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Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department

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Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department. Impact of Municipal Police Services on Crime. The approach of the EMPD towards traffic policing, by-law enforcement, crime prevention and safety issues in general. Our Doctrine: “Partnership & Cooperation” Chief of Police –Mr. R. McBride.

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Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police


Impact of Municipal Police

Services on Crime


The approach of the EMPD towards traffic policing, by-law enforcement, crime prevention and safety issues in general. Our Doctrine: “Partnership & Cooperation”Chief of Police –Mr. R. McBride.

law enforcement
Law enforcement.
  • The enforcement of all prescribed legislation is attended to with priority crimes higher on the list.
  • Road traffic legislation.
    • Accident investigation and reconstruction.
  • By-laws.

Crime Prevention Arrests (cont)

Crime Prevention - Recoveries

special operations
Special Operations

Operation Lyttelton

  • 7 Suspects arrested
  • Jewellery to the value of R250 000.00
  • Arms cache consisting of:

1x AK 47

1 x Shotgun

11 x assorted handguns (pistols and revolvers)

Variety of ammunition

Special Taxi Operation - Tokoza

Assisted Gautrans after 9 of their vehicles were damaged by taxi drivers.

  • 9 Taxi Drivers arrested
  • 94 Taxi’s impounded
  • 32 Stolen vehicles recovered
special operations cont
Special Operations (cont)

Crime prevention Operation - Mapleton Small Holdings

Successes: 2 Arrests for Possession of unlicensed firearms

1 Arrest for murder

11 Stolen / Unlicensed / Illegal Firearms recovered

Stolen household appliances recovered – Value R10 000

Stolen SANDF Radios and equipment recovered

Stolen Cameras and equipment recovered

220 Suspected stolen suitcases from JIA

Counterfeit money confiscated

joint operations
Joint Operations
  • Operation WHO
      • Arrest of 40 of the most wanted suspects in conjunction with SAPS


  • ZAAIPLAS CAS09/11/2003
  • BENONI CAS 221/04/2004 CAS 448/04/2004
  • SAP14/127/2004 TEMBISA
  • ID 700614 5588 083
social crime prevention
Social Crime Prevention.
  • The EMPD is involved with a variety of projects within the community to raise awareness of certain crimes.
  • A dedicated Social Crime Prevention Unit has been established.
  • Joint planning and ops with SAPS and other agencies
  • Some of the targeted projects identified are:
social crime programs
Social Crime Programs

School Safety Programme

A Metro wide school safety programme was launched in March 2004.

The purpose is to cascade the programme to Regional and Area (Ward) level.

To encourage effective learning and teaching at schools.

To discourage and educate learners against criminal activities at school level

Community Safety Forum

To implement the review of the White Paper on Safety and Security.

To enhance the implementation of the NCPS on a local municipal sphere.

To encourage integration, cooperation and coordination of all spheres of Government in crime prevention.

Road To Safety

To continuously educate the EMM community of the importance of Road Safety, concentrating on the six (6) pillars of Road To Safety strategy.

To continuously do law enforcement on the six (6) pillars.

To try and reduce road fatalities/accidents on our roads.

Primary School Road Safety Campaign

To educate learners (Pre & Primary schools) on correct road usage to and from schools.

To reduce pedestrian accidents.

social crime cont
Social Crime (cont.)

Demilitarisation Programme

To demilitarise ex-combatants by engaging them in the following programmes:


Involving them in the establishment of SMME’s

Assisting in placing them for employment

To incorporate them in crime prevention initiatives

Launch of Safer City Strategy

To formulate an Integrated Approach in crime prevention in particular

Social Crime Prevention & Environmental Design within the Municipality.

Child Prostitution (New Project)

To reduce the rate of prostitution in our area, which will also assist with the reduction

of child prostitution, HIV/AIDS, child trafficking and substance abuse.

Safety Homes For Street Kids(New Project)

To place street kids in homes where the following may be done:

Get education, health and nutrition.

Re-united with families.

Get counselling and rehabilitation.

Reclaim the streets from criminality.

public liaison
Public Liaison
  • Public Liaison (CPF)
    • The EMPD is actively represented in both Area Boards (East and North Rand)
    • EMPD now receives info from the CPF meetings and management get feedback from the operational personnel.
  • Public Liaison (Taxi associations)
    • Participation in the Transport Coordinating Committee (deals with building of taxi ranks)
    • Establishment of a regional taxi forum which meets once a month and deals with issues at regional level.
    • Established at ACSA – deals with transport operations at JIA
  • Public Liaison (Hostels)
    • Established a good relationship with hostel indunas.

EMPD / SAPS Relationship

  • EMPD attends the following Forums:
    • Provincial Area Board
    • Local Area Board
    • CPF meetings
    • Area meetings
    • Provincial Policing Co-coordinating Committee
    • SAPS station meetings
    • Ward committee meetings
  • EMPD participates in weekly joint cluster operations
mou s
  • MOU with ACSA (Last phase of finalisation)
  • MOU (Reviewed) with METRO’s (Last phase of update)
  • MOU with CI & DS (Finalised)
  • No real time access to SAPS Statistics
  • No access to Morpho touch
  • Non recognition of our rank structure by SAPS
  • Isolated incidents of lack of cooperation fron SAPS commanders
  • MOU with SAPS (CI and DS) finalized but not signed
  • SALGA Central Bargaining Council resolution on Conditions of Service and Disciplinary Code is not conducive to effective policing
  • Non Policing Trade Unions!

All of the above have been brought to the attention of the National Co-ordinating forum for Municipal Policing: Refer Comm M Mmutle

(Partnership Policing)

  • The abovementioned successes are successes that have been achieved in addition to the successes achieved by the SAPS. They are complementary.
  • Municipal/Metro Police are effective force- multipliers, as they were intended.
  • With greater co-ordination, co-operation and integration of planning with the SAPS, this effectiveness can be even further enhanced to the reduction of crime.
  • SALGA Central Bargaining Council Resolution on Conditions of Service and Disciplinary Code should be reviewed. A distinction should be made between policing staff and other local government employees with regard to at the very least, the Disciplinary Code.
  • Disciplinary code for Municipal/Metro Police should be more aligned and linked to that of the SAPS.