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Japan limits western contacts
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Japan Limits Western Contacts. Setting the stage: 1467-1568: “Warring States” period. Daimyo: warrior-chieftains who employed samurai The daimyos fought each other for control of the country. First Attempts at Unification. Oda Nobunaga: seized the imperial capital Kyoto

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Japan Limits Western Contacts

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Japan limits western contacts

Japan Limits Western Contacts

  • Setting the stage:

    • 1467-1568: “Warring States” period.

    • Daimyo: warrior-chieftains who employed samurai

    • The daimyos fought each other for control of the country

First attempts at unification

First Attempts at Unification

  • Oda Nobunaga: seized the imperial capital Kyoto

    • Used firearms effectively during battle for the first time in Japan

    • Committed seppuku after betrayed by his own general.

Japan limits western contacts

  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi: Nobunaga’s best general

    • Through force and alliances he controlled most of Japan

    • He invaded Korea and began long campaign against Korea and Ming dynasty in China

    • Died without being victorious

Tokugawa shogunate

Tokugawa Shogunate

  • Tokugawa Ieyasu: ally of Hideyoshi who unified Japan

    • Defeated enemies at the Battle of Sekigahara.

    • Became shogun (leader) of Japan

    • Moved his capital to Edo, which later became Tokyo

Japan limits western contacts

  • Reforms:

    • Forced daimyo to spend every other year in Tokyo

    • Had to leave their family in Edo as hostages

    • Result was rule of law over rule by sword

Tokugawa society

Tokugawa Society

  • Peace meant greater production of food.

  • Merchants class became rich but peasant farmers still led difficult lives.

Japan limits western contacts

  • Confucian ideas were important in Japan but led to different results than in China

    • Farmers were heavily taxed, and people flocked to cities

    • Cities grew, and Edo’s population was greater than one million in 1600.

Japan limits western contacts

  • Culture:

    • Kabuki: elaborate costumes, dance, mime concerned with urban life

    • Haiku: poetry that presented ideas. It had a very particular structure.

      • Basho: greatest Haiku poet.

Japan and europe

Japan and Europe

  • 1543: Portuguese sailors wash up onto Japan. Japan is interested in the outsiders.

    • Portuguese traders bring eyeglasses, tobacco, and clocks to Japanese markets

    • Daimyo were interested in European firearms and cannons.

Japan limits western contacts

  • Christian missionaries arrived alongside merchants

    • Francis Xavier: led the first mission to convert Japanese

    • The missionaries were successful: 300,000 converts by 1600.

Japan limits western contacts

  • Ieyasu reacts to the success by banning Christianity in 1612.

  • In 1637 there was a rebellion by peasants against the government

    • Many of the peasants were Christians therefore the government persecuted Christians eliminated the religion in Japan.

Closed country policy

Closed Country Policy

  • Japan eventually closes off their country to outsiders

    • One port (Nagasaki) is left open to Chinese and Dutch ships

    • Japanese government has monopoly on foreign trade

    • This isolation exists for over 200 years

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