wdv 331 dreamweaver applications
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WDV 331 Dreamweaver Applications

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WDV 331 Dreamweaver Applications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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WDV 331 Dreamweaver Applications. Dreamweaver CS6 Chapter 21 Customizing  Keyboard Shortcuts Extensions. Keyboard Shortcuts. Edit  keyboard shortcuts Figure 21-1 Create a cheat sheet Export Set as HTML. Dreamweaver Extensions. Extensions are add-ons adobe chose not to build.

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wdv 331 dreamweaver applications

WDV 331 Dreamweaver Applications

Dreamweaver CS6

Chapter 21

Customizing  Keyboard Shortcuts Extensions

keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Edit  keyboard shortcuts
  • Figure 21-1
  • Create a cheat sheet
    • Export Set as HTML
dreamweaver extensions
Dreamweaver Extensions
  • Extensions are add-ons adobe chose not to build.
  • Open source  you can build one
  • Adobe Extension Manager
  • Try it:
  • Lorem and More... (Adobe approved)
  • http://foundationphp.com/tools
dreamweaver extensions book1
Dreamweaver Extensions Book1
  • WebAssist ( www.webassist.com ) is one of the largest and most professional extension-development companies. It offers a wide variety of high-quality extensions, including free. http://www.webassist.com/products/free-tools
  • Felix OneNo loner exist
  • Project Seven ( www.projectseven.com ) offers free extensions and several excellent commercial extensions that let you create animated HTML and CSS menus, scrolling areas of text, CSS-based page layouts, photo galleries, and more.
dreamweaver extensions book2
Dreamweaver Extensions Book2
  • Trent Pastrana ( www.fourlevel.com ) sells extensions that build photo galleries, whiz-bang effects (like menus that slide onto a page), and scrollers that move text up and down (or left and right) across a page. He also provides several free extensions.
  • Trio Solutions sells lots of inexpensive extensions http://components.developers4web.com that let you add CSS-style calendars, insert Flash music players into a page, and much more.
dreamweaver extensions book3
Dreamweaver Extensions Book3
  • Hot Dreamweaver ( www.hotdreamweaver.com ) sells extensions for server-side needs, like sending form submissions as emails, adding Captcha (those little hard-to-read pictures of letters and numbers that you have to type into a form to prove you’re a human), and uploading files to a web server.
  • DMxzone ( www.dmxzone.com) offers a range of extensions, including those that let you build a Facebook fan page for your business, embed an MP3 player on a page so visitors can listen to audio, and extensions for PHP and ASP server-side programming that let you add forms so guests can upload files to your server. They even have a bunch of free extensions, like YouTubizer, that make it easy to embed YouTube videos on a page.
dreamweaver extensions others 1
Dreamweaver Extensions Others 1
  • https://www.adobeexchange.com/
  • http://www.extendstudio.com/
  • http://www.mydreamweaverextensions.com/
  • http://cssmenumaker.com/blog/top-dreamweaver-extensions
dreamweaver extensions o thers 2
Dreamweaver Extensions Others 2
  • http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=productHome&exc=3
  • http://www.dwzone-it.com/
  • http://foundationphp.com/tools/