MRHS Pong Chucking Machine Challenge
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MRHS Pong Chucking Machine Challenge. Design Brief. Learn about Potential and Kinetic energy by Engineering and Manufacturing your project while Chucking Pong far! 1. Brainstorm with your cohort…

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MRHS Pong Chucking Machine Challenge

Design Brief

Learn about Potential and Kinetic energy by Engineering and Manufacturing your project while Chucking Pong far!

1. Brainstorm with your cohort…

2. Create a Concept Map that shows at least twenty (20) key bits of information needed to design and

build your product.

3. Research the whole idea of creating products out of wood. Look in at least

three (3) sources. Cite them!

4.Tryout three (3) ideas as Thumbnail sketches.

5. Pick a final design.

6. Create a scaled “Blueprint” or final plan.

7. Get your Recycled Materials

8. Layout your idea on your material.

9. CAREFULLY separate the materials with cutting tools. Leave the lines showing.

10. Smooth the parts.

11. Pre-finish appropriate parts.

12. Assemble your project.

13. Decorate and finish.

14. Evaluate & Improve your product.

15. Think about your efforts using the Reflection Rubric.

16. Evaluate your project with your teacher.






Good Luck!

MRHS Pong Chucking Machine Challenge

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  • Learning Objectives

  • You must Research and discover three (3) sources of information about throwing devices.

  • You will create three (3) thumbnails to show different ideas to share with your cohort.

  • Learn how to create a scaled Technical Drawing of your machine

  • You will bring & use recycled materials to accomplish your goal while building and testing your machine

  • You will show your understanding of the topic by completing the Reflection Rubric with style and élan!

  • You will be the best student there ever was! Share your enthusiasm, ideas, and FUN!

  • Engineering Constraints~ Your machine:

  • Must be triggered by no more than the exertion of one inch of human finger downward pressure.

  • Must be able to fit into a closed “shipping box” 16” x 16” x 16”.

  • Must mechanically throw a ping pong ball for distance turning potential energy to Kinetic energy.

  • Must have a triggering device.

  • Must have at least five (5) parts before assembly.

  • Must be safe for a 4-year-old to touch.

  • Must have No parts that may cause a choking hazard.

  • Must be able to fire repeatedly without adding additional new materials.

  • *************************************************************************************************

  • You may Team (2) or Individually build this project.

  • Products can be made of materials including wood, paper, cloth, metal, and plastic. Pine is a bad choice for this project! Remember: Use light materials and recycled things you find at home

  • No explosives, chemical reactions, fire, gerbils, life-threatening devises, or items illegal in the state of Massachusetts may be used. No animals shall be harmed in this experience!!!