the rainbow fish to the rescue word collection
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The Rainbow Fish to the Rescue Word Collection

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The Rainbow Fish to the Rescue Word Collection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rainbow Fish to the Rescue Word Collection. Ms. Millard. Rescue. Definition- To save someone or something. Synonym- Help : To help someone or something. Antonym- Hurt: To hurt someone or something. Sentence 1: If I needed help I would want someone to come and rescue me.

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  • Definition- To save someone or something.
  • Synonym- Help : To help someone or something.
  • Antonym- Hurt: To hurt someone or something.
  • Sentence 1: If I needed help I would want someone to come and rescue me.
  • Sentence 2: My dad rescued three puppies when they fell in the ice on our lake.
  • Sentence 3: To rescue someone is a good deed.
  • Definition- A flowering plant that lives in the ocean waters.
  • Synonym- Plant: A water plant.
  • Antonym- Animal: An animal that lives in the water.
  • Sentence 1- Clown fish love to live in anemones.
  • Sentence 2- Anemones are colorful plants that live in the ocean.
  • Sentence 3- People have anemones in their salt water fish tanks for their fish.
  • Definition: A large sea mammal in which people are afraid of.
  • Synonym: Killer Whale
  • Antonym: Dolphin
  • Sentence 1: Sharks are scary mammals that live in the ocean and eat seals.
  • Sentence 2: I like to see sharks at the aquarium.
  • Sentence 3: Sharks close their eyes when they attack their prey.
  • Definition- A mammal that lives in salt water who breathers through an air whole above his head.
  • Synonym: Shark- A large sea mammal.
  • Antonym: Bass- A lake water fish who breaths with their gills.
  • Sentence 1: My favorite movie is Free Willy because it is about a big whale.
  • Sentence 2: Whale’s are cool because they can swim under water for long periods of times.
  • Sentence 3: Some whales are black and white.
  • Backstroke- Swimming on the back
  • Breaststroke- Swimming while extending both arms and pulling in back together.
  • Sidestroke- Swimming on your side.

Free Style- Swimming with any or all body parts.

Floating- Swimming on top of the water.

Butterfly stroke- Swimming like a butterfly.

Diving- Swimming into the water head first!

Whisper- talk to some one in a quiet and steady voice

Yell- talk to some one loudly

Scream- talk to some one loudly with anger or surprise.

Laughing- talk to some one while giggling.

Body language- talk to someone with body movements.

Sign Language- talk to someone with your hands.

Tiny- The little tiny fish asked to have one of his scales.

Small- The small little starfish gave him advise.

Petite-The little petite ant looked so cute carrying sticks on his back

Miniature-The little miniature penguin was smaller then the baby penguin.

Minute- The little minute nute was so small he could fit in little cracks in logs.

Modest-The little modest girl wasn’t to bright after all.

Short-Kary is small and is definitely shorter then me

  • Definition: To fear something!
  • Synonym: Scared, frightened, petrified, worried, or fearful.
  • Sentence: I am afraid of the dark.
Definition: Multiple Colors (7) which are, green, orange, blue, violet, indigo ,and yellow.

Sentence: Rainbows are colorful and beautiful.

Synonym: Colorful

Definition: A Cold blooded vertebrate that lives in the water and has fins.

Sentence: Many fish live in lakes and oceans.

Synonym: Vertebrate

Definition: To give or borrow something to someone else.

Sentence: I like to share my toys with all of my friends.

Synonym: Give

Definition: The layers of skin on a fish.

Sentence: The Rainbow Fish has many beautiful scales.

Synonym: Skin

rainbow fishy words
Scared- to be afraid of something

Scales- the fishes skin.

Fins- What the fish use to swim.

Ocean- A big body of water in which you can’t see across.

Starfish- It looks like a star and has five legs.

Octopus- It lives in the ocean and has eight legs and a round big head.

Whale- A large mammal that lives in the water.

Rainbow- Multiple Colors (7) which are red, green, orange, blue, violet, indigo, and yellow.

Fish- A cold blooded animal that lives in the water.

Share- To let somebody use or have something.

Friends- People you like and hangout with.

Shimmer- To shine and look beautiful.

Food- Something you eat

Afraid- To fear something

Rainbow Fishy Words