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21 st Century Learning 101. Kathy Klock Persing Consultant. Kevin Pyatt, Ph.D . Eastern Washington University. Word Mash. Introduce yourselves to members at your table Open the envelopes View the samples of words and propose examples Arrange the words in a logical fashion.

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21 st century learning 101
21st Century Learning 101

Kathy KlockPersing


Kevin Pyatt, Ph.D.

Eastern Washington University

Word mash
Word Mash

  • Introduce yourselves to members at your table

  • Open the envelopes

  • View the samples of words and propose examples

  • Arrange the words in a logical fashion.


  • Kathy KlockPersing

    • Consultant

    • [email protected]

  • Kevin Pyatt

    • Eastern Washington University

    • Assistant Professor

    • [email protected]

Microsoft Partners In Learning (PIL) & Washington State Govenor

Expectations objectives

  • To investigate the origins and significance of 21st Century Learning

  • To acquaint participants with 21st Century Learning Frameworks

  • To explore how 21st Century Skills can be applied to a variety of settings (e.g., classrooms, schools, districts, and universities).


  • Entry Task - transitions

  • Generations

  • 3 Frameworks

  • Scenarios

  • Mileguide & Insta-audit Assessments

  • Video Examples of 21st Century Learning

  • Web Tools

Word mash1
Word Mash

What technological changes do you suppose are responsible facilitating the formation of the information-age?

With respect to change processes within organizations, what ideas might you have regarding challenges faced in shifting from industrial-age paradigms to information-age paradigms?

Generational characteristics
Generational Characteristics

Oblinger & Oblinger, 2005)

A vision of students today 2 857 168 views 12 05 08
A Vision of Students Today(2,857,168 views 12/05/08)


Three 21 st century frameworks
Three 21st Century Frameworks

  • A “Framework” is a basic conceptual structure used to solve or address complex issues ~wikipedia

    • 21st Century Skills

    • Ian Jukes

    • enGauge

  • Comparative table

Three 21 st century frameworks1
Three 21st Century Frameworks

Framework for 21 st century learning
Framework for 21st Century Learning

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

21 st century student outcomes skills
21st Century Student Outcomes/Skills

  • Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes

  • Learning and Innovation Skills

    • Creativity and innovation Skills

    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

    • Communication and Collaboration Skills

  • Information, Media and Technology Skills

    • Information Literacy, Media Literacy, ICT Literacy

  • Life and Career Skills

    • Flexibility & Adaptability

    • Initiative & Self-direction

    • Social & Cross-Cultural Skills

    • Productivity & Accountability

    • Leadership and Responsibility

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

21 st century student outcomes skills1
21st Century Student Outcomes/Skills

  • 21st Century Standards

  • Assessment of 21st Century Skills

  • 21st Century Curriculum and Instruction

  • 21st Century Professional Development

  • 21st Century Learning Environments

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

21 st century student outcomes skills2
21st Century Student Outcomes/Skills

  • 21st Century Skills State Initiatives

  • Iowa

  • Kansas

  • Maine

  • Massachusetts

  • New Jersey

  • North Carolina

  • South Dakota

  • West Virginia

  • Wisconsin

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Ian jukes the committed sardine
Ian Jukes – the committed sardine

21 st century intelligence
21st Century “Intelligence”

  • Intelligence (Distributed, Collective, Swarm, Emergent)

  • “The group is smarter than the sum of the members.”

  • Example(s): Flocking behavior, schooling behavior

Ian jukes the committed sardine1
Ian Jukes – the committed sardine




  • Review scenarios

  • Pose plausible solutions

  • Share solutions with others


Scenarios revisited
Scenarios (revisited)

  • Review scenarios

  • Pose plausible solutions

  • Share solutions with others


Where are we in the 21st century landscape
Where are we in the 21st Century Landscape?

  • Assessing where we are now

  • Assessing our readiness for change

  • Useful tools in facilitating evaluation process:

    • 21st Century our readiness

      • Online Mile Guide (example provided on handout) http://www.21stcenturyskills.org

    • Ian Jukes

      • Insta-Audit (example provided on handout) http://web.mac.com/iajukes/thecommittedsardine/Handouts.html

21 st century classsrooms example 1 games as assessment
21st Century Classsrooms(Example 1 – Games as assessment)


21 st century classrooms example 2 competition cooperation collaboration
21st Century Classrooms (Example 2 – Competition, Cooperation, Collaboration)


21 st century learning tools
21st Century Learning Tools

  • Tools that facilitate creation of 21st Century learning environments… creating, sharing, collaboration

  • WikiSpaces

    • GetTheLeadOut example

  • WebStart Tools

    • Classroom example (Ashley Johnson ~ Teacher candidate)

  • Weblogs (“Blogs”)

    • Classroom example (Barb Miller ~ Instructional Coach)

    • Classroom example (Emily Audet ~ Grad. Student)

  • More Web 2.0 tools at: futurelearningnow.blogspot.com


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  • http://www.edutopia.org/video [A good website for videos on 21st Century Learning]

  • http://www.21stcenturyskills.org/ [Home website for Partnership for 21st Century Skills]

  • http://www.21stcenturyskills.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=68&Itemid=60 [Assessment tool]

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