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For Serbia, December 2009 Columbus AcadiMake Group – Serbia thinking & making

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For Serbia, December 2009 Columbus AcadiMake Group – Serbia thinking & making - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For Serbia, December 2009 Columbus AcadiMake Group – Serbia thinking & making With companies – for companies: creating new markets worldwide. Agenda. Columbus . Vision Serbia. Promoting networks. Columbus AcadiMake Group - Serbia. The Columbus idea.

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For Serbia, December 2009

Columbus AcadiMake Group – Serbia

thinking & making

With companies – for companies: creating new markets worldwide



Vision Serbia

Promoting networks

Columbus AcadiMake Group - Serbia

the columbus idea
The Columbus idea

Student run organization dedicated to promoting

corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Promotion, design, and active participation in

sustainable and efficient new ways of investing

Focus regions: Arabia, Southern Africa, Southern

Asia, Southeast Europe, and Central Asia


Focus countries 2010: Angola, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh,

Libya, and Serbia

Practice-orientated R&D in cooperation with the leading

nationally acclaimed organizations

Development of an international network of the most

important people, companies, and organizations

with companies for companies
With companies – for companies
  • … for companies
  • networking
  • consulting
  • new platform for business: Columbus Symposium
  • With companies…
  • build on existing networks
  • exchange of experiences
  • build up new business branches
creating new standards
Creating New Standards

It is our proclaimed goal to encourage sustainable and efficient ecological, economical, and social growth and to eventually realize it together with strong partners






columbus strategy
Columbus Strategy

Project developement




most important partners
Most important partners


Economic Network

Senat der Wirtschaft


University of Applied Sciences

Bund für Wirtschaftsförderung und Außenwirtschaft



Hans Harrer

Masco Consulting

columbus symposium
Columbus Symposium

Presentation of the student-

organized market analyses

Columbus Symposium

FH Salzburg



„One-on-one meetings“

Acclaimed international speakers

„High potential“ students

International networking

Working groups

Presentation of the developed project concepts


Vision Serbia - introduction

The Vision Serbia Initiative is a joint program between the Columbus Symposium,

the Global Economic Network (GEN) and the Austrian Senate of Economics to promote

sustainable and socially responsible growth by focussing on three areas in Serbia:

  • Investment in modern infrastructure especially renewable and decentralised energy
  • Promoting new and diversified knowledge based industries
  • Enhancing exports to fast growing frontier markets

...with the help of European investment and stronger international cooperation of Serbia.

promoting networks
Promoting networks

The Vision



columbus platform gen soe
Columbus Platform, GEN, SOE

Columbus Platform

  • founded in 2008
  • 5 new focus countries each year
  • Three pillars: research, networking, consulting

Global Economic Network

  • Founded in 2006
  • Present in Germany, Austria, South Africa, Bulgaria and more under developement

Senate of Economics Serbia

  • Will be founded in the beginning of 2010
  • To create a professional meeting point for industry, politics and international business in Bangladesh
  • Four meetings per year hosted for business and political leaders
  • Various contemporary topics to encourage discussion and initiatives about the economic and social development of Serbia e.g.: renewable energy
columbus acadimake group
Columbus AcadiMake Group
  • Located in futurekeymarkets
  • Teams consistoflocaltalents
  • Strong national networksthroughlocal Senate of Economics

Operations Headquarter Munich

Headquarter Salzburg

  • Competences:
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Legal advice
  • Networking
  • Buisnessplanning
  • Project developement

The Columbus AcadiMake Group will beownedbythe Columbus Foundation

  • 5 new countries eachyear

Columbus AcadiMake Group – Research areas

These are the current research topics:

  • Future Outlook of Serbia`s economy and lucrative areas to invest for central European companies
  • Banking & Finance in the focused countries
  • Business opportunities for the health industry in the focused markets
  • Concept for the tourism industry in Bangladesh
  • Concept for the tourism industry in Angola
  • Low cost housing concept for Bangladesh
  • Future city- & infrastructure concept for Bangladesh

Columbus main goal is to connect fast growing markets with each other and the European Union.

Therefore many research activities are trying to speed up these processes by identifying potential partnerships between nations and organizations.


Columbus AcadiMake Group - Serbia

The first competence fields of the Serbian

division will be:

  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Renewable energy
  • Investment planning (for Serbia)
  • Cartography
  • Networking (Management of the Senate of Economics and Columbus Serbia section)

The Quality Management and the on-the-job

training will be provided by Academy Consult in


The Serbian subdivision of the CAG will be founded in January 2010. It will be the operations headquarter of the CAG for Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.


Columbus AcadiMake Group - Serbia

Team members will have mainly three work areas.

1. Research

Research is the fundament of all consulting

work. Therefore regular research activities

are a must for each team member. The results of

the research activities will be published in reports

and presented at conferences like the Columbus

Symposium or the Senate of Economics meetings.

2. Organisation & internal management work

A good internal organization is vital for

excellent consulting jobs. Furthermore team

members can gain practical management


3. External Consulting & project developement

This work will include analyses and projects

for customers. The payment is connected to

the project size (hourly).


Columbus AcadiMake Group – Project teams

The team members for external consulting projects are selected by the country section management. Each team member`s work will be rated, giving the management a clear and fair basis for future team member selections.

Project teams are consisting of up to five persons.

The team manager is the highest position within the project group and is selected upon his or her performance record.

your career path at the columbus acadimake group
Your career path at the Columbus Acadimake Group
  • What are the requirements
  • for aspirants at the CAG?
  • At least two semesters of a Bachelor degree
  • Letter of Motivation
  • CV
  • References
  • As an aspirant you will be challenged within
  • several research tasks and as a team
  • member of a consulting group.
  • Furthermore you will get several small tasks
  • and trainings.
  • We are looking for new team members
  • especially in the following areas: HR, Marketing,
  • Renewable energy, Networking and CRM

Another projects we are working on

Facts about Angola:

Since 2002, Angola is politically stable with the

first democratic elections held in 2008. Angola is

an important recipient of equipment and supply,

most of all targeted for investments in the


Economic keyindicators:

• Angola’s economic growth is largely influenced by the petroleum sector. It is the second largest oil exporting country to the United States of America.

  • GDP has not reached the 13.2 % from 2008 due to the international crisis, but is expected to accelerate again in 2010
  • Second fastest growing economy in Africa (18% in 2005, 26% in 2006 and 17.6% in 2007)
  • The Vision Angola Initiative:
  • Same structure like The Vision Bangladesh Initiative
  • Also focusing on city development (next to Luanda), infrastructure and new industries (e.g.: modern agriculture)


  • Columbus will sustainably grow:

50 developing markets in 10 years

  • B2B & B2C marketing and commercialization opportunities through the national Columbus-coordinated Economic Senates

„The economy has long been functioning globally! Austria has taken its chances in the East – what comes next – for the next generation?“

–Patron Dr. Erhard Busek former Austrian Vice-Chancellor