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Multimedia Literacy. Topics. Definitions Taxonomy of Multimedia Objects Survey of Multimedia Applications Multimedia Computer Components. What is Multimedia?.

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Topics l.jpg

  • Definitions

  • Taxonomy of Multimedia Objects

  • Survey of Multimedia Applications

  • Multimedia Computer Components

What is multimedia l.jpg
What is Multimedia?

  • The use of a computer to present and combine text, graphics, audio and video with links and tools that let the user navigate, interact, create, and communicate.

  • If one of the components is missing, you do not have multimedia.

Why is it important l.jpg
Why is it important?

  • It is emerging as a basic skill that will be important to life in the 21st century as reading.

  • Telecommuting

  • Home Shopping

  • Electronic Publishing

Taxonomy of multimedia objects l.jpg
Taxonomy of Multimedia Objects

  • Text- Printed, Scanned, Electronic, Hypertext

  • Graphics - Bitmaps, Clip Art, Digitized Pictures, Hyperpictures

  • Waveform Audio - digitized recordings, CD Audio (all ready in computer form), MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Hyperaudio (trigger other multimedia objects)

Multimedia objects l.jpg
Multimedia Objects

  • Live Video Feeds (need a video overlay board)

  • Videotape, Videodisc, Digital Video

Survey of multimedia applications l.jpg
Survey of Multimedia Applications

  • One of Kennedy’s Famous Speeches

Survey l.jpg

  • The beauty of nature

Survey9 l.jpg

  • Morphing

Survey10 l.jpg

  • Architecture

  • education

Multimedia computer components l.jpg
Multimedia Computer Components

  • There are five categories in a multimedia computer:

  • system unit

  • multimedia accessories

  • read/write storage

  • auxiliary input devices

  • communication options

System unit l.jpg
System Unit

  • Central Processor (586)

  • RAM (16MB)

  • Color Display (640 x 480)

  • Pointing Device

Multimedia sites l.jpg
Multimedia Sites


Multimedia accessories l.jpg
Multimedia Accessories


  • Digital Audio (Sound Blaster - at least a 16-bit audio board)

  • Audio Speakers

  • Video Overlay - card that allows your computer to display common video sources (video cameras, VCRs)

Dvd rom l.jpg

  • More storage capacity

    • 1 DVD approx. 12.5 CD-ROMs - 5650 disketts

    • DVDs 4.7-17 GB

  • Better audio

    • 6 separate audio tracks

    • permits up to eight language translations

    • important is that you can use the DVD player to play today’s audio compact disk (backward compatible)

  • recordable and rewritable

Multimedia accessories input l.jpg
Multimedia Accessories (input)

  • Sound card

  • microphone

  • graphics scanner

  • video capture card - digitize file and video segments for manipulation

Read write storage l.jpg
Read/Write Storage

  • Hard Disk (bigger the better)

  • Read-Write Optical Disk (holds 128 MB - about 9 boxes of high density 3.5 inch diskettes)

  • Writable CD-ROM (650 MB)

  • PCMCIA cards (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association - credit-card sized peripherals)

Communications options l.jpg
Communications Options

  • Modems

  • Networks

  • Internet Connections

Experiencing multimedia on the web l.jpg
Experiencing Multimedia on the Web

  • Technology may require users to some extra work in order to activate Web multimedia on their own computers

  • Plug-ins (add ons) programs downloaded form a vendor’s Web site that enhance your browser’s capabilities

Popular plug ins l.jpg
Popular Plug-ins

  • Real Audio

    • www.realaudio.ocm

  • Shockwave


  • Live 3D


  • vivoActive and CU-SeeMe


Internet multimedia l.jpg
Internet Multimedia

  • When you click a Web page to play a media element, the Web server sends a copy of the media file to your computer.

  • This can be done in two ways:

    • all at once (long video files!!!)

    • streaming media

  • multimedia is displayed with 2 technologies:

    • in-place multimedia

    • multimedia overlay

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