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Werewolves. Room 100 Daniel.hnatishin. Who First Discovered the Werewolf?. In 1529-1596 Jean Bodin related several cases of lycanthropy that men have been changing into Werewolf's. What kind of Werewolves are their?.

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Room 100 Daniel.hnatishin

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Room 100Daniel.hnatishin

Who First Discovered theWerewolf?

  • In 1529-1596 Jean Bodin related several cases of lycanthropy that men have been changing into Werewolf's.

What kind of Werewolves are their?

  • There are two different kinds of werewolves they are Voluntary Involuntary.

  • Voluntary means that it is a man and he likes to eat human flesh and he transforms into a werewolf by his self.

  • Involuntary mean that a man has a sin and he is to stay as a werewolf for a certain number of years.

What are some stories on Werewolves?

  • Some stories say that it is just a man transforming into a werewolf under a full moon.

  • Another famous story is Little Red Riding hood.

  • Some Russian stories say if you go out on a Friday or Saturday night and you lay under a full moon that’s shining directly on your face you could turn into a werewolf.

  • Another famous western story is that a man went to lake and he swam across it and when he got across he transformed into a werewolf so if he wanted to go back to a human he just have to swim back. Also one time in the ancient years this family have been cursed by Natalis and they have been said to change into a werewolf for seven years. Some other stories are that the Vikings brought the term werewolf to the native American tribes.

Where Have Their Been Sightings of Werewolves.

  • Henrico Co, Virginia

  • Werewolf sightings around Confederate Hills Rec Center

  • Werewolf sightings around Confederate Hills Rec Center

  • Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

  • Werewolf sightings around Cannock Chase

  • Werewolf sightings around Cannock Chase

  • Hood County, TX

  • Chupacabra Sightings - July, 2010

  • Chupacabra Sightings - July, 2010

  • Blanco, TX

  • Chupacabra Sightings - Blanco, TX

  • Cornwall, United Kingdom

  • Beast of Bodmin Moore

When was the werewolf first discovered?

  • The first real record of a werewolf was in 1591

Were Does The Werewolf Live?

  • We really don’t know because like I said the werewolf came from the man so a werewolf could be living right next to you.

  • You will not find a werewolf in a forest.

What are Some cool Facts on Werewolves?

  • The werewolf is said to be the largest carnivore.

  • Almost every culture today have stories/myths or knowledge about the werewolf.

Here’s What I Think About The Werewolf.

  • In my opinion Werewolves do not exist.

    Firstly, most evidence that I found said that it is just a man transforming into a wolf which I think is not real. Secondly, a very famous story is little red riding hood so that is a real fake story. Thirdly, the were wolf lives in houses so that’s means it is just a person who says he/she is a werewolf. In conclusion, all that evidence leads me to say that the werewolf does not exist.

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