Learner profiles the three types of students
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Learner Profiles “The Three Types of Students” PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learner Profiles “The Three Types of Students”. Mr. Johnston Saigon South International School. Are there only three types of student?. Are there not many different students in the classroom? Why is it important to talk about this?. The Truly self-motivated student. Loves to learn

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Learner Profiles “The Three Types of Students”

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Learner Profiles“The Three Types of Students”

Mr. Johnston

Saigon South International School

Are there only three types of student?

  • Are there not many different students in the classroom?

  • Why is it important to talk about this?

The Truly self-motivated student

  • Loves to learn

  • Enjoys coming to school

  • Goes above and beyond what is expected.

  • Has highly refined thinking skills

  • Participates

  • Is well organized

  • Considerate of others

The Truly self-motivated student will..

  • Enjoy the process of learning, and good grade easily follows.

  • Integrates their interests into school.

  • Apply what they’ve learned to many situations.

  • As adults, will take an active interest in changing the world for the better with leadership and example.

The “Go through the Motion” Student

  • Think their future is solely dependent on grades.

  • Think success is about passing tests memorizing facts.

  • See knowledge as a loose body of facts with no connectivity.

  • Parents have often “made” these children.

The “Go through the Motion” student will..

  • Doesn’t mind hurting others if it’s justified.

  • Will probably believe that “money can buy happiness”.

  • Is often depressed, and feels “overworked”

The “Tune out” students…

  • Think school is less interesting than their phone or IPOD

  • See school as irrelevant to their lives and waste of time

  • Don’t care and don’t put much effort into learning.

The “Tune Out” students…

  • Need to IM, chat, live on their cell phones, and buy things to rectify feelings of low self esteem and self worth.

  • Are more susceptible to dropping out, delinquency, drug abuse, and inevitably working in a factory for a low wage.

  • Cannot make informed choices in the future leading to a successful life of merit.

Students will be come “Truly Motivated” learners when they do the following with their parents:

  • Refuse money and gifts for grades. (The teacher will also advocate this)

  • If your parent focuses on grades too much, point out improvements and successes in your work, organization, etc.

  • Tell your parents what you’re learning about! They’re interested and want to see you succeed.

  • Ask them for things that will help your interests. Magazine subscriptions, tutorials, games.

  • Communicate to them the difference between genuine learning experiences and “more work”

Students will be come “Truly Motivated” when they do the following with their friends:

  • Befriend other students who share “truly motivated” attributes.

  • Understand that your friendships change, that is a sign of you changing and thus your personal growth.

  • Stand up to your friends to demonstrate what is right, not what is popular (Sense of Self)

Students will become “Truly Motivated” when the do the following with themselves:

  • Get involved with sports, clubs, and other activities. (Try something even that scares you!)

  • Work hard, but play hard too! (Balance in life)

  • Don’t focus on the grade, but the process.

  • Incorporate your interests into projects!

Don’t be like the donkey who follows the carrot!

Will do work only for reward

Will “follow the crowd” instead of think for themselves

Doing what they’re told

Will never be “free”

Final Survey: How many people in this class do you think*:

  • Are “Truly Motivated” students?

  • Are “Go through the Motions” students?

  • Are “Tune Out” students?

  • Which are you?

  • Which do you want to be?

  • What is your plan to get to the group where you want to be? (Set a goal)

    (On handout)*


  • “Engage Me or Enrage Me”: What Today’s Learners Demand By Marc Prensky

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