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Australia Test Review

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Australia Test Review. Subtitle. Match the physical feature with the number. 4. A. Great Barrier Reef B. Ayers Rock C. Coral Sea D. Great Victoria Desert. 2. 3. 1. 2 . Australia’s Aborigines arrived from South-east Asia . They arrived 40,000 years ago.

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match the physical feature with the number
Match the physical feature with the number.


  • A. Great Barrier Reef
  • B. Ayers Rock
  • C. Coral Sea
  • D. Great Victoria Desert




3. What were the advantages the British had over the Aborigines as they explored and colonized Australia?
  • a.) The British had powerful weapons and were immune to European diseases
  • b.) The British knew how to find water in the dry parts of Australia
  • c.) The British had shops that could sail from one continent to the other
  • d.) The British knew ways to survive in the outback
3. What were the advantages the British had over the Aborigines as they explored and colonized Australia?
  • The British had powerful weapons and were immune to European diseases
4b why were these people chosen
4b.) Why were these people chosen?
  • Britain lost their American colonies after the American revolution. They looked to Australia as a place to send prisoners from their over-crowded jails.
5 explain the impact of european colonization on the aborigines
5.) Explain the impact of European colonization on the Aborigines.
  • Before the Europeans began settling, there were about 300,000 Aborigines.
  • The new settlers brought diseases that killed many of these native people.
  • They also treated the aborigines very harshly, killing them with their advanced weapons and taking away their land.
  • Today there are only about 125,000 Aborigines living in Australia, many of whom now live in cities.
6.) Because Australia was colonized by the British, most Australians today speak _English_and their religion is ____Christianity___.
7 how does the leader of a parliamentary democracy become the leader
7.) How does the leader of a Parliamentary Democracy become the leader?
  • A. The people elect the parliament and the parliament elects the leader from among the members
  • B. The people elect the leader and the parliament separately
  • C. The dictator seizes powers without any vote
  • D. The queen appoints the parliament and the leader
8 how does the high literacy rate in australia affect its economy
8.) How does the high literacy rate in Australia affect its economy?
  • A. It does not affect the standard of living
  • B. Australia has an overall poor economy
  • C. It promotes a high standard of living
  • D. The small percentage of people who cannot read hinder their economic growth

9.) Australia’s biggest trading partner is China because they are located geographically close to each other and because China produces many products.

10 where do most people in australian live and why
10.) Where do most people in Australian live and why?
  • Most Australians live in cities along the southeast coast because of the temperate climate and the jobs available.

11.) What does the continuum below show about Australia’s economic structure?

  • Australia has a mixed economy that is very close to pure market.
  • The government has very little control over businesses.

Producers and consumers make most of the descisions.


12.) Australia has 3 main natural resources, Uranium, Coal and Iron Ore. Do these resources positively or negatively affect the countries’ economy? (Positively or Negatively) Explain your reasoning.

  • These resources positively affect Australia’s economy because Having natural resources helps their economy because these resources can be sold to other countries.
  • Australia can also use them to produce other products that can be sold to other countries.
13 what is an example of specialization
13.) What is an example of specialization?
  • A. two people come to an agreement to trade goods they produced
  • B. a business makes many different types of goods
  • C. a factory builds only one product and finds ways to build it better and less expensively
  • D. a country buys all the goods it needs from other countries and does not produce any of its own
14 match the word to the definition
14) Match the word to the definition:
  • __________ capital a.) People who perform labor and their training
  • ___________ human capital b.) Starting a new business
  • __________ natural resources c.) things that come from the land
  • __________ entrepreneur d.) factories and machinery