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Digital Dealership Roadmap: How to Convert your Dealership to Maximize Profits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Dealership Roadmap: How to Convert your Dealership to Maximize Profits. Joe Castle. CEO. Castle Auto Group SOCIALDEALER. Drowning in a Sea of Red Ink. In 2006-07 consistently losing $100K/month Attended Seminars looking to improve digital results

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Digital Dealership Roadmap:How to Convert your Dealership to Maximize Profits

Joe Castle


Castle Auto Group


Drowning in a Sea of Red Ink

  • In 2006-07 consistently losing $100K/month

  • Attended Seminars looking to improve digital results

  • This had become a Do or Die situation

  • Realized it was time to make the change "internally"

What is a "Digital Dealership?"

What you will learn:

  • How the Organizational Structure needs to Change

  • How to Implement a new sales process around a digital world

  • How your advertising strategy will change

  • Results: What to expect in Sales and Profits

Why Digital wasn’t producing better results??

  • I saw minor improvements but I believed there was much more

  • The traditional structure is not suited to a digital strategy to MAXIMIZE Results

  • Realized it was my structure

    • Go from selling 80 cars/month to 220 cars/month using the exact same tools

A "Traditional Dealership" Structure



A "DigitalDealership" Structure

A "DigitalDealership" Structure


The Game has changed…so the Structure needs to Change

  • Its TIME to make a transition in the process

    • From people-dependent to process-dependent

    • More digital customer oriented focused

    • Easy to adapt to new products/technologies

Dirty Detail #1 : Leadership/Rollout

  • Vision

  • Employee Buy-In

  • Commitment

    • If you want to maximize ROI, this takes time

    • Be Prepared to Be Patient

    • You Need the Right People to carry this through

    • Every Employee needs to be trained on the new digital marketing strategy

  • Execution

Dirty Detail #2: Change in People/Pay Plans

  • Loss in Personnel/Shift in Roles

  • Kickback from Sales Consultants/Managers

  • Pay Plans will have to change

    • Headcount will rise

    • Total Personnel compensation remains the same

  • Dirty Detail #3: Measurement Changes

    Old Measurements:

    • Floor Traffic/Up Count

    • Test Drives

    • Closing Ratios

      New Measurements:

    • Appointments Set/Shown

    • Phone Calls

    • Vehicle Detailed Page Views (VDPs)

    • Website Traffic/Leads Generated

    • Social Media Traffic/Growth/Engagements

      New Habits:

    • Day-to Day Job Duties will be different for everyone

    • Holding Different people accountable

    • Different expectations than before

    Other Changes you will see

    • Closing Ratios will skyrocket

      • Advertising Expenses Decrease

      • More Unity between Departments

      • Sales Responsibility

      • Overall Customer Experience

      • Better Foundation for Growth

      • Less Employee Turnover

    Efficient Organization is greater than Superstar Employees

    A "Digital Structure" allows continuous improvement

    More Customer-Centric Organization

    Greater Employee Engagement

    How Long Does all This Take?

    • 2-3 years minimum to implement this structure

      BUT…Once key changes are made:

    • Start Seeing results within 3 months

    • Growth occurs in 3-6 month buckets

      • 100 cars/month…then 120 cars…then 140 cars…

    • When you plateau, fine tune to get to next level

    Where does all this get you?


    • Huge Change in Net Profit/Cash in Bank

    • ($100k)/mo. to + $300K/mo. NET PROFIT SWING

    • Advertising PVR drops from $400 to $100

    • Consumer Satisfaction Increases

    • Sets the stage for growth and easy implementation

    Thank You

    Go from Average to Exceptional throughOrganizational Change

    Joe Castle

    Phone: 877.326.7624 ext 81

    Email: [email protected]

    Twitter: @joe_castle