The Agenda- Grassroots Leadership

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Commander D. Michael ABRASHOFF. A successful career :

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The Agenda- Grassroots Leadership

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1. The Agenda- Grassroots Leadership

2. Commander D. Michael ABRASHOFF A successful career :      Sterling service record Combat experience Prestigious posts in Washington DC Built the Benfold’s reputation as the best ship in the Pacific fleet (Spokane Trophy) Worked at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command New beliefs and innovative practices

3. How did Abrashoff accomplish this? Don’t just take command- communicate purpose Met all his crew members, got background information and used it to try and improve “his little piece of society”. Does every manager have this opportunity?

4. How did Abrashoff accomplish this? Leaders listen without prejudice Encourages communication and tries to use as much of their input as possible. Minimize demoralizing and unnecessary tasks.

5. How did Abrashoff accomplish this? Practice discipline without formalism Made staff comfortable with his commanding position while still inviting honest communication. Respected his position but were not afraid to speak up about their ideas.

6. How did Abrashoff accomplish this? The best captains hand out responsibility not orders If you are responsible for your actions then you take more pride then if you are just told to do a set of tasks. Able to learn from your mistakes. Increased ship efficiency because each member had learned their job without going “by the book”.

7. How did Abrashoff accomplish this? Successful crews perform with devotion Improved morale by making a few small but necessary adjustments to life on board. By showing that he cared the crew was willing to reciprocate the favour.

8. How did Abrashoff accomplish this? True change is permanent They could see how their contributions were being used to change some aspects of the navy. People on the ship were happy so even when Abrashoff left the changes remained.

9. The Aftermath Author and Business Consultant

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