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On the CUSP: Stop BSI. Nurse Empowerment. Learning Objectives. To understand the importance of nurse empowerment To consider the regulatory and accreditation mandates for nursing leadership To learn strategies to help empower nurses. CUSP/CLABSI: What We Know.

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Nurse Empowerment

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On the CUSP: Stop BSI

Nurse Empowerment

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Learning Objectives

  • To understand the importance of nurse empowerment

  • To consider the regulatory and accreditation mandates for nursing leadership

  • To learn strategies to help empower nurses

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  • Change involves technical challenges

    • Evidence

    • Measurement

    • Analysis

  • Change involves adaptive challenges

    • How to engage nurses, physicians, executives

    • Competing priorities

    • Organization hierarchies

    • How to hardwire practice changes

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Improve Patient Safety Culture: Create Trust

  • Caring

    • Keep patients as your North Star

    • Commit that preventable harm is not tenable

    • Tell your own Josie Story

  • Competent

    • Learn from mistakes

    • Implement teamwork tools (CUSP)

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Ensure Patients Reliably

Receive Evidence

Pronovost: Health Services Research 2006

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Nurse Empowerment

Keep Patient as North Star – Harm is not tenable

  • Decision to speak up

    • Must feel competent

    • Must feel it is safe

    • Must feel it will work

  • Transparency when harm occurs

    • At patient level

    • At provider level

    • At organization level

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Strategies for Nurse Empowerment

  • Policy Level

    • Code of conduct

    • Require nurses to assist with central line placement

      • Make certain supportive structures are in place

    • Require adherence to insertion checklist

    • Policy to deal with disruptive behavior

    • Require that bedside nurse attend rounds

    • Managers need to support best practice; hold nurses accountable and respond to poor practice

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Strategies for Nurse Empowerment

  • Practice Level

    • Licensure

    • Nurse Practice Act

    • Magnet Nursing

    • Collaborative Practice Models

      • Infection Preventionists

      • Attending Physicians

Strategies for nurse empowerment9 l.jpg

Strategies for Nurse Empowerment

  • Performance Level

    • Orientation/Skill Building

    • Annual Competency Assessment

    • Clinical ladder – leadership recognition

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Strategies for Nurse Empowerment

  • Use tools to practice nurse empowerment in safe space

    • Nurses participate in staff safety assessment

    • Nurses participate in HSOPS (culture survey)

    • Daily Goals with nurse read back

    • Learn from Defects

    • Participate in M&M

  • Address disruptive behavior quickly

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Strategies for Nurse Empowerment

  • In conflict, keep focus on patient as North Star

  • Remind staff that teams make wise decisions with diverse and independent input

    • Do not play person down

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Action Plan

  • Project leaders meet with CUSP/CLABSI team

  • Discuss what policies can be put in place to enhance nurse empowerment

  • Create strategy to involve beside nurses in this project: use the 4Es

  • Discuss what tools you can use to enhance nurse empowerment

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