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Game on China. Pick your game piece No outside sources allowed No talking unless it is your turn. Who is considered to be China’s most influential scholar?. Confucius.

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Game on China

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Game on China

Pick your game piece

No outside sources allowed

No talking unless it is your turn

Who is considered to be China’s most influential scholar?


Confucius believed that all social harmony could be restored in China if China were organized around 5 basic _____________________


Three of Confucius’s relationships were based upon family. Who is one of these family relationships between?

Father and sonhusband and wifeolder brother and younger brother

What is filial piety?

Respect for parents and ancestors

What is the belief that the natural order is more important than the social order and that a universal force guides all things?


Who founded Daoism/Taoism?

Lao Tzu

What is the concept that the universe must balance itself?

Yin and Yang

What is the belief that the disobedient should be harshly punished and the obedient should be richly rewarded?


What type of government has unlimited power and may use it in an arbitrary manner?


What dynasty restored order to the warring states and for the first time unified China?

Qin Dynasty

Which dynasty was China named after?


What did Confucius believe was so important that it could even turn a humbly born man into a gentleman?


What does the Dao mean?

The way

What did Shi Huangdi begin building in order to protect China from invaders?

The Great Wall of China

Why did Chinese scholars hate Emperor Shi Huangdi?

Either answer is acceptable1. He had hundreds of Confucian scholars murdered or2. He had books burned that disagreed with his legalist theories.

Which dynasty ruled China for over 400 years and was first ruled by Liu Bang?

Han Dynasty

What type of government did Liu Bang establish? (Hint: a central authority controls the running of a state)

Centralized Government

When Liu Bang died his son became emperor , but in name only. Who really ruled the dynasty until their death?

His wifeEmpress Lu (either answer)

Who did the Chinese believe was a link between heaven and earth and ruled by divine authority?

The Emperor

In order to obtain government jobs in the Han dynasty, people had to take a test to determine the applicants knowledge of what? (It is based upon a philosopher)

The teachings of Confucius

What were the 2 periods under the Han Dynasty called?

The former or western Han Dynasty and the Later or Eastern Han Dynasty

What is the name of the trail or road that traders used to cross Asia

Silk Road

Why was the road called the silk road?

Because traders could make a fortune carrying Chinese silk to the west.

How did the Han dynasty regain power from Wang Mang?

Mang was assassinated after flooding killed thousands and left millions homeless.

What is the most significant virtue in a family?

Filial Piety

Does Confucianism believe in social order rather than chaos?


The official belief system of the Han Dynasty


Confucianismis similar to LegalismTrue or false


The Qin Dynasty followed the teachings of Confucius?True or false


Which belief would most likely go with this statement……Humans are prone to evil and therefore cannot be trusted?Legalism or Confucianism


The Great wall of china isa barrier that runs across northern ChinaTrue or false


Achievements of the Qin dynasty werea network of roads, water system with canals, irrigation system for farming and the great wall


Shi Huangdi ordered books to be burned that didn't agree with him


Confucius was a Persian teacher and philosopher

False…he was Chinese

Confucius wrote many books of his teachings?

False…it is believed that his students wrote his books

Taoism was based on writings ofa Chinese thinker named Lao Tzu


Liu Bang claimed the mandate of heaven and started the Han Dynasty. He lowered taxes and his philosophy was ConfucianismTrue or False


Ban Zhao wrote a book of behavior called The Way?

False…it was called Lessons for a WomanThe Way is what Taoism means, which was created by Lao Tzu

The belief of Confucian Philosophy was that if people were taught how to behave properly, order and peace would follow.


According to the mandate of heaven if a ruler failed to maintain harmony & order the people had a right to rebelTrue or false


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