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Potential Benefit Description

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Potential Benefit Description - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Force Field Analysis will identify the viability of Recommended Changes. Potential Benefit Description. Force Motivation. Improvement Approval. Forces For & Against Improvements. Potential Benefit Description. Describe any Potential Benefits of the Proposed Improvements. Consider any

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Force Field Analysis will identify the viability of Recommended Changes.

Potential Benefit Description

Force Motivation

Improvement Approval

Forces For & Against Improvements


Potential Benefit Description

DescribeanyPotential Benefits of the Proposed Improvements

  • Consider any
    • imposed Requirements & Restrictions
    • of the
    • Proposed Improvements
    • as stated by Management when the
    • improvement Project was Authorised

Forces For & Against


Evaluate the

Forces in FAVOUR and

Forces AGAINST the Proposed Improvements



How great an Influence does this Force have?

What will the Effect of this Force be?

So at this moment the Forces in FAVOUR of the Improvement were HIGHER than the Forces AGAINST the Improvement.

Score of each factor is automatically calculated..


Force Motivation

Motivate Supporting Forces and Counteract Resisting Forces.

Decide what actions can be taken to further encourage or support the Positive Forces

Decide what actions can be taken to negate the negative or Resisting Forces


Improvement Approval

The Team can now decide if the Proposed Improvements have sufficient merit to be Authorisedfor Implementation.

Authorize Ythe Recommended Improvements and include into the PSI Implementation Plan & Lessons Learned Log


Refuse Nthe Recommended Improvements and include into the PSIPotential Improvement Database

Authorised Improvements are included in the Lessons Learned Database for consideration into other Processes.

Refused Improvements are included in the Potential Improvement Database

for consideration at future Dates.


This completes the

Force Field Analysis

Now start the

Actions Taken