Vietnam chapter 37 38 39 review
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Vietnam Chapter 37,38 & 39 review PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Vietnam Chapter 37,38 & 39 review. Background on Vietnam. Colony of France French restricted freedoms of speech and assembly Many fled to China under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh 1930- Ho Chi Minh creates the Indochinese Communists Party

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Vietnam Chapter 37,38 & 39 review

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Vietnam chapter 37 38 39 review

VietnamChapter 37,38 & 39 review

Background on vietnam

Background on Vietnam

  • Colony of France

  • French restricted freedoms of speech and assembly

  • Many fled to China under the leadership of Ho Chi Minh

  • 1930- Ho Chi Minh creates the Indochinese Communists Party

  • 1940- Ho Chi Minh returns to Vietnam with a goal to gain the countries independence (backed by U.S. during WWII)

Vietnam chapter 37 38 39 review

“If ever the tiger (Vietman) pauses…

the elephant (France) will impale him on his mighty tusks. But the tiger will not pause, and the elephant will die of exhaustion and loss of blood”

Ho Chi Mihn; 1945

Domino theory

Domino Theory

  • Once one country falls to communism in an area others will fallow

Geneva accord

Geneva Accord

  • July 1954- meeting between France, Great Britain, Soviet Union, China and Laos and Cambodia

  • Made a peace treaty which divided Vietnam at the 17th parallel

  • Communist – Ho Chi Mihn controlled the North

  • Anti-communist- Diem controlled the South

Vietnam 1954

Vietnam 1954

Eisenhower kennedy

Eisenhower & Kennedy

  • Sent more aid to South Vietnam as France pulled out

President diem

President Diem

  • Catholic President in a Buddhist majority country

  • Corrupt administration

  • imprisoned & killed Buddhists

Protesting against diem

Protesting Against Diem

Diem s assassination

Diem’s Assassination

  • After Diems death South is closer to falling to the northern red commies

A cold war heats up

Gulf of Tonkin Incident:

USS Maddox

2 American destroyers were

“Fired” upon by the North.

Gulf of Tonkin Resolutions (August 1964):

Congress gave LBJ their support in sending American personnel and materiel


A Cold War Heats Up

Vietnam chapter 37 38 39 review

  • Operation Rolling Thunder- 1965

  • 1968 Tet Offensive- surprise attack by Vietcong

  • Vietcong lost 30,000 lives

  • U.S. 3,000


guerrilla forces in

S. Vietnam (the Vietcong)

The US was never

successful in shutting

down the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a supply line that ran between North and South Vietnam


A t v war

A T.V. War

Kim Phuc

Credibility gap

Credibility Gap

  • Americans began to believe that LBJ wasn’t telling them the truth about the war

  • in 1968, LBJ chose not to run for president, and Republican Richard M. Nixon was elected on a platform of “Peace with Honor”

Pentagon papers 1970

Pentagon Papers-1970

  • the United States needed to show its credibility

  • The United States would fight like crazy and have heavy causalities to preserve freedom all over the globe.

  • This showed that if a nation crossed the United States, it was crazy enough to destroy that nation.

Nixon ends vietnam

Nixon Ends Vietnam

Policy of Vietnamization

  • w/o support of Congress Nixon orders a secret invasion of Cambodia

  • Henry Kissinger- “Peace is at hand” October 1972

  • March 29, 1973 the last combat troops leave Vietnam

Fall of saigon

Fall of Saigon

  • After U.S. backed out cease fire agreement collapses

  • March 1975- North launches a full scale attack in the South

  • U.S. sends economic help but no troops

  • April 30th North Vietnamese reach Saigon

America after vietnam

America After Vietnam

  • Abolishment of draft

  • War Powers Act- said a President must inform Congress within 48 hrs of sending troops into a hostile area w/o declaration of war. War must be declared in 90 days if troops remain there.

  • American’s will have a distrust of the gov. from this point on.

  • 25th Amendment- Presidential Succession

  • 26Th Amendment- lowered voting age to 18

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