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Unit 1 Laughter is good for you! Reading. Niu Qun & Feng Gong. Giving a crosstalk performance. crosstalk. a form of comedy a traditional Chinese art can be performed by one person, two persons or more. Reading. Stand-up . 单口喜剧. for your health!. Stand-up comedy is

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Unit 1

Laughter is good for you!


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Niu Qun & Feng Gong

Giving a crosstalk performance

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  • a form of comedy

  • a traditional Chinese art

  • can be performed by one person, two persons or more

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for your health!

Stand-up comedy is

good for your health!

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  • What is the article about?

  • 2. How many types of stand-up are there?

  • 3. What is laughter good for?




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Introduction of stand-up

Laughter is good for

your health!

Types of stand-up

A famous comedian

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Brief introduction

right there in front of the audience

What is special about stand-up comedy?

make fun of an audience member

may talk directly to the audience members.

tell different jokes in response to the reaction of an audience

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Types of stand-up

…hear a comedian telling jokes about

… ask why it only rains…

…point to a computer tennis game…

…trip over… walk into… fall down…

…act or speak like …

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Profile of Billy Cystal





Times of hosting the Academy Awards

8 times

Reason for becoming famous


_______ ability to _______


Special habit in Academy Awards

Keeping a _______ in his pocket for ____



Bob Hope & George Burns

Idols( 偶像)

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  • When did Billy Crystal begin practicing stand-up?

  • Why does Billy keep a toothbrush in his pocket for luck?

When he was a child.

It is because when he started practising stand-up, he told himself jokes while standing in front of the mirror, brushing his teeth.

3.What proves that stand-up can be enjoyed

by everyone?

His popularity with all age groups and his ability to amuse people all over the world.

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Guess the meaning

1.What does the word ‘routine’ in Para. 3 probably mean?

A. road B. performance

C. lines D. style

2.What does the word ‘improvise’ in Para. 4 probably mean?

A. perform without permission

B. perform without preparation

C. act well D. act fast

3.What does the word ‘appropriate’ in Para. 4 probably mean?

A. proper B. clear

C. silly D. enjoyable

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Laughter is good for your health

1. What does your brain do when you laugh?

It sends chemicals that are good for you into

your body.

2. What is the English idiom about laughter

mentioned in the text?

Laughter is the best medicine.

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1 Who is your favorite comedian? Why do you like him or her?

My favorite comedian is Mr Bean. Because he is funny , he makes funny faces, he acts silly, he seems to be quite stupid, and the things he does are strange.

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Mr. Bean

an British actor and comedian

He appeared on TV with a funny program called Not the Nine O’clock News. Later he starred in famous series such as Mr. Bean.

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2 Besides laughter, what are other factors that can help people keep healthy?

having a balanced diet

exercising regularly

having a good mood

being optimistic

listening to music