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Stage 37 vocabulary
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Stage 37 Vocabulary. By Prathusha Bethala. Nita, Courtney, Stephanie, and Stefanie. Aestas , aestatis , f. Summer. amplius . More fully, at a greater length. amplissimus, amplissima, amplissimum. Very great. Aurum, auri , n. Gold. Complures , complures , complura. Several.

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Stage 37 Vocabulary

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Stage 37 vocabulary

Stage 37 Vocabulary

By PrathushaBethala

Nita, Courtney, Stephanie, and Stefanie

Aestas aestatis f

Aestas, aestatis, f.




More fully, at a greater length

Amplissimus amplissima amplissimum

amplissimus,amplissima, amplissimum

Very great

Aurum auri n

Aurum, auri, n.


Complures complures complura

Complures, complures, complura


Coniunx coniugis m or f

Coniunx, coniugis, m. or f.

Wife, spouse

Copiae copiarum f pl

Copiae, copiarum, f. pl.

Troops, forces

Culpo culpare culpavi culpatum

Culpo, culpare, culpavi, culpatum


Dignus digna dignum

Dignus, digna, dignum

Worthy, appropriate

Disco discere didici

Disco, discere, didici


Divus diva divum

Divus, diva, divum


Dubito dubitare dubitavi dubitatum

Dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatum

Doubt, hesitate

Elatus elata elatum

Elatus, elata, elatum

Excited, carried away

Exemplum exempli n

Exemplum, exempli, n.


Exercitus exercitus m

Exercitus, exercitus,m.


Fio fieri factus sum

Fio, fieri, factus sum

Become, be made, happen

Inanis inanis inane

Inanis, inanis, inane

Empty, meaningless

Incensus incensa incensum

Incensus, incensa, incensum

Inflamed, angered

Initium initii n

Initium, initii, n,


Invideo invidere invidi invisum dat

Invideo, invidere, invidi, invisum (+dat)

Envy, be jealous of

Obliviscor oblivisci oblitus sum

Obliviscor, oblivisci, oblitus sum


Occasio occasionis f

Occasio, occasionis, f.


Odium odii n

Odium, odii, n.


Patria patriae f

Patria, patriae, f.

Country, homeland



A little

Pertubo perturbare perturbavi perturbatum

Pertubo, perturbare, perturbavi, perturbatum

Alarm, disturb

Praefectus praefecti m

Praefectus, praefecti, m.

Commander (That’s a Jeep Commander)

Proelium proelii n

Proelium, proelii, n.


Revoco recovare revocavi revocatum

Revoco, recovare, revocavi, revocatum

Recall, call back

Satis constat


It is generally agreed

Securus secura securum

Securus, secura, securum

Without a care (They are airheads!)

Validus valida validum

Validus, valida, validum


Stage 37 vocabulary

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