Okhaldhunga-Rumjatar Mahotsav - 2066 RUMJATAR:  Transforming into a Model Village

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4/20/2012. 2. RUMJATAR Contributors. Special ContributorsTek Bahadur Gurung, Sita Ram Gurung, Nava Raj Gurung, Babu Ram Gurung, Badri Kaji GurungChandrakala Gurung, Dr. Ganeshman Gurung, D. B. Gurung, Dr. Ganesh Gurung, Dev Raj Gurung, Ratna Kaji Gurung, Narendra GurungInteraction ProgramAn Inte

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Okhaldhunga-Rumjatar Mahotsav - 2066 RUMJATAR: Transforming into a Model Village

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1. 4/20/2012 1 Okhaldhunga-Rumjatar Mahotsav - 2066 RUMJATAR: Transforming into a Model Village/ City/ Town (A Working Paper for Discussion) By Mahendra B. Gurung In association with Tek Bahadur Gurung, Sita Ram Gurung, Nava Raj Gurung, Babu Ram Gurung, Badri Kaji Gurung and Dev Raj Gurung

2. 4/20/2012 2 RUMJATAR Contributors Special Contributors Tek Bahadur Gurung, Sita Ram Gurung, Nava Raj Gurung, Babu Ram Gurung, Badri Kaji Gurung Chandrakala Gurung, Dr. Ganeshman Gurung, D. B. Gurung, Dr. Ganesh Gurung, Dev Raj Gurung, Ratna Kaji Gurung, Narendra Gurung Interaction Program An Interaction Program was organized by Rumjatar Sewa Samiti in Kathmandu on 2066 Mangsir 20 (December 5, 2009). The Program was chaired by the Samiti’s Chairperson Chandra Kala Gurung. Dr. Ganeshman Gurung was the Chief Guest. Valuable comments and suggestions were shared by participants which have been incorporated.

3. 4/20/2012 3 RUMJATAR Background Rumjatar in its history is believed to have been inhabited by Rumdali Rai King who was defeated by Gurung Batallion during the making of Nepal under the leadership of the Great King Prithvi Narayan Shah in 18th century Situated between lattitudes 27016’40” and 27019’30”N and longitude 86030’ and 86035’E, Rumajatar covers and area of 74,97,670 sq m (about 750 ha). Its average length (N-S) is 3.9 Km and the width is 2.0 Km It is situated at an altitude varying from 1045 m (Tilange) to 1400 m (Jaktekati) from msl. Airport is at 1250 m. It is one of the 56 VDCs of Okhaldhunga district in Sagarmatha zone inhabited by population of 4,356 (HH: 683). (As of 2066 Bhadra 27: Community Development Fund) Rumjatar, at an arms distance (1˝ hrs) from Okhaldhunga headquarter, stands as one of the most prospective places in the eastern hill areas.

4. 4/20/2012 4 RUMJATAR Background With temperate climate, Rumjatar has natural and an exotic beauty, be its breathtaking landscape or its splendid setting full of vegetative diversity. Some of the village families enjoyed in the past various connections with the state power and earned status Most of the village families made comfortable earnings from foreign jobs such as in British Gurkha Army, Singapore Police, Indian Army and few from Nepal Army as well. The recent years of Rumjatar are full of concerns and stresses as the natural boon has not found adequate attention from the State and looks detached from its family members. Okhaldhunga-Rumjatar Mahotsav-2066 (Poush 11-15) has been planned to revive its majestic and dynamic status and push towards a vibrant society.

5. 4/20/2012 5 RUMJATAR Basic Data Rumjatar VDC and its 9 Wards Rumjatar stands as a potentially pro-city village development committee The 9 Wards: 1. Tilange (south-east) 2. Charkhu 3. Lama Gaun, Bhoktini, 4. Danda Tole, 5. Mohoriya Gaun, 6. Bitalap, 7. Majh Gaun, 8. Budha Tole, Jyamir Gaun, Jagarbot, Mathlo Lama Gaun, 9. Kafal Bot (north) Rumjatar makes connection with following VDCs: Mamkha VDC in the east, Andheri Narayansthan, Okhaldhunga & Barnalu VDCs in the west, Barnalu VDC in the north, Thula Chhaap, Bhadaure, and Andheri Naraynsthan VDC in the south

6. 4/20/2012 6 RUMJATAR Basic Data Education: 2009 BS: Rumjatar Middle School (2009 Bhadra 10) 2028: Rumjatar High School 2052: Rumjatar Higher Secondary School 2063: Rumjatar Campus (B. Ed) Literacy rate: 68.42% >16 years of age group, Male Literacy Rate: 80.7% (Brighter future) Female Literacy Rate: 48.3% (Brighter future) At present, one Higher Secondary, four Primary and one private Boarding School are serving.

7. 4/20/2012 7 RUMJATAR Basic Data Health: Rumjatar hospital, constructed in 2018 (15 bed) District Health Center established in 2033 Agriculture: Main occupation of Rumjatar Community More than 35% of HH is dependent on agriculture More than 26% of HH is dependent on some form of service The main cottage industry in the VDC is woolen rug (Radi/ Pakhi) production. 13% of the HH is dependent on this. Sheep herding has declined to just 0.8% of HH. Religious sites:Temples of Kalika Devi (Mohariya), Kalika Devi (Lama), Seti Devi, Ganesh, Saraswati, Bhimsen than, Bhagawati Devi, Jalapa Devi, Hare Ram Hare Krishna, Shri Chandeshwor Mahadev than, Guru Dham, etc. Weekly Market (Hat Bazaar): Thulo Bar ko Rukh area, Kafal Bot.

8. 4/20/2012 8 RUMJATAR Basic Data- Office Establishments Army Barrack (New Sabuj Gan) Airport Security Unit under Inspector rank Okhaldhunga Small Hydro Electric Project Office District Public Health Office Nepal Airlines Office Yeti Airlines Office British Gurkha Welfare Center Ilaka Post Office Ilaka Livestock Development Office Ilaka Forest Division Office Nepal Telecom Unit Office Drinking Water Users Committee Rumjatar Savings and Credit Cooperatives NGOs about 50 in number

9. 4/20/2012 9 RUMJATAR Basic Question How would we like to see Rumjatar…? Rumjatar- the Eastern Gateway of Okhaldhunga? Rumjatar- the Prospective Headquarter of the provincial state? Rumjatar- the Multicultural hub of the Eastern Hills? Rumjatar- A Nepali Model Village of the South Asia? Rumjatar- A Vibrating Tourist attraction City/ Town in the Closeness of Mount Everest? Rumjatar- A Village to be re-searched, redefined and projected as a Model (Village/ City/ Town)

10. 4/20/2012 10 RUMJATAR Planning – the Ingredients Analysis based on the Existing Scenario Vision Mission Plans Financial Resources Time period Local/ Peoples’ Participation Action Plan Monitoring and Evaluation The Commitment Feedback and Review of Plan

11. 4/20/2012 11 RUMJATAR The Vision To transform Rumjatar into a socially, culturally and economically vibrant model village/ city/ Town in the next five years

12. 4/20/2012 12 RUMJATAR Mission To carry out every thought, strategy and activity in a direction towards achieving the Vision. This means every person of Rumjatar shall commit to think, plan, suggest and act towards making contribution, small or big, tangible or intangible, in accordance to his/ her capacity and capability for the attainment of the Vision.

13. 4/20/2012 13 RUMJATAR Analysis The Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis (SWOT)

14. 4/20/2012 14 RUMJATAR SWOT Analysis: Strengths The naturally favorable Climate ( Temperate i.e., SamaShitoshna) The Airport and rare cancellation of any flight owing to the Climate Strategic location w.r.t. the district profile and connection to Mount Everest New Connectivity through Siddhicharan Rajmarg (N-S) to the E-W Highway at Mirchaiya (Rajbiraj) and other parts Situated centrally, a traditionally trade-center of Okhaldhunga district Traditional superiority in expertise on sheep herding and woolen rug (Radhi-Pakhi) production

15. 4/20/2012 15 RUMJATAR SWOT Analysis: Strengths Abundant production of fruits, specially oranges Multicultural set up with Gurungs’ majority Most Gurung families draw incomes from foreign army/ police employment and the place may be adjudged as well-to-do families in general Institutions such as Nagar Vikas Samiti, Rumjatar Sewa Samiti etc. have worked as strength whenever possible The strong willingness exhibited in organized form and with purpose such as Okhaldhunga-Rumjatar Mahotsav- 2066 is also a strength

16. 4/20/2012 16 RUMJATAR SWOT Analysis: Weakness There is a great deal of land absentees, the main cause being the threat generated during the insurgency period. Labor availability has gone down very low; Very difficult to get the agricultural works done. Younger generation persons have found more place and time in the capital than in the village. Very little opportunities are available in the village (Rumjatar) for jobs

17. 4/20/2012 17 RUMJATAR SWOT Analysis: Weakness Lack of leadership Despite of it being talked and considered one of the naturally most beautiful villages of the country, Rumjatar has not been given the recognition it deserves by the State meaning that very little resources has been allocated to this beautiful village Lack of coordinating efforts Lack of taste towards high education and toward Government Jobs. Increasing trend towards foreign labor job at the cost of higher education

18. 4/20/2012 18 RUMJATAR SWOT Analysis: Opportunities Use the Okhaldhunga-Rumjatar Mahotsav as an opportunity to bring in some Plans and resources for Rumjatar. Horticulture, particularly oranges, if emphasized with plans and resources can open up opportunities for agro-based and subsidiary industries of small scales Rumjatar’s favorable weather throughout the year should motivate the Government to double the air services for Mount Everest bound tourists Substantial presence of Affluent families Opening up of new connectivity to outer world The promising pool of knowledge out of the new generation, resources and technology The rising literacy rate in the district as well as in Rumjatar itself; more prospect being surfaced with the beginning of the Bachelor’s College More responsive Government at the Center formed after the historic political transformation

19. 4/20/2012 19 RUMJATAR SWOT Analysis: Threats/ Challenges Prolonged land absentees might lead to making Rumjatar a ‘forgotten land’ The other airport strips such as Lukla, Tumlingtar and Lamidanda are its competitors Permission of overwhelming intervention of foreign culture through cables and networks Passive or inactive crowd will only encourage others to play, influence and rule Haphazard settlement expansion- horizontally and vertically- without any norms Overambitious plans more than the capacity of the area (around 4Kmx 2Km, and the popln of 4,356) may by itself create threats and challenges.

20. 4/20/2012 20 RUMJATAR The Plan The Plan and Proposals

21. 4/20/2012 21 RUMJATAR 1. Capturing the Climate Boon: the Engine of Rumjatar Campaign Horticulture- Fruits such as Oranges, Lemons, Guava, Naspati, Banana, Rudrakshya Herbs Coffee Rice Kodo, Phaapar, Maas, Bhatmaas Potato Mines of Minerals, such as bronze?

22. 4/20/2012 22 RUMJATAR 1. Capturing the Climate Boon: the Engine of Rumjatar Campaign Irrigation facilities 13 FMIS Systems From Sisne Khola source: Bhainse, Pipletari, Jholunge Sanamati, Ammale, Shera, Tauli and Dus Mure From Thotne Khola source: Dhanmuda, Akashe, Kaanphate, Chiuribote, Raniswara Pond Irrigation Water disaster prevention and control Land slides at Drinking Water Supply Tank, Bhainse (Thalthale), Karma Sim (ward no, 9) Cost of Repair, Rehabilitation and Protection: NRs 35 million (approx)

23. 4/20/2012 23 RUMJATAR 2. Airport and the Supports: the Prime Fuel of Rumjatar Campaign Airport facilities to be modernized Frequency of Flights to be increased (doubled) At present: 4 flights a week to and from Kathmandu and 3 flights a week to and from Biratnagar. Government to give priority to Rumjatar airport for the connection to Mount Everest for the reason that climatically it is the most reliable one in the region and that the tourists can get double the nature’s excitement than flying directly to Lukla or else. Supports Lodging facilities for foreign tourists Lodging facilities for Nepali tourists Homes to develop a culture of giving paying guest provisions with food and lodging facilities

24. 4/20/2012 24 RUMJATAR 2. Airport and the Supports: the Prime Fuel of Rumjatar Campaign Homes to nurture a habit of keeping the surrounding environment clean, tidy and positively cultural People to be trained to learn positive attitude and demonstrate high level of pleasing behavior Government open a office of permit issuance for the trekking to the Mount Everest Government prepare and implement supporting policy so that the tourists spend more days on the Sagarmatha trekking and sight seeing

25. 4/20/2012 25 RUMJATAR 3. Tourism Sector: the Lifeline of Rumjatar Campaign Promote, develop and preserve the tourist attraction spots within and around the periphery of Rumjatar Within Rumjatar: Woolen rug (Radi Paakhi) manufacturing process A Rumjatar museum consisting of war materials, uniform dresses, old and antique materials, historical materials, traditional materials, ethnic materials, not necessarily of Gurungs alone but may be of Rumjatar related other tribes. Temples of Gods and Goddesses, Gumba, Churches including their significances as the local people perceive, the ritual process, etc

26. 4/20/2012 26 RUMJATAR 3. Tourism Sector: the Lifeline of Rumjatar Campaign Outside Rumjatar: Toward South: Trekking to Halesi Mahadev (Religious/ Cultural) Towards North: The one day trekking to Jantar Dhaap (Okhaldhunga/ Solu) and two-day trekking to Peeke Lamjura (Solu) present five types of rhododendrons on the way (Natural diversity) Construct a Mt. Everest View Tower on the top of Jantar Dhaap rock known as Changethan (Chanyethan). One can also see Dudh Kunda from here. A 4-hr trekking to the east from Rumjatar will find Chisankhu Kotgarhi, a historic and strategic place where a war fort was built during the making of Nepal. Other areas are Pokali Jharana (fountain), Gauri Bun, Meghe Paataal, etc.

27. 4/20/2012 27 RUMJATAR 3. Tourism Sector: the Lifeline of Rumjatar Campaign The same one day trekking (to North) provides a rare ethnic diversity on the way, once in the universe example of ethnic diversity and the blending as well: Start from Rumjatar (Gurung ethnic) to Santar (Brahmin), to Barnalu (Rai), to Chiplechaur (Newar), to Deurali (Sherpa), to Todke (Newar), to Thade (Magar) and to Jantar Dhaap (mixed with Magars majority). There is a natural site for the vulture reproduction (scavenger) close by (?). All these unique sites need strong protection and promotion.

28. 4/20/2012 28 RUMJATAR 4. Road and Sewerage Network: the Backbone of Rumjatar Campaign Roads network The North – South length = 4 Km Loop = 2 Km Horizontals = 2 Km Total (Approximately) = 8 Km (Internal branches not included) Sewerage Line, same length,= 8 Km Approx cost for sewerage line construction @ NRs 6,000 per m x 8 Km = NRs 48 million or NRs 4.8 crores Sewerage lines to outfall either to Thotne or to Sisne Khola, preferably at the downstream area, and not be left on the way.

29. 4/20/2012 29 RUMJATAR 4. Road and Sewerage Network: the Backbone of Rumjatar Campaign Main Roads analysis Main (trunk) roads will have two lane traffic (8 m wide). From Kula pari to Thulo Dhik (Bus Park) = 1 Km From Kula pari-Thulo Barko Rukh- Thado Bato -Terso Bato Junction = 2 Km From Thulo Barko rukh-Hospital Road to Terso Bato Junction= 2 Km Total 5 Km Approximate Cost @ NRs 20,000/m for 5 Km = NRs 100 million or NRs 10 Crores Two suggestions: A wide road for vehicles to be built from Airport to the Hospital Road, rest of all the roads to be stone paved. There must be access road from all the areas to the hospital

30. 4/20/2012 30 RUMJATAR 4. Road and Sewerage Network: the Backbone of Rumjatar Campaign Branch Roads analysis The branch road will have one lane road (4 m) accompanied by 1.5 m side walk way on either side. Thus the total width required will be 7 m. Total approx internal/ peripheral road length will be 9 Km The approximate cost will be @ NRs 15,000 per m x 9 Km = NRs 135 million or NRs 13.5 Crores Thus total cost of sewerage length and the road length as mentioned above would approximately cost NRs 283 million or NRs 28.3 Crores

31. 4/20/2012 31 RUMJATAR 5. Industrial Scope and Area: the Wheels of Rumjatar Campaign Prospective Industries (in 5 or ten years) Agro-based: Juice, Ketchup Subsidiary Industries: Cold Storage Packaging Proposed Area: Pipletari zone (South west point, closer to Sisne Khola for easy outflow of effluents , exit point to Okhaldhunga)

32. 4/20/2012 32 RUMJATAR 6. Planned and Cultural Housing: the Future of Rumjatar Campaign Major factors to be considered: Area – existing and potentially expandable 74,97,670 sq m, i.e., 7.5 sq km or 750 ha N-S Length: 3.9 Km E-W Length: 2 Km The plan and proposal must be realistic and rational Population and its growth House holds: 683 Population: 4,356 Population growth: 0.5%

33. 4/20/2012 33 RUMJATAR 6. Planned and Cultural Housing: the Future of Rumjatar Campaign Ethnic Distribution Gurung: 65.85% Newar: 7.20% Rai: 4.95% Brahmin/ Chhetri: 4.50% Dalits (Damai, Kami Saarki): 13.52% Others: 3.98% Total: 100%

34. 4/20/2012 34 RUMJATAR 6. Planned and Cultural Housing: the Future of Rumjatar Campaign Building Code for new housing and remodeling for the old houses wherever possible Height: 4 storeys maximum > 4 storeys under special consideration 2 storeys maximum on the brink lines Set back for houses: 1 to 2 m min(3 to 5 ft) A front yard of 3 m min is a must Houses must exhibit the Gurung tradition of Rumjatar, such as, the general look (sloped roof, pali, etc) the accessories (maize bunches, the Dhiki, etc) the washing/ painting the roofing materials Fruit trees on the back yard

35. 4/20/2012 35 RUMJATAR 6. Planned and Cultural Housing: the Future of Rumjatar Campaign Potential Settlement Expansion Areas in blocks: Block 1: Bitalap Block 2: Mohariya Gaun Block 3: Lama Gaun Block 4: Barnalu Block 6: Tari Khet For Bus Park: Block 5: Thulo Dhik/ Subi Danda For Industrial Area: Block 7: Pipletari

36. 4/20/2012 36 RUMJATAR 7. Health and Education Capacity Building of Rumjatar Campaign A full fledged Hospital with modern facilities A full fledged college with modern services A concept of establishing an Engineering College or a Medical College or University or a high quality school can develop in Rumjatar an image of ‘Center of Excellence”

37. 4/20/2012 37 RUMJATAR 8. The Bus Park and Workshops: the Lubricant of Rumjatar Campaign Bus Park (Junction) Proposed Site: Thulo Dhik Area Why?: Closer to Entry point to Rumjatar Does not disturb and cause to create traffic jam in the Rumjatar heartland Allows pollution free commuters to roll within the heartland Allows unperturbed tourist trekking across Rumjatar Allows local commuting system to serve, flourish and sustain

38. 4/20/2012 38 RUMJATAR The Financial Cost (in NRs lakh)

39. 4/20/2012 39 RUMJATAR The 5- Yr Action Plan (Cost in NRs lakh)

40. 4/20/2012 40 RUMJATAR Summary Tentatively an investment of resources equivalent to NRs 46 Cr will be required in the span of five years. The annual layout will be NRs 6 Cr in the first year which will rise to NRs 11 or up to NRs 12.30 Cr and end by NRs 5 Cr in the fifth year. In total 8 sectors of development will be mobilized by the investments. This means an investment of about NRs 1,06,000 per person or NRs 675,000 per household or NRs 615,000 per ha will be made. Probably DDC and VDC should be ready to contribute about 10% of the cost (about NRs 4 Cr 60 lakh in five years) and local people should also be ready to share some of the cost to feel the sense of ownership.

41. 4/20/2012 41 RUMJATAR Roles – the Government Recognize the strategic prominence of Rumjatar in terms of regional and national socio-, eco- and cultural backdrops. Formulate and promulgate a policy to support the Rumjatar vision separately or as an integral and strong part of the Kathmandu – Rumjatar – Sagarmatha tourism development Include the plan in the annual program and budget and provide adequate resources so as to complete the activities within stipulated time period A detailed prospective plan shall be prepared by expert team with a detailed study within six months.

42. 4/20/2012 42 RUMJATAR Roles – the DDC and VDC Okhaldhunga DDC and Rumjatar VDC shall commit to act as an active institutional partner in the whole process and shall jointly own the development plan by understanding that the development of Rumjatar will open a gateway of prosperity to whole district which will trickle also to peripheral districts and villages. They shall commit to share their concepts, plans and resources for the purpose

43. 4/20/2012 43 RUMJATAR Roles – the Local People Local people shall review their trend of deserting Rumjatar and make a historic decision to return to their birth place for the sake of every one’s betterment and prosperity Local people shall also show the commitments on the following: The willingness The enthusiasm The collective action The positive attitude They shall form various User Groups, Cooperatives and coordinate with other institutions, share their contributions in whatever way possible and take leadership and ownership in the whole process of socio-economic activities. They shall contribute in conflict/ dispute management

44. 4/20/2012 44 RUMJATAR Conclusions Rumjatar can be transformed into a socially, culturally and economically vibrant model village It can carry on with new energy its traditional legend of being a trade center of Okhaldhunga district It can successfully be promoted as a transit point between Kathmandu and the Mount Everest, the Sagarmatha By capturing its climatic advantages, Rumjatar can excel in horticulture farming which may lead to the establishment of small scale agro-based industries and other subsidiaries. It is possible to implement urban planning in Rumjatar that will check the haphazard settlement expansion and will help enhance the traditional and cultural values. This requires a strong, strategic and continuous lobbying.

45. 4/20/2012 45 RUMJATAR The References A Report on planning Roads and Sanitary Systems network using the land use map, by AceCon Nepal, 2064 Choudhary, Kishor K., A Brief Statistics on Rumjatar, Rumjatar- Smarika, p:53, 2055 Gurung, Ganesh M., Dr., The Desire to visit Rumjatar, Koseli- Smarika (2nd ed.), p:4, 2058 Gurung, Muna, A Brief Introduction of Rumjatar, Rumjatar Serophero, p:19, 2064

46. 4/20/2012 46 Jai Hos Ani Chaheko Juros Khojeko Pugos

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