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7. To persuade the reader or listener that something should or should not be the case.

9. Focus on generic human and non-human participants, except for speaker or writer referring to shelf. Use of Mental Processes: to state what the writer thinks or feels about issue. E.g. realize, feel, appreciate. Material processes: to state what happens. E.g. is polluting, drive, travel, spend, should be treated. Relational processes: to state what or should be. E.g. doesn’t seem to have been. Is. Use of Simple Present Tense.

10. Answer these questions.

11. Never Try Smoking

14. State whether these statements are True or False.

15. Discuss these questions in group of four. Do you think cell phone is important for students at school? Mention the advantages and the disadvantages of cell phones for students.

16. Most people own and bring cellphone. Why do cell phone users increase in recent years? First, it‘s because cell phone is a need, and it has many functions, such as: calling, texting, taking pictures, recording videos, accessing internet, and playing games. Second, the price of cell phone becomes a lot cheaper. Now, this communication device does not only a primary need of adult but also teenagers as well as students. Even, a lot cell phones are designed for teenager. However, should students bring cell phone to school? Bringing cell phone to school may potentially disturb the learning process. Most students use cell phones unwisely. They use cell phones for talking to their friends during class session. They use the calculator and camera features in the class as well. Those activities may lead less concentration during teaching-learning process.

17. In addition, mobile phones may give students a chance to cheat in tests. Students can communicate to anyone and ask for help to answer tests, do homework, and other class assignment. The small size of the cell phone makes students can send a text quietly and secretly. From the facts above , schools should restrict the use of cell phones during learning process. Cell phones must be off during the class time, except in case of an emergency.

18. Discuss the following questions

19. Match each headings below with the appropriate paragraphs in the text. Cell phones can be used for many purposes. School management should apply some rules about using cell phone at school. Students tend to missuse the cell phone during the examination. The use of cell phone during the class will disturb the teaching-learning process.

20. Negative effects of using calculator

21. Social Function: to persuade the reader if something should or should not be the case. Generic Structure: thesis, arguments, and recommendation. Significant Lexicogrammatical Features: Use of mental processes, material processes, relational processes, use of Simple Present Tense.

22. See “Advanced Learning English 2” page 191, Task 7.

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