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Japanese Experiences in Urbanization & Urban Planning System in Japan PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Japanese Experiences in Urbanization & Urban Planning System in Japan. JICA Expert Kenichi WAKAMATSU. 23 Aug.2001 Jakarta. Today ’ s point. Japanese Experiences in Urbanization Outline of Urban Planning System in Japan Suggestion for Special Planning System in Indonesia. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Japanese Experiences in Urbanization & Urban Planning System in Japan

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Japanese experiences in urbanization urban planning system in japan l.jpg

Japanese Experiences in Urbanization& Urban Planning System in Japan

JICA Expert


23 Aug.2001 Jakarta

Today s point l.jpg

Today’s point

  • Japanese Experiences in Urbanization

  • Outline of Urban Planning System in Japan

  • Suggestion for Special Planning System in Indonesia

Japanese experiences in urbanization l.jpg

Japanese Experiences in Urbanization

Gdp per capita in japan l.jpg

GDP per capita in Japan

Comprehensive national development plan l.jpg

Comprehensive National Development Plan

Empowering the private sector by concentrating public investments l.jpg

Empowering the Private Sector by Concentrating Public Investments

National income per capita in japan l.jpg

National Income per capita in Japan

As a result we had several urban problems l.jpg

As a result … ⇒ We had several urban problems.

  • Formation of poor quality urbanized areas without provision for minimum public facilities, that is sprawl

  • Environmental pollution

  • Traffic congestion,etc

Urbanization process in various countries l.jpg

Urbanization Process in Various Countries

Characteristics of urbanization in developing countries l.jpg

Characteristics of Urbanization in Developing Countries

  • Urbanization Speed

  • Concentration of functions and population in the metropolis, especially in national capitals

Urban planning system in japan l.jpg

Urban Planning Systemin Japan

History of urban planning law l.jpg

History of Urban Planning Law

End of 19c.


  • Capital Development

  • Covering the urban area

  • in the whole Country

  • Urban Infrastructure

  • Development


  • Detailed Zoning System

The objectives of the 1968 law l.jpg

The objectives of the 1968 Law

  • Enactment of land use plans with legal power

  • Supply of building lots in new urban areas

  • Regulation and guidance of land use through Land Development Permission System

  • Devolving the regulating powers of Urban Planning to local governments

  • The introduction of a democratic process of urban planning

Difference between spatial planning in ri and urban planning in japan l.jpg

Difference between “Spatial Planning in RI ”and “Urban Planning in Japan”

  • “Spatial Planning in RI ”deals with all of lands.

  • “Urban Planning in Japan”deals with only urban and/or its suburb area

Urban planning area l.jpg

Urban Planning Area

Urban planning law and related legislation l.jpg

Urban Planning Lawand Related Legislation

Group A

Group B

Group C

Urban Facilities


Land Use Zoning


Urban Development Projects Related

Main components of urban planning law l.jpg

Main Components of Urban Planning Law

  • The City Planning Law and Construction

    Standard law which Components Each Other

  • above 4m width Road

  • Public Facilities Development Added

  • Review System of Development Project

    Conditions to Develop Projects

  • Project Oriented Planning

Procedure of urban planning approval l.jpg

Procedure of Urban Planning Approval


A scenery of explanation meeting l.jpg

A scenery ofexplanation meeting

Project oriented planning l.jpg


In Japan

Project Oriented Planning

Urban Planning Project

  • Project implement

  • Security in a Period of

    High Urban Development


Procedure of plan implementation for urban planning projects l.jpg

Procedure of Plan Implementation for Urban Planning Projects

  • Individual development activities become limited

  • In this phase, neither land purchase nor actual construction takes place.

  • vested right is given to a developer to purchase land

  • Landowner within a project area shall have the right to inverse possession

  • Demolition of existing structure for the purpose of implementation

    becomes possible.

  • Compulsory transfer of real estates rights becomes possible.

Suggestion for special planning system in indonesia l.jpg

Suggestion forSpecial Planning System in Indonesia

We have to separate urban planning from spatial planning l.jpg

We have to separate Urban Planning from Spatial Planning!

  • Establishment of the concept “Urban Planning”

Urban Planning

Spatial Planning

A chain of implementing flow democratic process l.jpg

A chain ofimplementing flow! (democratic process)

This system should be stipulated in details by laws.







Project oriented planning25 l.jpg

Project Oriented Planning!

  • Urban Development Projects should be authorized with legal power.

  • Urban Development Projects should be included in Spatial Plan.

    ⇒ Land Consolidation and/or KASIBA would be more and more important.

A democratic and effective method on urban development land consolidation l.jpg

A democratic and effective method on Urban Development- Land Consolidation -

Roles of stakeholders on collaborative urban development l.jpg

Roles of Stakeholders onCollaborative Urban Development



Activities of Collaborative Urban Development




A scenery of workshop l.jpg

A scenery of workshop

Future themes for explanation l.jpg

Future Themes for explanation

  • Role of Central and Local Government

  • Urban Development Projects

  • Zoning System

  • District Plan etc.

Thank you for your attention l.jpg

Thank you for your attention

See you again!

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