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IEEE: A Global Community. Arthur Winston 2004 IEEE President. February 2004, IEEE Macau Section. IEEE: A Global Community Launching the Macau Section. IEEE Then and Now Fostering Technological Innovation Enhancing Careers Developing A Strong Section . IEEE History. AIEE (1884)

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IEEE: A Global Community

Arthur Winston

2004 IEEE President

February 2004, IEEE Macau Section

Ieee a global community launching the macau section l.jpg
IEEE: A Global Community Launching the Macau Section

  • IEEE Then and Now

  • Fostering Technological Innovation

  • Enhancing Careers

  • Developing A Strong Section

Ieee history l.jpg
IEEE History

  • AIEE (1884)

    • Founded by American industrialists to develop a skilled workforce; prepare standards for U.S. electrical industries

  • IRE (1912)

    • Founded by radio electronics pioneers

    • Did not feel fully at home in electric power-oriented AIEE

    • Differed from the AIEE - positioned at inception to be global

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (1963) from AIEE & IRE

Ieee today l.jpg
IEEE Today

  • World’s largest technical professional society

    • Over 360,000 members

    • Nearly 64 ,000 students

    • Live & work in 174 countries

  • Holds more than 300 international conferences annually

  • Publishes over 30% of the world’s literature in our fields

  • Offers more than 900 active industry standards

More about the ieee l.jpg
More about the IEEE

  • Grouped into geographic and technical areas reflecting where we live and work

    • 10 Regions (1-6 are in the US)

    • 304 local Sections

    • More than 1,200 Student Branches

    • 10 Divisions

    • 42 Societies and Councils

    • 1384 Chapters

The ieee regions l.jpg





The IEEE Regions

IEEE Canada



Ieee region 10 l.jpg
IEEE Region 10

  • 42,807 Higher Grade members

  • 16,731 Student members

  • 47 Sections

  • 244 Chapters

  • 330 Student Branches

  • 41 Student Branch Society Chapters

Membership Data as of 31 Dec 2003

Ieee macau section l.jpg
IEEE Macau Section

  • Established November 2003

  • 65 Higher Grade members

  • 22 Student members

  • 1 Student Branch

    • University of Macau - Established June 1998

Ieee fosters technological innovation through its publications l.jpg
IEEE Fosters Technological Innovation Through its Publications

  • IEEE produces 30% of the worlds literature in electrical and electronics engineering and computing

  • Online access through IEEE Xplore®

    • 123 magazines, journals and transactions

    • Over 400 conference proceedings

    • 900 industry standards

    • More than 1 million articles

  • 28% of Xplore use is in the Pacific Rim

1 million documents l.jpg
1 Million Documents!!! Publications

Users downloaded 43.6 million articles in ’03

Ieee information drives hi tech development l.jpg
IEEE Information Drives Hi-Tech Development Publications

  • A recent study showed the largest percentage of literature referenced by the top 25 patenting organizations is published by IEEE

  • Outstanding results!

    • 38% of all references in patents were IEEE

    • The next closest publisher had only 11%

      Source: Dr. Anthony Breitzman, CHI Research, Inc., July 2003

New services make research easier l.jpg
New Services Make Research Easier Publications

  • IEEE Member Digital Library (Jan 2003)

    Subscribers can download 25 articles/mo.

  • Google index of IEEE Xplore

  • CrossRef links to other journals

  • Online tools make it easier and faster to submit, review and publish papers with IEEE

Ieee fosters technological innovation through conferences l.jpg
IEEE Fosters Technological Innovation Through Conferences Publications

  • 300+ international conferences

  • 100,000+ attendees overall

  • Searchable IEEE conference database at

  • First-hand information on the latest developments from leaders in their fields

  • More than 3,000 annual technical meetings, symposia, and other local events.

75 ieee conferences in region 10 6 locally in hong kong l.jpg
75 IEEE Conferences in Region 10 Publications6 Locally in Hong Kong

  • 2004 International Conference on Asian Green Electronics (Jan)

  • INFOCOM 2004 (Mar)

  • 2004 IEEE International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies (April)

  • 2004 2nd IEEE/EMBS International Summer School on Medical Devices and Biosensors (June)

  • 2004 1st IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics (Sept )

  • 2004 IEEE/WIC International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (Sept)

Ieee fosters technological innovation as a world leader in standards development l.jpg
IEEE Fosters Technological Innovation Publicationsas a World Leader in Standards Development

  • Nearly 900 active industry standards

  • 400 in development

  • Over 50 published in 2003

  • 15,000 volunteers

  • Newest areas: Wireless LAN/MAN, Batteries, Network Security, Software Engineering, Measuring EMF in Humans, and much more.

Ieee standards expand reach l.jpg
IEEE Standards Expand Reach Publications

  • Geographical portals

    • Standards Africa™

    • Standards/Americas™

    • Standards/ Asia ™

    • Standards/ Europe™

  • IEC agrees to adopt and co-brand IEEE standards

  • Working with ISO, ITU and others

Ieee enhances members careers l.jpg
IEEE Enhances Members’ Careers Publications

IEEE is looking at new ways to address a growing demand for continuing education to help members enhance their careers.

  • IEEE Continuing Education

    • Web-based courses

    • Tutorials and short courses in at IEEE conferences and section meetings help meet local needs

Addressing the global demand for continuing education l.jpg
Addressing the Global Demand for Continuing Education Publications

  • Free online seminars on product development, & engineering management

  • 200 free distance learning courses for IEEE Computer Society members

  • Online reference guide for instructional design and development

  • IEEE Educational Activities investigating viability of providing online courses based on conference seminars via IEEE Xplore

Online communities enable global collaborations l.jpg

Over 77 in operation with 6,000+ users Publications

Topics include Power & Energy, Embedded System, Product Safety, Ethernet P Optical Networks, Employment & Career Strategies

IEEE governance--SPC;Section/Chapter volunteers

Online CommunitiesEnable Global Collaborations

Global Section/Chapter Community enhances local progress.

Addressing a global concern for pipeline of talented professionals to enter technology fields l.jpg
Addressing a Global Concern For Pipeline of Talented Professionals to Enter Technology Fields

IEEE Pre-College Initiatives Link Engineers and Educators

  • Deans Summit – Collaborations between education and engineering deans to better prepare teachers to teach science, math and technology

  • Pre-College Educator/Engineer Resource Site (PEERS) -- To help improve the pre-college teaching of science math and technology topics

  • Pre-College Teacher In-Service Program for Sections- 420 teachers have been trained. Online kit has been proposed.

Why are sections important l.jpg
Why are Sections Important? Professionals to Enter Technology Fields

  • A Section provides a common local forum for IEEE members to meet and exchange views on technical, educational, scientific, professional or other areas of interest.

  • Section members share technical, professional and personal interests with others in IEEE's worldwide member community.

  • Sections help raise awareness and understanding of our profession in local venues.

Sections provide a community of colleagues l.jpg
Sections Provide a Community of Colleagues Professionals to Enter Technology Fields

  • Members build a network through local Section, Chapter, Student Branch activities

  • Develop new skills by taking an active role

    • Gain management, teamwork and leadership experience

  • Have opportunities to meet leaders in technical interest areas

  • Gain recognition for accomplishments and recognize the achievements of others

Ieee a global organization l.jpg
IEEE: A Global Organization Professionals to Enter Technology Fields

IEEE Macau Section is not alone!

  • You are one of 304 IEEE Sections Worldwide

  • IEEE Regional Activities provides support

    • Ask for help if you need it

    • Share your ideas and successes so others can learn from you

  • Stay tuned into the IEEE global community to make a difference locally.