This is Mexico...!!!
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This is Mexico...!!!. Edgar Hermosillo Graduate College OSU, Fall 2006. Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Mexico. Edgar Hermosillo, October2006. Mexico covers an area of 1,964,375 sq. km., 1,959,248 of which are on the mainland and 5,127 of which are islands. . Territory.

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This is Mexico...!!!

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This is Mexico...!!!

Edgar Hermosillo

Graduate College

OSU, Fall 2006

Estados Unidos Mexicanos


Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Mexico covers an area of 1,964,375 sq. km., 1,959,248 of which are on the mainland and 5,127 of which are islands.


There is also an Exclusive Economic Zone of territorial sea comprising 3,149,920 sq. km., meaning that the total area of the country is 5,114,295 sq. km.

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Political Division Map

Mexico comprises 32 states, the capital of which is the Federal District, where the branches of government are located.

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Natural and marvelous Resources

Monarch Butterfly

This species of Butterfly travels of the north of Canada and the West of the United States to hibernate from mid October until the month of March in a natural area protected by the federal government since 1975.

This area is made up of five sanctuaries that are: Cerro Altamirano, Sierra Chincua, Sierra el Campanario, Cerros Chivatí-Huacal y Cerro Pelón, all that placed in Michoacán State and the Estado de México.

At the end of February, the survivors to the hibernación and predators, send itself to the air in search of the sexual connection.

Later it seems to prepare itself for its long trip,, again its instinct has been guiding them for the flowery fields of asclepias in Canada and the United States, indispensable for the development of this species.

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006


  • Mexico has a population of 97,483,412 inhabitants, with an ethnic composition of 60% mestizo, 30% Indian, 9% European and 1% other. (INEGI,2000),

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006


The official language of Mexico is Spanish and it has over 66 Indian languages

The diversity of the Uto-Aztecan languages that are spoken in the Northeast of Mexico shows that their speakers have lived here since a very long time ago.

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Religion dominant: Catholic

Virgin of Guadalupe: Pathern of México and Ibero América

En 1736 In the city of Mexico appeared the called matlazáhuatl plague. It attacked of a special way the natives, But by invoking the Virgin of Guadalupe they saved, and by that, Our Lady of Guadalupe was declaring pattern of the city. .

En 1895, Monsignor Houslmann, Bishop of Cleveland, proposed that the Virgin of Guadalupe was proclaimed Our Lady of America

In December 12th, Our lady of Guadalupe was considered Pattern of Mexico and Iberoamerica



  • the local currency is the Mexican peso.

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Fine Arts Palace

Palacio de Bellas Artes. Cd. De Mexico

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Culture: Dance of South of Mexico

A & P Giberstein

Regional Dance of Oaxaca State, Mexico

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Culture: Dance of North of Mexico

Deer Dance

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006


La Bamba (Veracruz)

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

November 2nd. Deads’s Day

All hallows day, is a mysterious devotion where there is a mixof religious and heathen, the dread and scoff.It is a custom to do songs to the death, or to ridicule she in cartoonsand to eat her in bread.

Skulls f

“Skulls” From: José GuadalupePosada (1852-1913),

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Calendario Azteca

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Chihuahua State (My Home)

Pancho Villa Monument

Basaseachi Fall

Chihuahua Gate

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

I will see you in

Chihuahua, Mexico !!!

Edgar Hermosillo, October2006

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