Transformation of the Service Business
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Transformation of the Service Business. Operational & Remote Center – sinergies FSS & BAU. Motivation: Very competitive market – hourly rate of competition is 60% less than Siemens. 4 fundamental questions: How can we improve competitiveness?

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Operational & Remote Center – sinergies FSS & BAU

Motivation: Very competitive market – hourly rate of competition

is 60% less than Siemens

4 fundamental questions:

How can we improve competitiveness?

How can we fight against new competitors (FMS, installers)?

How can we intensify our relationship with customers?

How can we generate new business?

Service centre all in the same room the new heart of the service business

Management &

Mobile Services

Value Added

Integrated Processes

Technological Platform that communicate with the installations of our customers

Financial Administration:

Maintenance contracts invoicing.

  • “On call” intervention invoicing

    Product Managers Team

  • Technical support at “high level”

  • Hot Line with HQ

Centralize Services

  • Technical call clarification.

  • Planning of service team.

  • Planning of subcontractors companies for services.

  • Intervention orders

Experts team:

  • Operate the system

  • Detect Faults or malfunctions

  • Give support to the customers

  • Give support to our Technician.

  • Start intervention Process immediate with customer call

  • Detect business opportunities for serv. Sales

  • Do commissioning

Call Center Global Service Industry:

  • Open tickets

  • Route cust. callto the right place

  • Repair process

Mobile ServicesMCompanion

Used by: - 70 technician , - 35 project mgr. - 35 subcontractors

Intro in Global Service Industry in process

Installation type:

  • Fire systems

  • Building Control

  • Energy Efficiency

Service Centre - all in the same room The new Heart of the Service Business!

Knowledge and know how in the same room
Knowledge and know-how in the same room

  • Combine technologies and expert knowledge in the same room allows us:

  • To provide New Business Models (e.g. “Assisted Products”) to provide Added Value Services to our Customers

  • using new technologies & reduce cost with service optimization

HQ Support

Product Managers

Technical Experts

Serv. Mgr.

Finance Admin.


Remote Experts

Challenges of remote service

What are the challenges?

Technical problems and missing documentation from HQ at the beginning

Find a good technician willing to work in the remote service center

No one wanted to be the first to offer a connection

Not integrated in service processes

How do we

tackle them?

Test and document locally all configurations & make pilot installations

Mgt. Decision: Each project with a volume > 20k€ must have a remote connection

Go personally with sales to sell the first connections, Nº of connections in the objectives ...

Promotional packages “for free” for branches and customers

Integrate the remote center completely in the service process

Challenges of Remote Service

Our pillars for implementation to get here …

C u s t o m e r Services

> > > > > > Analysis > > > > > > > > Implementation > > > > >

Pillar i involve key people brainstorming



Pillar I:Involve key people - Brainstorming

What we did:

- Simplify

- Accelerate

- Unify

- Normalize

- Automate

- Modernize

- Meet deadlines

- Meet requirements

„Analysis and revision of the processes


- Spiridon

- Synergies

- Technologies

- Existing Corp. Tools

- Communication Tools

- Knowledge

- Analysis

- Monitoring

- Statistics

„Analysis and revision of the available tools”



Pillar II:SERVOR Process AnalysisIdentified Improvement Levers to allow prioritization

Remote Service



Application of Mobile Front-end

with Real-time Task management


… Mio €

Lead management &

Incentive system


Total average annual

gross savings (DI2)

Subcontractor Management

… Mio €

Improve clarification

Total average annual

additional sales (DI2)


Financial control


Calculated lever

Implementation of

Planning and Dispatching Tool(s)

Enabler/not calculated

Prioritized lever

Standard procedures

and work instructions

Average annual

gross savings

Integrated service management

information system

Average annual

additional sales



Strong impact customersatisfaction


Pillar iii remote business plan supported by hq goal



PillarIII: Remote Business Plan supported by HQ - Goal

Internal Benefits

  • Increased service efficiency through:

    • Improved service processes

    • Optimized commissioning processes

External Benefits

  • Generate additional sales through:

    • Extended service level in the classical re-active service business

    • Additional services, like pro-active monitoring, service reports, energy services

  • Gain a more intensive customer retention

Pillar VI: New technologies  Bye, bye paperIntegration in Spiridon, Mobile solution, HR-System & Sharepoint

Transfer / Generate electronic information



Pillar VII: Integrated Mobile Services & installed base& push Integration into Industry Sector

Tecn. clarification

Administration and Dispatching

Call Center

Global Service


… allows on-time management with-out paper of:

Preventive Maintenance Checklists


Service Reporting

Hours & Travel Expenses

Material, Spare-Part and car stock






d. C.








Dispatch Centre





Actual Oct 2011:3 centros

PillarVIII: Operation Centre allow centralization, remote & energy services (Reducing dispatching centers from 9 to 1)



  • Serv. Mgr. from branches

    converted to service sales

Pillar ix maximize efficiency roc also the heart for energy solutions services
PillarIX: Maximize Efficiency!ROC, also the heart for energy solutions & services

Allows Green Consulting

Support Energy efficient solutions

Efficiency Monitoring

Building Performance Optimization

Make Green Migration possible

Energy Saving Performance Contracting



PillarXI: “Assisted Products” Business Models to create Added ValueExample: Partner – Customer relation in a win-win-win situation


(e.g. Hotels, etc.)


Direct contact to customer

Preventive maintenance




Support how to operate the system

Lease material for remote connections (with contract at now cost)

Partner(e.g. FMS, installer, VAP, etc.

Frame contracts (discounts, spare parts, etc.)


Operation support

Technical support (revisions, problems, changes, spare parts extensions, optimization, energy reduction, detector exchange, SW up-date, etc.)

Regular reports (operations y energetic)

Revisions from Operation Centre with on-site combinations

Configuration Back-up


Information about changes

Buys material Siemens for repair, extensions, migrations, etc.

Pillar xiii benefits for customer and siemens
Pillar XIII:Benefits for Customer and Siemens


  • Chooses us as preferred supplier

  • Problems are solved fast & easy. Saves costs in avoiding technician interventions on site in the case they are not included in SA

  • No paper storing needed

  • Perceives that we are available for him not only for the preventive maintenance

  • This type of service he can not receive from another provider

  • Image (Innovative, Modern, ….)

  • Fast Respond time & have always an expert available

  • Taking care of installation in continued manner (operational and energetic optimization)

  • Professional, electronic and on-time documentation

  • Improve understanding of costumer needs

  • Customer receives & perceives Added Values

  • Strengthen relationship between customer and Siemens