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Focus To pay close attention (verb ) Synonym: center, concentrate, emphasis PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Destruction Terrible damage (noun ) Synonym: damage, devastation Related Words: destroy (verb) – to break apart. Major Very large or important (adjective ) Synonym: important, main, key; Antonym: Minor Related Words: Major (noun) military officer or division of something (Major League Baseball).

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Focus To pay close attention (verb ) Synonym: center, concentrate, emphasis

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DestructionTerrible damage(noun)Synonym: damage, devastationRelated Words: destroy (verb) – to break apart

MajorVery large or important(adjective)Synonym: important, main, key; Antonym: MinorRelated Words: Major (noun) military officer or division of something (Major League Baseball)

PreventTo stop from happening(verb)Synonym: Stop, avoid; Antonym: Cause, permitRelated Words: prevention (noun) to act of stopping something

RecoveryThe process of getting back to normal(noun)Synonym: healing, mendingRelated Words: Recover (verb) – return to former state

SevereVery bad or serious(adjective)Synonym: harsh, serious, strong, brutal, strictAntonym: weak, mild, gentleRelated Words: Severity (noun) - strictness

FocusTo pay close attention(verb)Synonym: center, concentrate, emphasis


was greater than (verb)

Synonym: go beyond, surpass, top

Increase To make or get larger(verb)Synonym: enlarge, boostAntonym: decrease

IntensityGreat strength or extreme degree (adjective)Synonym: power, greatness, forceRelated Words: intense (adj) – strong feelings

Degree A unit of measurement(noun)Synonym: amount, scale, measure

MetallicMade of metal(adjective)Synonym: tinny

Abandon To leave behind(verb)Synonym: desert, relenquishRelated Words: abandonment (noun)

EvacuateTo leave due to an emergency(verb)Synonym: leave, abandonRelated Words: evacuation (noun)

Cycle A sequence of events that repeats itself(noun)synonym: rotation, series

Moistdamp(adjective)Synonym: soggy, clammy, humidAntonym: dry

ComplicateTo make difficult(verb)Synonym: confuse, “make matters worse”*add suffix –ion to make a nouncomplication

ConstructTo build by putting together(verb)Synonym: build, assemble, create*Add suffix –ion to make a nounconstruction

EducateTo provide with information(verb) Synonym: teach, inform, instruct* add suffix –ion to make a nouneducation

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