ESRI MEAUC, 2009, Bahrain

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Government. Return on the investment made collecting the dataBetter decisionsEvidence based policy makingProbityOpen GovernmentWisdom of crowds. Why make data available to the public?. data. Informed decision making (design). Government. Public. Public. Government2.0eGov was about online form submission, Gov2.0 is about making data available to usersPrivacy protectionA ?duty of care'End user expectationsInteractiveFree (marginal cost should be zero for data providers)Easy

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ESRI MEAUC, 2009, Bahrain

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1. ESRI MEAUC, 2009, Bahrain

2. Return on the investment made collecting the data Better decisions Evidence based policy making Probity Open Government Wisdom of crowds Why make data available to the public?

3. Government2.0 eGov was about online form submission, Gov2.0 is about making data available to users Privacy protection A ‘duty of care’ End user expectations Interactive Free (marginal cost should be zero for data providers) Easy & fast (REST technology) Attractive & fun Challenges of making data available to the public

4. From Jack’s opening address GIS is being deployed as a way to understand and work on a host of problems facing society GIS is key to our future and planning for environmental change Collaboration and data sharing between Government is being enabled by GIS Cloud computing and GIS allowing Govt and citizens to mash-up data creating a geospatial literate society Geoservices using RESTful technology is the next big step in GIS ESRI ArcGIS Online is based in the cloud and is a free service GIS moving from observing the past to designing the future Technology RESTful web services (ArcGIS 9.3 and moving towards 9.4) ArcGIS Online for world base mapping GIS directions

5. Public access to utility data?

6. Public access to health data?

7. Public access to Census data?

8. Consider end user requirements and capabilities

9. Content collaboration (the new way of publishing) Content collaboration by experts Wisdom of crowds Think lots of small comments on specific data elements Google Wave?

10. The cloud - a nice way to handle peak loads Issue with dissemination to the public is unknown demand. Can use Cloud environments (Google App Engine, paid services) to host applications and thus reduce internal hardware loads.

11. Government 2.0, Commonwealth Spatial Data Initiative (CDSI) Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) We have a 3-way mash-up using web services technology from ESRI US, DOTARS and ABS data. Gov2.0– Web Services in action

12. ArcGIS Server 9.3.1 Store specific spatial data Produce the thematic maps dynamically based on the data selection using as equal interval calculation Overlay the thematic map ESRI Web Services technology Mash-up the thematic map with other data supplied by Government Could use: ESRI ArcGIS Server Online Bing Maps Google maps Yahoo Maps Presented through the Space-Time Research SuperVIEW front end ESRI technology integration

13. Thank you, questions?

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