Biodiesel initiatives in alabama
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ADECA. Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. BIODIESEL INITIATIVES IN ALABAMA. ADECA-EWT Promotion of Biodiesel. Agriculture Energy Program - Grants for demonstration projects - Annual Agriculture Energy Conference Alternative Transportation Fuels Taskforce

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Biodiesel initiatives in alabama


Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs


Adeca ewt promotion of biodiesel

ADECA-EWT Promotion of Biodiesel

  • Agriculture Energy Program

    - Grants for demonstration projects

    - Annual Agriculture Energy Conference

  • Alternative Transportation Fuels Taskforce

    - Stakeholder synergy

    - Legislation

  • Regional Workshops

Biodiesel for alabama farmers

2003 Agriculture Energy Program Grant for Tanks and Fuel

Farmer acceptance

Media campaign – “Harvesting it’s Own Fuel”

Biodiesel for Alabama Farmers

Eufaula biodiesel project

Eufaula Biodiesel Project

  • Recycled Vegetable Oil - Free

  • 20,000 -25,000 gallons per year

  • Potential 120,000 gal per year

  • $.75 per gallon exclusive of labor cost

  • Seeking ASTM fuel certification

  • Hurricane supply

Alabama biodiesel corporation

Alabama Biodiesel Corporation

  • Reclaimed Brownfield – Old Eastman Chemical Plant

  • DOE Special Projects Grant

  • Refinement of Production Process

  • Current Production: 24,000 gal/day

  • VIP – Quality and Consistency!

  • Exceeding ASTM and European Standards

Alabama department of corrections

Alabama Department of Corrections

  • Currently houses approximately 26,000 inmates in 34 facilities across the state

  • Kitchens in these facilities consume 1M lbs of vegetable oil

  • Half ends up as waste vegetable oil (WVO)

  • ADECA Agriculture Energy Program grant to establish biodiesel production project

  • Biodiesel will fuel Correctional Industries trucks and farm equipment

  • Significant cost savings to the state

Biodiesel initiatives in alabama

Problem: Oil & grease in sewer lines causes blockages leading to sewer spills and complicates treatment process when present in influent

Daphne Utilities’ Oil Recycling Program in place for over 2 years but DU must still dispose of this oil and grease.

Rising fuel costs and availability during disasters is a major concern

The Answer: BIODIESEL from Recycled Cooking Oil

A partnership Between Daphne Utilities and

Biodiesel initiatives in alabama

  • Biodiesel pilot plant operational for nearly 10 months

  • In-house market for the fuel – utility and city vehicles and equipment

  • Cleaner air with fewer emissions

  • Reliable fuel for emergency generators

  • The main by-products of biodiesel production (glycerin) is made into decorative soaps and used in their “Green” recycling education efforts to children

Precision agriculture another method to reduce diesel emissions

Precision Agriculture:Another Method to Reduce Diesel Emissions

  • GPS Systems for tractors and farm equipment

  • Reduce overlap and time in the field

Biodiesel initiatives in alabama

The piece of equipment that can increase energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and improve air quality for our citizens by reducing diesel emissions is…

Biodiesel initiatives in alabama

Alabama Oil Rig

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