Creating the ultimate online customer service experience
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Creating the Ultimate Online Customer-Service Experience. Choosing the proper level of Technology A look at some of your options. Stefan Beeli, Vice President ESP Computer Services. Overview. Online Customer Service-benefits/concerns. Create the ultimate site for you

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Creating the ultimate online customer service experience l.jpg

Creating the Ultimate Online Customer-Service Experience

Choosing the proper level of Technology

A look at some of your options

Stefan Beeli, Vice President

ESP Computer Services

Overview l.jpg

  • Online Customer Service-benefits/concerns.

  • Create the ultimate site for you

    • Bronze - No Database Interaction

    • Silver- Simple Database Interaction

    • Gold – Sophisticated DB & tools

  • Tips and Tricks

Potential benefits l.jpg
Potential Benefits

  • Customer benefits:

    • 24/7 availability

    • Online access to account information

    • Immediate resolution

    • Customer self service and confirmation

  • Publisher benefits:

    • Satisfied customer

    • Sell more products/subscriptions and cross-sell

    • Gain more demographics

    • Analyze purchasing patterns

    • Reduce costs

Think about l.jpg
Think about…

  • You have to offer online customer service. Know the answers before starting.

    • Does it matter if there are a few problems?

    • Isn’t something better than nothing?

    • Doesn’t your cousin do this stuff?

    • How do I know it’s working?

    • How do I maintain it?

Concerns l.jpg

  • Stuff Happens - Downtime, Paypal, Google, anyone.

  • Poor Customer Service can result in:

    • Lost sales

    • Lost reputation/brand loyalty

  • Development costs can get out of hand

  • Ongoing maintenance/management

  • Difficult to test all environments

  • Security Risks – credit cards, customer data

  • Lack of visibility into what’s happening

    • System error notifications – real time is best…

    • Reporting of lost sales and transactions –incomplete transactions

Bronze features l.jpg


Bronze - Features

  • Features

    • FAQ

    • Customer Service contact info

    • General inquiry forms

    • Basic Forms - New, COA, Renew, Pay Bill

Bronze benefits l.jpg


Bronze Benefits

  • Benefits– Better Customer Service

    • Reduce confusion, inquiries, immediate answers

    • 24/7 Availability.

    • Self Service – maybe lower costs

    • Perception of your company

Bronze concerns l.jpg


Bronze Concerns

  • Concerns– No Database interaction – can’t:

    • Customize renewal offers

    • Verify amount due

    • Automate transactions - more effort/same work

    • Maintenance of site

Silver features l.jpg


Silver Features

  • Features – Database Interaction with site

    • Account overview

    • Tailor navigation to customer

    • Automation of transaction processing

    • Ability to share information across the web

    • Customized confirmation emails and letters

Silver benefits l.jpg


Silver Benefits

  • Benefits

    • Personalize offers /navigation/messaging

      • Custom renewal/Correct amount due

    • Expose data in real-time (gate-keeping)

    • Easier to order additional products

      • Simple up-sell opportunities

Silver concerns l.jpg


Silver Concerns

  • Concerns

    • Need to authenticate user

    • Expose current client data to others

    • Interaction is more expensive to maintain

    • More complex to develop new services

    • Testing and visibility become more difficult

Gold features l.jpg


Gold Features

  • Features– Ultimate Online

    • XML Web Services

    • Integrated database Interaction

    • Additional self-service tools

    • Customized pop-ups and messaging

    • Custom pricing based on other purchases, demographics, etc..

    • Management and reporting tools

Gold benefits l.jpg


Gold Benefits

  • Benefits– Ultimate customer service

    • Tailored to customers perceived needs

    • Cross-up/selling logic based on complete account view

  • Open standard (XML) used to interact with sites/processes

  • Customer service for group accounts - Warner

  • Invoices generated from recent order; receipts generated from recent payment. Need a real-time database.

  • Real-time and summary reporting

Gold concerns l.jpg


Gold Concerns

  • Concerns–

    • Interaction is more expensive to maintain

    • Additional security concerns

    • Additional complexity to manage

    • Works best with real-time integrated database

Tips and tricks l.jpg
Tips and Tricks

  • Keep it Simple

    • If your goal is paid subscriptions, beware of:

      • Confusing offers/Discount codes

      • Trying to capture too many demographics

      • Required fields (phone, email, fax, etc)

  • Keep customer comfort level in mind.

    • Is web site secure ?

    • How easy is it to complete the transaction ?

    • Is there confirmation and follow-up?

Tips and tricks16 l.jpg
Tips and Tricks

  • List customer service contacts on every page.

  • Always Test your site – Often

    • Use different browsers & computers

    • Develop a checklist for regression testing

    • Web server should trap errors and notify in real-time via email or pager

    • Monitor and collect data throughout the transaction process. Problems/Payup stats.

  • Use Analytics – Google Analytics is free!

  • Have someone outside your work test and evaluate

Conclusions l.jpg

Online Customer Service has great benefits and also costs. Take them into consideration and choose a model that works for you.

Thanks l.jpg

Stefan Beeli, Vice President

ESP Computer Services