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Introduction. Thomson Chan Rosaryhill School 3698-3585. Depository of Curriculum-based Learning and T 2 eaching resources. Depository of Curriculum-based Learning and Teaching resources.

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Thomson Chan

Rosaryhill School


Depository of curriculum based learning and t 2 eaching resources

Depository of Curriculum-based Learning and T2eaching resources

Depository of curriculum based learning and teaching resources

Depository of Curriculum-based Learning and Teaching resources

Online learning & teaching tools (All subjects)

E learning tools

E-learning Tools

Selection criteria

Selection Criteria

  • Free version is available

  • Cross Platform

    • Support Desktop (Software / Browser)

    • Support both Android and IOS

  • Easy to use

  • Provided by Reputable Company

Pros and cons of online applications

Pros and Cons of Online applications

  • Pros:

    • Cross platform.

    • Work with browser.

    • Data are store in the cloud.

    • Less problems in software installation.

    • Access anywhere and anytime with Internet access.

Pros and cons of online applications1

Pros and Cons of Online applications

  • Cons:

    • Security Risk.

    • May occupied certain bandwidth.

    • The Provider may closed the service.

More related edb courses

More related EDB courses

  • Social Networking (Edmodo & ELGG)

    • 1 session for Edmodo

    • 1 session for ELGG

  • Cloud Storage - Office 365 (SkyDrive)

Use online applications in mobile devices

Use online applications in mobile devices

  • Different Platform may have different functions and different user Interface.

  • In General, in mobile devices, use apps is more efficient than using browser.

Cloud storage

Cloud Storage

  • Comparison tables in e-zone magazine (personal use)

  • SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox

Cloud storage school use

Cloud Storage – School Use

  • Microsoft and Google provides free school accounts

    • Microsoft Office 365 (Sky Drive)

    • Google Apps for Education (Google Drive)

    • You have to verify you are the domain owner of a domain

  • OwnCloud – Open source software

    • Install in your own server.

Admin console of google apps

Admin Console of Google Apps



  • Better Control as accounts are owned by school.

  • Separate account for L&T

  • Set Different Services for different group of user.

  • Shutdown Google Chrome Synin student group

Features of google drive

Features of Google Drive

  • Synchronous with your Desktop Computer (installation of software is needed)

  • Google Docs

    • can be opened with a browser or mobile apps.

    • Support Multiple Edit for collaboration

    • View History of Docs.

Other useful features in google apps

Other useful features in Google Apps

  • Google Site

    • Alternative for building web sites

  • Google Calendar

  • As a open ID for using other non-Google services e.g. Mindmeister.

  • Youtube Service (enable in admin console)

Hands on practice step 1

Hands-on Practice: Step 1

  • Go to

  • Login Google

Hands on practice step 2

Hands-on Practice: Step 2

  • Upload any word file in your computer (required for 1st login only)

Hands on practice step 3

Hands-on Practice: Step 3

  • Click “與我共用”–PDP

Hands on practice step 4

Hands-on Practice: Step 4

  • Open Google_1 and Edit the document

Hands on practice step 5 view history

Hands-on Practice: Step 5: View History

Hands on practice step 6

Hands-on Practice: Step 6:

  • Create a document under the folder PDP

Hands on practice step 7 edit the document

Hands-on Practice: Step 7: Edit the document

  • Edit the document

Hands on practice step 8 share setting

Hands-on Practice: Step 8: Share setting

  • Login