Special landscapes in yunnan
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Special Landscapes in Yunnan PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Special Landscapes in Yunnan. Colorful Sand Forest of Luliang. Location : 130 km from KM; 18 km to the southeast of Luliang county( the biggest basin in YN) Status : 4A, national tourist attraction; China International Colorful Sand Sculpture Promoting Center.

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Special Landscapes in Yunnan

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Special Landscapes in Yunnan

Colorful Sand Forest of Luliang

  • Location: 130 km from KM;18 km to the southeast of Luliang county( the biggest basin in YN)

  • Status: 4A, national tourist attraction;

  • China International Colorful Sand SculpturePromoting Center

Colorful Sand Forest of Luliang

  • one of the “three forests” in Yunnan (the other two being the Stone Forest and the Earth Forest)

  • located 130 km from KM, 18 km away from the seat of Luliang County.

  • Size: an area of 6 km2, with 108 scenic spots in a Y-shaped valley.

  • Formation: About 3 million years ago: movement of Hymlayas and earth crust fracture/a fault basin (Luliang) on the ancient land of Cattle Head Mountain/ rivers’ alluvial functions: to bring sand and earth to the downstream drainage areas/A large quartz sand delta in the south of thebasin+moments of earth crust, be naturally eroded and weathered =Colorful Sand Forest

Cuan Culture



Bronze Culture

Cuan Culture Area: the birthplace of Cuan Culture: one of the three great cultures in Yunnan

  • Bronze Culture: Ancient Dian Culture in central YN, the dominant local civilization during 770-475 BC (from Warring States Period to Eastern Han Dynasty), prosperous for over 300 years

  • 爨Culture: originated in northeast YN, from 3rd century– to 8th century (Three Kingdoms Period --- Tang Dynasty), prosperous for over 500 years

  • 南昭-大理Culture: Originated in northwest YN, from 8th century to 13th century (Tang Dynasty---Southern Song Dynasty), over 500 years

Cuan Bridge : the sculptures of the four treasures of Chinese calligraphy: writing brush, ink stick, paper and ink slab (symbolization: Chinese culture mingled with ethnic culture.)

The relief of Cuan Mansion: the ups and downs in the history of Cuan Family

Various patterns of the character:

Prosperity (pot cover)


Stone slab, stove, tripod

blazing fire

Meaning: to cook on a stove ( to symbolize the wealthy and happy life)


significance in Chinese calligraphy

6 square km, sand peaks, sand pillars, sand screens, sand beaches and sand gullies scattering in the valleys

Chinese proverb “as loose as a heap of sand”, san generally lacks a cohesive force.

the sand at the sand forest here coheres together, forming sand pillars, sand peaks, sand walls and sand screens of various shapes and heights (some are even scores of meters high).

Sand Peaks Sand Screen Sand Pillars

Sand gullies

Sand beach

The formation of solidified sand > the sand not loose

silicate (硅酸盐)

a natural preservative

water carbon dioxide

Calcium carbonate ( 碳酸钙)

the agglomerated sand views

Colorful Sand

Major colors: yellow, red, white, grey, blue , black, brown, pink and purple


Colorful Sand


Colorful Sand

grey and white

Colorful Sand


Colorful Sand


Colorful Sand


  • Mostly quartz sand, contains 48 different microelements.

  • In the sunshine, the forest will take on varied colors, with red, white and yellow as their dominant colors mixed with blue, black and gray colors.

  • Observed in different conditions and in different perspectives, appear in different colors.

Strolling amid the sand forest, appreciate the colorful natural sand wonders of various shapes. Some look like mushrooms or ancient castles, while others like wild animals or generals going on an expedition.

  • Yuanmou Earth Forest

  • Location: in Wumao Township, 36 km away northwest of the seat of Yuanmou

  • Size: an area of 2.17 km2.

  • Status: 4 A

  • Forms: mainly in the form of castle, screen and post with heights ranging from 5 to 15 meters, and the highest being 27 meters.

  • Boasting a gully of 5,910 meters, including a main gully of 1,550 meters and a branch gully of 4,360 meters.

  • Largely distributed in the branch gully, including Marshal Mansion, European and Asian wonders, Ancient Castle and Exquisite Feelings.

  • Formation: refer to the formation of Colorful Sand in Luliang

  • Features of soil posts: soil bud, ancient castle, pointed bamboo shoot and iron cap.

Soil Bud

Pointed Bamboo Shoot

Ancient Castle

Iron Cap

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