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Hope Pavilion

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Hope Pavilion. Zoo of Tomorrow By Naim and Ali. There will be only 7 different animals exhibited at the zoo. This will allow for more area for each animal, and better care. The animals are…. Animals. Baboons. Gorillas. Lions. Tigers. Polar Bears. Penguins. Sea Lions.

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hope pavilion

Hope Pavilion

Zoo of Tomorrow

By Naim and Ali

There will be only 7 different animals exhibited at the zoo. This will allow for more area for each animal, and better care.

The animals are…

welcoming the animals
The lions will come from the Gir Forest of India.

The gorillas from the Congo.

The tigers from South Asia, India and Bangladesh.

The baboons from Guinea

The penguins from the Galapagos Islands.

The polar bears from the Anarchic.

The sea lions from Australia.

Welcoming the Animals
  • To accommodate the habitats of the animals, many of which dwell in a warm climate, the zoo must be located in near the south.
  • An area near the everglades in Florida will be sufficient.
  • For the artic animals, special habitats will have to be constructed.
Each animal has a specific climate, in which it can thrive.

For the tigers, gorillas, baboons and lions, they will have a tropical climate.

The artic animals have a different sensitivity to the climate.

For the polar bears and penguins, a polar climate must be constructed.

The sea lion will have more of a temperate climate, as it resides originally from Australia.

alternate solutions
Alternate Solutions
  • Creating zoos to accommodate animals, and taking care of those animals is fine.
  • The public should be more educated about the different organisms that inhabit the earth.
  • However to aid other countries and the animals, We believe it might be better to have “native zoos.”
  • Native zoos would hold the animals that are essentially native to the land. For example, the South Asian Lion we discussed, that comes from the forests of Gir, India, should have an area created within the forest to hold the animal.
  • This way the animal can stay in its natural habitat, but be in indirect contact with humans.
  • This method may also help 3rd world countries. Creating native zoos will attract a large amount of tourists who would want to see the animals. This would allow the citizens to create more infrastructure and jobs to house and tend to the tourists, which in effect would create revenue and income.
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