The zero hour
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The Zero Hour PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Zero Hour. Vocabulary pg 89. d imension (noun). MEANING. EXAMPLE. a measurement of space; in science fiction, a universe *. I read a science fiction story about aliens from another dimension . *. f uturistic (adjective). MEANING. EXAMPLE. r elating to the future.

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The Zero Hour

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The zero hour

The Zero Hour

Vocabulary pg 89

D imension noun

dimension (noun)



  • a measurement of space; in science fiction, a universe *

  • I read a science fiction story about aliens from another dimension. *

F uturistic adjective

futuristic (adjective)



  • relating to the future

  • In a futuristic novel I read, people could be instantly transported from one place to another.

C luttered adjective

cluttered (adjective)



  • crowded, messy, and disorderly

  • My room was so cluttered with clothes and books, that I could barely see the floor.

D eceptively adverb

deceptively (adverb)



  • in a way that is misleading or false

  • Nick smiled deceptively to hide his anger.

D isdain verb

disdain (verb)



  • to treat with lack of respect; to look down on something

  • Delia is a fashion snob and distains any clothes she thinks are beneath her standards. *

E voke verb

evoke (verb)



  • to call to mind a certain feeling idea *

  • Looking through family photo albums evokes many great memories.

S uspenseful adjective

suspenseful (adjective)



  • filled with excitement over an uncertain outcome

  • When I’m watching a suspenseful movie, I get really upset if somebody interrupts the film.

U nderfoot adverb

underfoot (adverb)



  • in the way

  • I hate having my little brother underfoot, so I try to avoid him when I am heading out with friends.

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