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Bearstone Motorsport presents. ”Le-Peu”. …our rally team = your marketing. Local rally team with large ambitions

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…our rally team = your marketing

Local rally team with large ambitions

  • Our rally team has a vision – we want to expose local businesses to the rally audience all over Denmark. In the late 1980ies Fredensborg was a well-known town in the rally sport – we want it to be that way again.
  • The team owner Palle Bjørnsten used to be half the aforementioned rally team in Fredensborg as second driver for his father, Peter Bjørnsten. After several years of motor sports in other places, the Fredensborg team has been reborn, now with ”Junior” as the manager and driver.
  • Fredensborg is located here

Bearstone Motorsport


…our rally team= your marketing

- At Bearstone Motorsport we are convinced that future marketing can and should be carried out in alternative and untraditional ways. One of the increasingly used ways is to brand a company through motor sports. The interest for rally is rapidly increasing these days!

  • It is with that background that we would like to offer your company the opportunity to market itself in motor sports, via our rally car, our homepage, our press releases and newsletters. Our homepage is not only visited by people interested in motor sports, but also by ”ordinary” people. That is why the marketing need not be aimed at a very small target group, but rather a large one. One of our aims for the next season is to increase the target group even more.

Bearstone Motorsport


…our rally team = your marketing

- Our current sponsors from Denmark agree:

Nordjysk Autoophug, Hjørring

Webjep Design, Vejle

Beta VVS, Ølstykke

Husqvarna Danmark, Birkerød

Jyderup Sandblæseri, Jyderup

Gerlev Autolakering, Jægerspris

Skilteværkstedet, Søborg

Scandybbroe, Randers

Teddy Kromans Eftf., Frederiksværk

Pelican Self Storage, Hillerød

Aspen Fuel, Göteborg Sverige

Bearstone Motorsport


Team presentation

  • Team owner and driver: Palle Bjørnsten was born in 1972 and has had a national rally license since 1984 and an international license since 1999. During that period he has been in more than 150 rally races in these cars: Skoda 120LS, Skoda 130LR, Toyota Corolla KE20, Volvo 240 Original, 500ccm Husqvarna Crosskart and Opel/Vauxhall Kadett City 2,0. To this date, he has won 27 individual class victories and 4 joint championships.
  • Co-driver: Michael B. Josiassen is from 1974 and has had a national rally license since 1996. Michael has been a part of Bearstone Motorsport since 2001, when he started as a mechanic for the team. On 6th April 2003 he was the second driver in a rally sprint in Hässleholm, Sweden. This really caught his interest and he has been in the seat ever since.

Bearstone Motorsport


Team presentation

  • Technical Manager: Tommy Johannesen is from 1977 and has been a part of Bearstone Motorsport since 2005. Tommy’s nickname is the ”Dozer” and he has been made technical responsible for the new venture, as he has an educational background with this car brand. He knows exactly which bolts and screws to adjust to achieve the right set-up on the car.
  • Vehicle Body Technician: Per Bjødstrup is from1973 and has been with Bearstone Motorsport since 2009. Per has put in a lot of overtime with our new project and now knows every corner of the new car as well as the condition of the metal.
  • Mechanic: Klaus Jensen is from 1974 and has been a part of Bearstone Motorsport since 2008. Klaus is our mechanical addition at races in Jutland Klaus has a special role as he does not know the car that well yet, but Klaus and Tommy work so well together, that he is a great help anyways.

Bearstone Motorsport


Team presentation

  • Press responsible: Jon Rasmussen is from 1972 and has been with Bearstone Motorsport since 1990. Jon used to be our vehicle body technian, but had to stop for health reasons. Instead, he is now responsible for the team’s press releases and updates on the website.
  • Team coordinator: Peter Bjørnsten was born in 1948 and has been the team manager for Bjørnsten Motorsport since 1984. He therefore has lots of experience with coordination and it is this experience we use to stay a coherent unit.
  • Webmaster: Preben Jepsen is behind the steering wheel when it comes to the website, and Preben is probably best known from Palle’s many years in rally sports has brought Preben together with Bearstone Motorsport. Preben is great with IT, so we let him take care of all that. You can see more on

Bearstone Motorsport


…our rally team = your marketing

Our website has more than 7000 yearly visits

  • The team is known all over the country as a serious, ambitious and dedicated partner. We have, as previously mentioned, sponsors from the entire country: Randers, Vejle, Jyderup, Frederikssund, Birkerød, Stenløse, Søborg and Gerlev.
  • The car was completely rebuilt around Christmas time 2010 and during the 2011 season it will be 100% finished. Then we can and will begin to fight for the top positions!
  • All members of the team know their responsibilities 100% and after all the many hours in the workshop, we know exactly how the car is put together.
  • Our sponsors are very satisfied with the branding of their company – , on the car, on the web, in newsletters and printed media.

Bearstone Motorsport


Scrapbook from 1984 - 2006

  • During 1984 to 2005 and with the help of no less than 3 stern drive Skodas (the last one being a 130LR semi-factory car with 125 hp) we have tried everything in rally sports.
  • We have gone from club rallies to participating in European championships. The car has been in rallies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • From 2005 to 2006 we had a lot of joy with our Toyota Corolla KE20 from 1974 with 115 hp. We only did local races in Northern Sealand with that car.

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


Scrapbook from 2007 - 2008

  • In November 2006 we did a test at the Volvo Original Cup in Sweden. At this cup, all cars are more or less the same. We had some great training days where the team set record lap times on both asphalt and gravel surfaces.
  • In 2008 the team tried something completely else – we participated in the the Danish championship in Crosskart 500 ccm. After one season with both good and bad times, we knew that it is and always will be rally sports that is this team’s passion.

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


Scrapbook from 2009 - 2010

  • In 2009 we finished rebuilding our Opel/Vauxhall Kadett and the season was used to test the car. We updated the motor during the season and the undercarriage was adapted to fit the driving style.
  • In 2010 the team made a decision for the future at Bearstone Motorsport. We wanted to build a modern rally car – a car it would be easy to get parts for and a car that would be easy to ”update” in many future seasons.

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


Our results the past 26 years

2010: 6th place in the club championship at VAS (1.div)

2009: 7th place in the club championship at VAS (1.div)

2008: 9th place in the Danish Crosskart Championships

2007: Putting together the crosskart team for the 2008 season

2006: 2nd place in the club championship at VAS (2.div)

2005: sabbatical – education as Clerk of the Cours in club rally

2004: sabbatical – education as technical control mnager

2003: We won the Swedish/Danish Rally Cup 0-1400 ccm.

2002: 2nd place in the Swedish/Danish Rally Cup

2001: 6th place in the Danish championship

2000: 3rd place in the Zealand championship

1999: 4th place in the Yokohama championship

1998: 6th place in the Zealand championship

1997: 5th place in the ”beginners’ class”

1996: 4th place in the Jutland/Funen championship

1995: rebuilding the Skoda to factory car 130 LR

1994: sabbatical – military services

1993: sabbatical – military services

1992: 5th place in the Zealand championship

1991: 4th place in the Zealand championship

1990: sabbatical due to education

1989: 6th place in the open Czech championship

1988: 3rd place in the Danish championship

1987: We won the Zealand championship and the 7-Cup

1986: 3rd place in the Zealand championship

1985: 8th place in the Zealand championship

1984: 5th place in the club championship in Helsingør/Elsionore

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


  • Try writing in your webbrowser and see some live viceoclips from the aforementioned accomplishments. Enjoy!

Bearstone Motorsport


Building our new car 2010

  • On May 15th 2010 our Peugeot 106 Rallye arrived and a very large project began…

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


Building our new car 2010

  • The end og the first stage of the projekt.

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


Our new car’s technical specifications:

  • Peugeot 106 Rallye from 19971.6 liter engine with fuelinjection. 125 hp in Group E. Adjustable Engine ECU.

Standard gearbox with LSD

Ventilated brake discs front and rear

Hydraulic handbrake

3 "harness belts and 10-point safety Rollcage

Power steering & fully adjustable suspension

6.5 x 15-inch rims for asphalt

5 x 14-inch rims for gravel

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


How is such a car rebuilt?

  • As seen in the pictures, the car is TOTALLY taken apart, and all rust work done.
  • Then the bare chassis is sent for for sandblasting, so all the old paint can be removed.
  • From there The chassis is sent to the painter, where it is sealed, primed and painted.
  • Subsequently, a safety cage is built into the car and other reinforcements are welded onto the car at the same time.
  • Then it is off to the painter again and it is painted on the inside, in the engine compartment and underneath the car.
  • After that THE WHOLE car is reassembled and all safety equipment is fitted.
  • Finally, the car is sent to the painter again and gets the finishing paintjob.
  • A project like this takes approx. 1200 hours.

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


What are our goals?

  • The 2011 is going to be a test year. After having rebuilt a car from scratch, there will always be things that need adjusting, reinforcement or other changes. That is why the 2011 season is a test season, where the results are not paramount.
  • For the 2012 season, our plan is to participate in the fight for the Danish championships for group E cars 0-1600 ccm and the goal is very simple: We want to get one of the three spots on the podium.
  • Group E is a ”semi-standard” class, where it is not allowed to make very many changes to the engine, compared to the factory fitted engine. It is allowed to change to gearbox to one that allows for gearshifts without using the clutch.

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


Teamcalendar 2011:

Bearstone Motorsport

Bearstone Motorsport


Our offer to your company

  • We want to respectfully ensure that our sponsors always feel as part of our team – we will never talk about our sponsors’ interests in the 3rd person.
  • You and your company will always recive internal information from the team, press releases as well as VIP invitations to the rallies, we participate in.
  • We will mount ads of your choice on the rally car – and our webmaster will feature ads as well as mention your company on our website, in our newsletters and press releases.
  • The team will be happy to attend events for your company – we are happy to function as an ”attraction” or drive a showrace (police permits needed)

Bearstone Motorsport


How much does it cost to become a sponsor?

  • At Bearstone Motorsport we do not have a pricelist
  • Instead, our approach is:

”The sponsor gives the amount, the company has available for the project. We then make an agreement regarding how large the ad should be and where on the car it should be placed” .

  • This means that we welcome all sponsorships and treat all sponsors with respect – no amount is too small.

Bearstone Motorsport


What happens now?

  • We hope this presentation has awoken your and your company’s interest in our goals and competences and we hope you can and will help us achieve our goals.
  • Last- but not least – we hope that we will have some really great seasons together. We promise to do our best to accomplish this.

Bearstone Motorsport


How do I contact Bearstone Motorsport ?

Bearstone Motorsport

Palle Bjørnsten

Asminderødgade 22

DK-3480 Fredensborg

Phone: +45 22 45 49 90

Mail: [email protected]


Bearstone Motorsport