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HIV/AIDS Initiative

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Crossroads’ HIV/AIDS Initiative in Mali

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Serving Abandoned

Women & Children

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Two-Fold Objective:

  • 1. ReNewthe Culture of Mali by

  • Combating the Spread of HIV

  • 2. ReNewthe Spiritual & Physical

  • Health of Those Suffering fromAIDS

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    ReNew Culture through

    HIV/AIDS Awareness:




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    ReNew Those Suffering from AIDS

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    How do We Accomplish Our Two-Fold Objective? What is Our Strategy?

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    A Relational Strategy

    One Founded on Partnership

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    A Partnership Founded on:

    •Long-Term Commitment

    •An Incarnational Presence

    •Mutual Respect

    •Unconditional Love

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    Long-Term Commitment

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    An Incarnational Presence

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    Mutual Respect

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    Unconditional Love

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    Two-Fold Objective

    Combat the Spread of HIV/AIDS

    Serve those Suffering from AIDS

    Partner with USFC

    Partner with EEPM

    Awareness & Education

    Financial Support


    Child Education


    Training Women

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    Goals ?

    What do We

    Expect to Achieve?

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    ReNewed Lives by

    Bringing Spiritual

    Hope, Emotional

    Wholeness & Physical Well Being to the Afflicted

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    ReNewed Thinking through HIV/AIDS Awareness & Education

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    ReNewed Behavior through Biblically Based Decision Making

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    ReNewed Action by Malian Believers that Powerfully Demonstrates God’s Love

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    Okay Pastor John!

    How are we going to do this and where do I fit in?

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    Lisa & Our Orphans

    How does this Incarnational Presence Work in Practice Anyhow?

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    Can You Teach a Child to Read?

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    Can You Teach:




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    Teach he Bible to Women?

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    Can You Teach Young Women to Sew?

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    Can you encourage a young

    mother living with AIDS?

    Or, one who has lost all hope?

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    Can You Cuddle a Child with AIDS but

    without Parents?

    Or, Identify with a Stranger?

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    What about an Evangelism-driven Sports Camp?

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    These AIDS orphans need to attend school, they need books, supplies & clothes – they need our help; they need our prayers.

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    Madame Adalaid, Director & Founder, of United Sisters for Christ

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    Dr. Yusuf Dembele, President, EgliseEvangeliqueProtestante au Mali

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