Staff Association Information and Election Meeting

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Staff Association Information and Election Meeting

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1. Staff Association Information and Election Meeting March 28, 2007 7:00pm – 8:30pm

2. AGENDA Call to Order Greetings & Introductions Additions to the Agenda Financial Update Election of Directors Reports: Chair– Jean Minifie Manager – Bill Flookes Negotiations – Bill Flookes K.I.T. – Hilary Smith Questions & Answers Introduction of Elected Directors Adjournment

3. Financial Update We are mortgage free! The remaining mortgage of $147,407.37 was paid out in December 2006 at an interest savings of approximately $57,000 The SA Condo Unit was recently independently assessed at $598, 200 (purchase price was $365,000 with approximately $150,000 spent in renovations totaling $515,000)

4. Director: Cathy Evanochko Administrative Assistant – Area V I have been on the Board of Directors for 5 years, Vice Chair for 2 years. “I want to bring experience and continuity for committee work within the Board.”

5. Director: Albert Herscovitch Supervisor – Psychological Services Albert has been on the SA Board of Directors since 1996. He has served on the Negotiation Team and the Mutual Interest Board as well as representing PSS members and Parkdale staff. “I have been and continue to be committed to representing all SA members in our quest for better wages and working conditions.

6. Director: Bryan Hicks Facility Specialist Bryan has been a Director for the past 7 years. He has assisted in facilitating negotiations between CBE & SA prior to being a SA member. “With my training and background I feel that I can help support the members of the SA and would feel very honored to be re-elected.”

7. Nominee: Almas Rajwani-Rawji Diversity & Learning Support Advisor Almas has worked in the area of community development for 18 years in diverse environments – both in the private and public sectors. “ I feel that I will bring a different perspective to the SA and add to the diversity which already exists.”

8. Nominee: Wanda Stevenson Education Assistant Wanda has worked as an Education Assistant at Christine Meikle School for over 10 years. “I want to work within the Association to achieve the respect that we deserve from CBE.”

9. Nominee: Sherry Vaskovics Accounting and Waiver Clerk Sherry was previously a Director and has been a member of the K.I.T. Team since its inception. Sherry has also been on the Convention Committee since 2002. “I believe we need a strong Staff Association Board to fight for our rights as employees in this fast changing economy.”

10. Survey Results

11. Nominees for Election Cathy Evanochko Albert Herscovitch Bryan Hicks Almas Rajwani-Rawji Wanda Stevenson Sherry Vaskovics

12. Major Negotiation Proposals

13. Major Negotiation Proposals

14. Major Negotiation Proposals

15. Negotiation Proposals

16. Negotiation Proposals

17. Negotiation Proposals

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