with (X)HTML/CSS. Took LIS590LW and LIS490TE

  • Nick Tippie

    • Experience in Computer Science (HTML/CSS, Java, C++, PHP)

Why have this workshop

Why have this workshop?

  • Basic concepts in coding

    • Terms

    • Useful tips

  • Easier use for template pages

    • Google Sites, WordPress and other CMS

What do we need

What Do We Need?

  • A coding application

  • For Mac

    • Aquamac

    • Text Wrangler

    • Tincta

  • Windows

    • Notepad ++

  • Duel Systems

    • <oXygen>

    • Seamonkey

    • Eclipse

What is html

What is HTML?

  • (HTML)=Hyper Text Markup Language

  • Mark up text by using “tags”

  • Tags describe the language

What is html1

What is HTML?

  • Tags are understood with “angel brackets”

    < > </ >

  • No tags, no understood language

  • They always come in pairs!

Starting an html document

Starting an HTML Document

  • HTML document needs identity


Starting an html document1

Starting an HTML Document

  • All tags need to OPEN and CLOSE


Starting an html page

Starting an HTML Page

  • Have all tags in lower case. Avoid capitalization.

Where all content goes

Starting an html page1

Starting an HTML Page

  • Don’t pass the closing bracket

Don’t cross after closing!

Remember what gandolf said

Remember what Gandolf said…



  • Different sizes

  • Can go from h1 (largest) to h6 (smallest)

Website Format

HTML Coding



  • What is wrong with this picture?



  • All tags come in pairs!

Basic tags

Basic Tags

  • Stresses text/content on webpages

Writing anchor tags e mail

Writing anchor tags/e-mail

  • <a href….

  • mailto…

Adding pictures

Adding Pictures

What about color sizes etc

What about color, sizes, etc.?

  • Use CSS, not HTML when wanting to style your page

    • Color schemes

    • Fonts

    • Lists/boxes/tables

      • Much of this is deprecated with the introduction of HTML 5

How is html different than css

How is HTML different than CSS?

Xhtml vs html


  • XHTML is XML and HTML

  • More strict in coding

    • Everything is lowercase

    • All tags are closed/nested

HTML Format

XHTML format

Css tutorials and resources

CSS Tutorials and resources

  • Check our future workshops in CSS

  • W3schools.com

  • Lynda Tutorials

    • http://go.illinois.edu/lynda

Questions comments concerns


  • Contact GSLIS Help Desk

    • help@support.lis.illinois.edu

  • Info on this presentation

    • smidl2@illinois.edu

    • tippie2@illinois.edu

  • Feedback is always encouraged!

    • http://go.illinois.edu/itdfeedback

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