2 28 14 112th day of school
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2/28/14 112th Day of School

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2/28/14 112th Day of School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2/28/14 112th Day of School. Learning goal (7 .L.2.2 & 7.L.2.3) : I will be able to identify and apply genetics vocabulary terms. Due Today: Genetics flashcards & late work Evening Assignment: work on genetics projects. On the BACK. On the FRONT.

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2 28 14 112th day of school

2/28/14112th Day of School

Learning goal (7.L.2.2 & 7.L.2.3): I will be able to identify and apply genetics vocabulary terms.

Due Today: Genetics flashcards & late work

Evening Assignment: work on genetics projects

genetics vocabulary flashcards due 2 28 14

On the BACK

On the FRONT

Definition/characteristics: A trait or characteristic that is developed or learned through life. Traits you aren’t born with. Traits GENERALLY not controlled by DNA.


Walking, speaking English,

dyed hair, pierced ears,

Glasses, skin cancer?

Acquired Trait

Acquired trait

Inherited trait

Sexual reproduction










Gregor Mendel

Pea Plants

Huntington’s Disease

Punnett Square

Monohybrid cross


Heterozygous (Hybrid)


Genetic Disorder

Sickle Cell Anemia



Genetics Vocabulary Flashcards due 2/28/14
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do now huntington s disease pedigree
Do Now: Huntington’s Disease Pedigree

On the slip of paper, write a story about this American family with Huntington’s Disease including gender and phenotype for each person.

genetics projects due 3 21 14

Choose ONE of the following projects to do as a summative MAJOR assessment for the Genetics Unit. Do detailed, quality work to get full credit.

Genetics Projects – due 3/21/14
weekend assignment

This weekend…

  • Work on Genetics Project
  • Test next Friday over
    • Traits
    • Punnett squares
    • Pedigrees
    • Meiosis
Weekend Assignment