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Cpr and first aid
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CPR and First Aid. Part 1. Respiratory and Circulatory Systems. Respiratory System. Upper Airway: Nasal Cavity Oral Cavity Pharynx Epiglottis Lower Airway: Larynx Trachea Lungs Bronchus Bronchioles Alveoli Capillaries. Respiratory Rates. Heart Rates.

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CPR and First Aid

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Cpr and first aid

CPR and First Aid

Part 1

Respiratory and circulatory systems

Respiratory and Circulatory Systems

Respiratory system

Respiratory System

  • Upper Airway:

  • Nasal Cavity

  • Oral Cavity

  • Pharynx

  • Epiglottis

  • Lower Airway:

  • Larynx

  • Trachea

  • Lungs

  • Bronchus

  • Bronchioles

  • Alveoli

  • Capillaries

Respiratory rates

Respiratory Rates

Heart rates

Heart Rates

Bls resuscitation cpr

BLS Resuscitation & CPR

Basic Life Saving Resuscitation & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Follow cab

Follow CAB

C – Circulation

A – Airway

B – Breathing

Cpr and first aid

Check for responsiveness - Tap and Shout

Call for Help

Look, Listen & Feel

Breaths present? Chest moving up and down?

Rate, rhythm, quality, depth

Pulse present? (Carotid)

30 Chest Pumps

Heel of hand at center of chest, other hand on top

Press chest in 5cm at rate of 100/min

Open Airway

Head Tilt/Chin Lift

Jaw Thrust

Cpr and first aid

Bee Gees


Compression/Ventilation Ratio

Compression Rate

30 : 2


2 Rescue Breaths at a rate of 1/second

Check for chest rise and fall. If not…

Reposition, 2 rescue Breaths again

Repeat 30 chest compressions

Repeat 2 Rescue Breaths

Continue until help arrives

2 person cpr

2 Person CPR

One person giving compressions, one person giving breaths

Maintain 30:2 ratio

Maintain 100 compressions / min

Switch places every 5 cycles or every 2 minutes

Infant cpr

Infant CPR

Same as adult CPR, but use 2 fingers

Compress chest 1/3 – 1/2 the depth of the chest

Cpr and first aid


Automated External Defibrillator

What is an aed

What is an AED?

  • Measures the heart rhythm

  • Decides if it can shock the heart

  • Shocks heart

  • Restarts the heartbeat

Aed procedure

AED Procedure

  • Turn on AED – follow instructions

  • Remove clothing (provided scissors)

  • Place pads on patient

  • Plug pads in

  • Step away from patient— “I’m clear, you’re clear, we’re all clear.”

  • Remain not touching patient. If shock is advised deliver shock

  • Resume CPR with compressions

  • If shock is not advised, continue with compressions

Aed pads

AED Pads:

Child pads: May NOT be used on adults

Adult pads: MAY be used on children and adults

Choking airway obstruction

Choking & Airway Obstruction

How do you know someone is choking

How do you know someone is choking?

Universal sign for choking 

If coughing—airway still clear

If speaking—airway still clear

If yelling—airway still clear

Heavy breathing—airway still clear

Abdominal thrusts

Abdominal Thrusts



Cpr and first aid

Pregnant Woman – Chest Thrusts


If the person passes out

If the person passes out….

Start CPR

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