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Transliteration: ʿq sound: “ahq” object: kind of bird Gardner: G35 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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}. Transliteration: ʿq sound: “ahq” object: kind of bird Gardner: G35. Ï. Transliteration: wḏ sound: “wej” object: ? Gardner: V24. ï. Transliteration: wn sound: “wen” object: ? Gardner: M42. w. Transliteration: b3 sound: “bah” object: jabiru bird Gardner: G29. 5.

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Presentation Transcript


Transliteration q sound ahq object kind of bird gardner g35
Transliteration: ʿqsound: “ahq” object: kind of birdGardner: G35

Transliteration wd sound wej object gardner v24
Transliteration: wḏsound: “wej” object: ?Gardner: V24

Transliteration wn sound wen object gardner m42
Transliteration: wnsound: “wen” object: ?Gardner: M42


Transliteration b3 sound bah object jabiru bird gardner g29
Transliteration: b3sound: “bah” object: jabiru birdGardner: G29


Transliteration bh sound beh object elephant tusk gardner f18
Transliteration: bḥsound: “beḥ” object: elephant tuskGardner: F18

or ¸

Transliteration p3 sound pah object duck flying or landing gardner g40 g41
Transliteration: p3sound: “pah” object: duck flying or landingGardner: G40, G41


Transliteration pr sound per object house gardner o1
Transliteration: prsound: “per” object: houseGardner: O1


Transliteration m3 sound mah object sickle gardner u1
Transliteration: m3sound: “mah” object: sickleGardner: U1

Transliteration mi sound miy mee object milk jug in net gardner w19
Transliteration: misound: “miy, mee” object: milk jug in netGardner: W19

Transliteration mn sound men object game board gardner y5
Transliteration: mnsound: “men” object: game boardGardner: Y5


Transliteration mr sound mer object hoe gardner u6
Transliteration: mrsound: “mer” object: hoeGardner: U6


Transliteration mr sound mer object chisel gardner u23
Transliteration: mrsound: “mer” object: chiselGardner: U23

Transliteration mh sound meh object whip gardner v22
Transliteration: mḥsound: “meḥ” object: whipGardner: V22


Transliteration ms sound mes object three skins tied gardner f31
Transliteration: mssound: “mes”object: three skins tiedGardner: F31


Transliteration mt sound met object vulture gardner g14
Transliteration: mtsound: “met”object: vultureGardner: G14

Transliteration mt sound met object phallus gardner d52
Transliteration: mtsound: “met”object: phallusGardner: D52

Transliteration nw sound new noo object bowl gardner w24
Transliteration: nwsound: “new, noo”object: bowlGardner: W24