requirements for writing assignments
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Requirements for Writing Assignments

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Requirements for Writing Assignments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Requirements for Writing Assignments. Follow APA, 6 th edition. Use 1’’ margins. Some pages may not have one inch margin at bottom of page if you use widow/orphan control. Use 12 pt. font / Times New Roman. For confidentiality, avoid using real names of people and places.

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requirements for writing assignments
Requirementsfor Writing Assignments
  • Follow APA, 6th edition.
  • Use 1’’ margins.
    • Some pages may not have one inch margin at bottom of page if you use widow/orphan control.
  • Use 12 pt. font / Times New Roman.
  • For confidentiality, avoid using real names of people and places.
title page required
Title Page: Required
  • Title page is the first page of your document.
  • Title page is included in the same electronic file as document.
  • The title for your paper is the assignment name & your name.
  • Do not bold, place in quotation marks, underline, italicize, place in all caps, or use a period at the end of your title.
title page required1
Title Page: Required
  • Include a header with your name & the assignment name.
  • Double-space the title page.
  • Beneath the title of the paper, type:
    • Your name
    • Semester & year (Fall 2013)
    • ECSE 3210 & section letter (ECSE 3210 A)
    • Dr. Tonja Root, Instructor
    • Valdosta State University
page 1 of the paper
Page 1 of the Paper
  • Include the title (centered at the top) on first page of text.
  • Title is the assignment name & your name.
    • In the title, capitalize the first word & all major words of title.
  • Double-space title, if needed.
  • Double-space ALL text in the paper (even between paragraphs).
  • Left-justify all text. (flush left)
body of the paper
Body of the Paper
  • In formal academic writing:
    • Avoid writing like you talk.
    • Double-space ALL text (even between paragraphs).
body of paper
Body of Paper
  • Avoid unnecessary commas.
    • Do not use commas following conjunctions (and, but, etc.) that link dependent clauses (cannot stand alone as a complete sentence).
    • Include a comma to separate two independent clauses joined by a conjunction.
  • Use a comma between all elements in a series of three or more items (even before the “and”).

For additional information…

  • In regard to grammar, punctuation, and capitalization rules, access the following websites:
  • Grammarbook.com
  • OWL at Purdue General Writing Resources
  • In regard to APA, access the following website:
  • OWL at Purdue APA Formatting and Style Guide
body of paper1
Body of Paper
  • Do not use the word “you” as an indefinite pronoun
    • Avoid using the word “you” to mean anyone – to refer to people in general use the word “people” or the word “one”
  • APA: Periods and commas always go inside quotation marks; place other punctuation marks inside quotation marks only when part of quoted material
body of paper2
Body of Paper
  • Avoid beginning sentences with “and” or “but”
  • Avoid the use of slashes between words (to stand for the word and oror)
  • Avoid using contractions
  • Avoid using acronyms (the first time)
  • Avoid beginning consecutive paragraphs with the same word
  • Avoid beginning consecutive sentences with the same word
body of paper3
Body of Paper
  • A pronoun must agree with its antecedent Correct example: A teacher works hard when he or she has to write daily lesson plans. (he or she is the pronoun which is singular; the word teacher, the pronoun’s antecedent, is also singular)Incorrect example: A teacher works hard when they have to write daily lesson plans. (the pronoun they is plural but its antecedent, the word teacher, is singular)
body of paper4
Body of Paper
  • Avoid the overuse of the word “that”
  • Avoid using “In my opinion…,” “in order to…,” “I believe,” and “I think”
  • Avoid vague words - use definite, specific, concrete language (Example: Instead of using the words “in spite of the fact” use the word “though” or although”)
  • Paragraphs should be between 3-7 sentences (a 5 sentence paragraph is best)
Use spell check (but will not check correct word usage – for example principal/principle and to/too/two)
  • Allow enough time to proofread your work and have someone you trust proofread your work so you can make corrections (with a word processor) BEFORE you turn in the assignment