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Are You Sleeping in Sytle? Check out these Flexible Options - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Everyone knows that sleep is a very important aspect of your life, and it is a fact that to be a healthy adult you need seven to nine hours sleep a night. In this document we discuss a couple of the flexible options available in our collection. Visit

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Are you Sleeping in Style? – Check Out

These Flexible Options

Everyone knows that sleep is a very important

aspect of your life, and it is a fact that to be a

healthy adult you need seven to nine hours

sleep a night. That many hours can be difficult

to fit in, especially if you have a busy

schedule, work, caring for your family,

socialising, etc. There are a few ways that you

can make your sleeping pattern better, one of

them being what you sleep on. Are you

sleeping in style and comfort? Well, if not, or

if you fancy an upgrade carry on reading to

find out the flexible sleeping options that

Shopisfy offer.

Z Beds

Z Beds can be used as a sofa, chair, single or

double bed making them highly practical if

you have guests around. Available in 12 great

colours including black, blue, yellow and pink

you are sure to make our Z Beds fit the design

of your room. Each of our Z Beds are made

with quality foam filling and 100% cotton

making them fantastic for children as you

don’t have the risk of them hurting

themselves on materials such as wood. On

that note, if you happen to have any spillages

on the Z Bed then don’t worry as the cover

can easily be removed and is machine



Futons feature a simple but attractive design

as well as being highly practical. They have a

practical application which combines the need

to have a sofa and a bed in the same space.

Futons are a great piece of furniture for kids

as it makes small living spaces more functional

and allows your kids to have a sofa in their

room as well as a double bed that they can

use when their friends come over for a

sleepover. As well as being great for children’s

bedrooms our fantastic range of futons can

also be used in a spare room, games room or

office perfect for gatherings with your friends

and family. They are made with a sturdy

wooden frame with a mattress that is made of

100% high quality cotton. All our mattresses

are easy to remove and are machine washable

making spillages easier to deal with. Our futon

mattresses come in a variety of different sizes

including one to three seaters and are

available in a wide range of colours. So, if you

decide that you want to change your colour

theme then you can simply

just replace the mattress.

To Conclude…

All our Z Beds and futons are made with high

quality materials and are available in double

and single sizes to suit your family’s needs. On

our website, you can find everything you need

for a futon or a Z bed including the

mattresses, mattress covers and even roll up

mattresses if you aren’t planning on using it

all the time. So, do you like the sound of our

funky but practical sleeping options? If the

answer is yes, then head over to our

collection now where you can find out more

about our fantastic sleeping options and make

a purchase that you are guaranteed not to


Shopisfy Ltd.

7 St. James Place



B7 4JE

United Kingdom