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CDPD Service. Liu ShuPing Feng Yue. Current Situation Of Mobile Data Communications. Circuit-switched cellular technology. TACS, AMPS, GSM and CDMA use now. Occupying channel during the whole connection time Packet-switched cellular technology

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cdpd service

CDPD Service

Liu ShuPing

Feng Yue

current situation of mobile data communications
Current Situation Of Mobile Data Communications
  • Circuit-switched cellular technology.
      • TACS, AMPS, GSM and CDMAuse now.
      • Occupying channel during the whole connection time
  • Packet-switched cellular technology
      • Each data gram is encapsulated and sent packets individually.
  • Cellular Digital Packet Data technology
      • Same Idea as Packet-Switched.
what is cdpd
What Is CDPD
  • A service?
  • A technology?
  • A network?
  • A standard?
history of amps
History Of AMPS
  • CDPD calls AMPS “mum”.
      • AMPS, originated in 1960s, born in 1980s.
      • Birth Place: Bell Lab.
      • 1983, AMPS speech service was availble in USA.
      • Run on 800MHz, why?
          • Lower for TV and FM.
          • Higher can not be used with that time technology.
      • Fundenmental success, the first wide spread public wireless, mobile, communication service and network.
cdpd history
CDPD History.
  • In 1992, AT&T, MGcaw, BAM, SW Bell, North Telecom, Ameritech provided 1000,000us$ each to make a fund for data service.
  • In 1993, the first version of standard of CDPD came into view.
  • In 1994, in America, the first CDPD experimental network run.
  • CDPD ROUND TABLE: CDPD Forum was founded on April 1994.
  • CS-CDPD was born latter. Circuit Switch, only run by GTE, number 1800.
features of cdpd
Features Of CDPD
  • 19.2 kbps maximum throughput. Real user data is less than 12kbps.
  • Uses same frequency spectrum as AMPS.
  • Channel hopping. Two types. Purpose is to safe higher priority voice QoS.
  • TCP/IP Based. Very clever. Save cost, time, more reliable, compatible.
  • Dedicated Channels. AMPS voice channels lose. But it is a sign….
  • Encryption over Airinterface like GSM.
  • DSMA-CD congestion control and MAC access.
  • Available in whole USA Now.
cdpd network components
CDPD Network Components
  • MDBS, Mobile Data Base Station, equal to the BTS in GSM.
      • air interface control
      • radio frequency management
      • automatic radio hopping.
  • MDIS, Mobile Data Intermediate Station. It partially combines the functions of BSC and MSC in GSM.
      • radio exchange, setting up the radio channels.
  • IS, Intermediate System. CDPD is an IP based system.CDPD backbone network is construed by the IS. We can say IS is also a router.
  • CDPD ES. M-ES and F-ES.
      • External F-ES is administered by CDPD subscribers. Internal F-ES is administered by the CDPD operators. NOTE!
cdpd network service
CDPD Network Service
  • Network Service is in term of Air Interface.
  • Domain Name Server. has its own web address translating mechanism. IS functions.
  • Subscriber Location Service. Not as accurate as GPS. Still enough.
  • Mobility Management Service. Each subscriber’s home MDIS tracks the her/his location.
  • Network Management Services.
  • Account Service.
  • Authentication Service.
cdpd vs gprs
  • CDPD’s real competitor is GPRS. Because of same time, same place, similar service and targeted customers.
  • ADV:
      • Standarised earlier.
      • Operators have already invested a lot.
      • In America and Asia Pacific countries, it has in born adv, because AMPS.
      • At intial phase of service, cost for each subscriber is lower than GPRS.
  • DisADV:
      • GPRS 171.2kbps, CDPD 19.2kbps.
      • GPRS has much more larger capacity than CDPD.
      • GPRS uses TDMA GSM, but CDPD uses the FDMA AMPS.
      • GPRS can offer both Con-less, and Con-orient service, but CDPD only can provide Con-less service.
      • GPRS supports both IPv4 and IPv6. However, the CDPD only support IPv4. Less security, and address space.
cdpd and gprs similarity
CDPD And GPRS Similarity
  • Easy to enlarge the capacity.
  • Small delay.
  • Both security is high.
      • GPRS: CS-1, CS-2.
      • CDPD: Reed Solomon.
attractiveness and problems at america
Attractiveness And Problems at America
  • Attractiveness: Based on TCP/IP, easy to check email.
  • Problem1: Different competitor-operators need to provide CDPD service.
  • Problem2: It was too expensive. 80$ 1MB.
  • Problem3: Software did not run well.
  • Problem4: Wireless transmission problem.
  • But Now, most of them are not new problems.
business of cdpd in american market
Business Of CDPD In American Market
  • Giants: AT&T, Bell Atlantic, AT&T Wireless. Too Big. “ Trust” characteristics.
  • Now, CDPD is facing competition from GPRS service from same fathers even in its’ birth place.
  • My opinion, is because its’ rate is much slower compared with GPRS, HSCSD.
the cdpd business in latin america
The CDPD Business In Latin America
  • Tele2000 runs CDPD service in Latin American countries. Peru, Chile….
  • They prefer the most economic solution.
  • Tele2000 runs the service jointly with AT&T in Latin America.
cdpd applications
CDPD Applications
  • Transportation: Ambulance, dispatch system.
  • Public security: Policemen can access the latest database in real time to. E.g. Check suspected person, Verify identity. Check the car current status.
  • Remote measurement: Remote control.
  • Commerce. Wireless ATM. Wireless Credits Card Authentication. Mobile Payment. Adv of CDPD used in commerce field.
      • Implementing easily.
      • High speed. CDPD modem set up time is much faster than wire dial up modem. Even CDPD is 19.2kbps, wire dial up modem is 33.6kbps.
      • Reliable and Safety with strong encryption algorithm.
  • Personal use which covers the main part of the CDPD usage.
cdpd in chinese market
CDPD In Chinese Market
  • Development History Of CDPD In China Mainland.
  • CDPD In China Hong Kong.
      • is the only CDPD operator in Hong Kong.
      • Grab the gap before the 3G.
      • The market is not so big, but achievements.
      • Want to find huge local operator to do joint. I am not optimistic.
      • So comes to China Mainland to make money.
the relation between cdpd and other plmn network in china
The Relation Between CDPD And Other PLMN Network In China
  • HSCSD’s advantage is its’ transmission of large amount data. But CDPD is not suitable for this.
  • It can be realized that smooth connection between CDPD and narrow band CDMA.
  • Mobitex is from Ericsson. It is too slow. 8Kbps raw data.
  • CDPD is also face the new Wi-Fi Chanllenge. Because it is much faster than CDPD.
  • WAP is even more technical advanced, why lost game in China.
      • Few content.
      • Too expensive, twice more expensive than CDPD.
impact of wto to cdpd service
Impact Of WTO To CDPD Service
  • More open market.
  • Foreign capital can enter.
  • Reduce the telecommunication service tarriffs.
  • Wellcome to invest!!!
current cdpd operators in china
Current CDPD Operators In China
  • China Telecom. Has the position of AS&T in USA.
  • Shang Hai P&T Mobile Data Communication Co. Ltd.
  • But it seems they will not invest any more to the CDPD public service. Because our 2G systems are mainly GSM.
wireless atm via cdpd
Wireless ATM Via CDPD
  • More and more popular in China.
  • Very convenient.
  • CDPD provides reliable, fast and safe access.
  • Maintenance is not very high.