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Canada ALPHA Study Tour 2005. Readings. The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang Factories of Death by Sheldon Harris Human Rights in the Asia Pacific 1931-1945. Trip Itinerary. Shanghai July 11-14 “comfort women” Yiwu July 14-17 biological warfare Nanjing July 17-20 Nanjing Massacre

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Readings l.jpg

  • The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang

  • Factories of Death by Sheldon Harris

  • Human Rights in the Asia Pacific 1931-1945

Trip itinerary l.jpg
Trip Itinerary

  • Shanghai July 11-14

    • “comfort women”

  • Yiwu July 14-17

    • biological warfare

  • Nanjing July 17-20

    • Nanjing Massacre

  • Beijing July 20-24

    • forced labour

  • Chong shan village l.jpg
    Chong Shan Village

    • village was hit with Bubonic Plague by Unit 731

    • Madam Wang Xuan with a villager

    • map of the village with a list of victims

    Chong shan village5 l.jpg
    Chong Shan Village

    • Sign over the entrance to the village

    • Some villagers are involved in court cases in Japan seeking redress

    Ancestral shrine at chong shan l.jpg
    Ancestral Shrine at Chong Shan

    • During the war, Japanese soldiers occupied this shrine

    • Victims who fell ill were confined here

    • Japanese doctors performed vivisections

    Ancestral shrine at chong shan7 l.jpg
    Ancestral Shrine at Chong Shan

    • Listening to Wang Xuan describe what happened during the war

    • Around the corner is a room in which bodies were kept

    Ancestral shrine at chong shan8 l.jpg
    Ancestral Shrine at Chong Shan

    • Memorial for victims

    Wang family shrine11 l.jpg
    Wang Family Shrine

    • Mr. Wang Bing Rong

    • Was 17 when the plague came

    • Contracted plague, but survived because his mother gave him strong alcohol to drink instead of water

    Wang family shrine14 l.jpg
    Wang Family Shrine

    • The shrine will become a museum

    • Photo exhibits on the wall were sent from ALPHA

    Xia yi village l.jpg
    Xia Yi Village

    • Village was hit by Anthrax

    • This survivor contracted the disease at 8 years old

    • Her wounds have not healed and she stays in bed most of the day

    Xia yi village16 l.jpg
    Xia Yi Village

    • When this survivor contracted anthrax, her face rotted

    • She cannot see well with left eye

    • Fell due to dizziness and cracked her spine

    Xia yi village17 l.jpg
    Xia Yi Village

    • The lady has rotten nose and palate

    • The man contracted rotten leg

    • No initial medical attention was available

    Unit 731 lawsuit l.jpg
    Unit 731 Lawsuit

    • Madam Wang Xuan is the chief plaintiff in the Unit 731 lawsuit

    • Aug 1997: lawsuit filed in Tokyo District Court

    • Aug 2002: verdict confirmed Japanese army’s use of biological warfare in China, but rejected plaintiffs’ demand for compensation

    Unit 731 lawsuit19 l.jpg
    Unit 731 Lawsuit

    • May 2003: appeal went to Tokyo High Court

    • July 19, 2005: appeal was defeated.

      • Plaintiffs hope to appeal at Supreme Court

    Forced labour l.jpg
    Forced Labour

    • Mr Zhao Cong Ren

    • Forced labourer in Japanese mines

    • Coerced into going to Japan when he was a teenager

    Forced labour21 l.jpg
    Forced Labour

    • Mr. Lui Qian

    • Taken to Japan when he was 22

    • Leg was broken when a soldier threw an axe at him for “slacking off”

    Forced labour lawsuit l.jpg
    Forced Labour Lawsuit

    • Madam Kang Jian serves as expert assistant to plaintiffs

    • March 26, 2004: Niigata District Court awarded 11 plaintiffs (Chinese forced labour victims) a damage of 8 million Yen each, jointly paid by Japanese Government and Niigata Rinko Group  

    • Sept 27, 2004: Japanese Government and the corporation appealed and raised objection to the use of a lawyer from China as expert assistants.

    • Tokyo High Court accepted the objection and considered “no need currently.”

    • Aug 26, 2005: decision will be made on whether Madam Kang can assist.

    Education l.jpg

    • Professor Bu Ping, along with other Chinese, Korean, and Japanese scholars wrote a book on the Asia Pacific War

    • Wanted to write an accurate textbook

    • Reaction to the textbook approved in Japan in 2001

      • Historical perspective similar to pre-war perspective